Fourth league session proves to be ladies week at Classic Lanes

By Gene Shelton

Sept. 23, 2008 - The ladies stepped into the spotlight during the fourth week of fall league bowling at Classic Lanes.

Three women accounted for four 600-plus series scores, and a fourth barely missed with a 590, while a logjam at the top of the team standings highlighted the Monday night ladies league.

On Sunday, Sept 14, Becky Bowden, Angela Allen and Debbie Miller all topped the 600 mark. Bowden added another six to her scorecard on Tuesday night.

Bowden shot a near-700 set in the Sunday Night Mixed League, rolling games of 192-201-289 for 682. Allen, averaging 175 going into the night's play, shot a solid 648 with a 213-190-245 effort. Debbie Miller rolled the third 600 of the night, a 233-179-208 block for a 620.

Also on Monday, Emma Foshee and Catalina Torres each qualified for a USBC award with identical 184 games. Foshee carried a 138 average into the night's set and finished with a 485 series, while Torres rolled her award-winner bowling on a 127 average and went on to compile a 486 series (many national awards are determined based on the bowler's average at the time).

In the Tuesday Mixed League, Bowden fired a 639 on games of 211-234-194 and Betty Russell shot games of 180-174-236 for a 590, just short of a six.

Three men recorded 700-plus sets, Anthony Sweat a 711 on Sunday, Bruce Michaelson 746 and Charles Harred 711 on Thursday. Sweat's set came on games of 257-256-198, while Michaelson rolled a steady 257-255-234 and Harred fired a 210-265-236 block.

Other notable scores included, by league:

Sunday Night Mixed

Karla Daily, a 155-average bowler, compiled a consistent 184-183-170 set for a 537 series; Chad Daily rolled a 628 series topped by a 246 game; Mark Miller posted a 221 game; Tarry Davison hit a 245 game; Alan Roberts a 217 game; Shane Quinn a 212 game; Martha Thompson, averaging 111, fired a 181 game, 70 pins over average; Adam Thompson shot a 190 in his final game; Joe Freeman hit a 218 game; James Allen had a 618 series with a 238 high; and Greg Pullen shot 601 with a 216 high.

Also, Michael Bowden was 62 pins over average in game two with a 225; Colby Strain shot 223-214 games; Joy Kozeluh, averaging 159, opened with a 191 and went to roll a 517 set; David VanSickle put up a 208-216-234 for 658; Larry Stovall rolled a 220 game; Ace Wiginton closed with a 216 game and Richard Allen had a 209 to go with Angela Allen's 648 and Bowden's 682 series; Colby Pullen shot a steady 630 with 218-210-202; Danilee Ogle carded a 191 game; Corey Ogle shot 641 on games of 237-210-194; Debora Crist recorded a 164 game on a 138 average; Jason Parmer hit a 225 to close with a 619; and Allen Hague opened with a 256 game and concluded the night with a 648 series.

Monday Night Ladies

At the end of the fourth week on play on Sept. 15, three teams were tied for first place in the standings at 11-5 with three others a game back and another team within two points of the lead.

Atop the standings were Gutter Mamas (Tosha Crist, Deborah Crist, Amber Johnson and Debbie Miller); Dallas Girls (Catalina Torres, Jean Thompson, Martha Thompson and Shandell Sixberry); and City National Bank (Dorothy Harrison, Eva Phillips, Tina Phillips and Betty Russell, with Kathy VanSickle as a fifth member).

Trailing the leaders by one point going into Sept. 21 play were Hanger P&O, Net Data and the Gamblers, with Lake Fork Mamas at 9-7.

Debbie Miller posted the high scratch game of the night with 198, while Pat Chaddick rolled the top scratch series, a 529.

Other scores of note included Mary Pettet's 437 series with a 163 high game on a 124 average; Martha Thompson, averaging 108, rolled games of 130-116-132; Deborah Crist posted a 152 game on a 125 average; Dorothy Harrison shot a 189 game and 500 series on a 149 average; Frankie Sims, averaging 121, had a 146 game and 389 series; Mindy Morris was over her 114 average with 132-135-115 for 382; Melva Shugart opened play with a 118 average and posted games of 143-128-125 for a 396; Cindy Causey was over her 122 average each game, opening with a 153 game en rout to a 421 series; Barbara Ochoa was 51-over with her 159 game; Velda Dodd shot over average with a 166-152-145 for 462; and Hazel Dawes also beat her 141 average each game with a 165-146-161 set.

Tuesday Night Mixed

Betty Russell's 236 game led the women and Bowden's 639 was the top scratch series. Pacing the men were Larry Siegert with a 251 game, while Jerry Thompson, Mike Gilliland and Steve Edwards all rolled 642s.

Also bowling well were Larry White, 201 game; Mark Irvin, 147 game on a 115 average; Jesse Haggerty, 232 game; Jason Parmer, 220; Dave Gholson, 224 and 630; Gilliland, 244 in his final game; Erma Whitney posted games of 178 and 169 to close with a 497 off a 149 average; Cliff Whitney shot 621 with a 219 high; J.W. Skaggs rolled a 245 game en route to a 619 series; Steve Edwards carded a 642 series; Pam Parmer was 45 pins over average with a 187 game and James Parmer hit 607 with a 211 high.

In addition, Jason Keller rolled a 245 game and went on to shoot a 624 series; Shannon Hague cracked the deuce mark with a 204 game; Allan Hague recorded a 612 with a 235 high; Laura Ballard shot a 206 game; Jerry Thompson closed with 224-234 games for a 642; Mike Dunahoo posted a 214 game; Joe Bell, a 202-193-191 for a 586 on a 155 average; Sybil Galloway was well over her 149 average with a 507 series including 180 and 175 games; Jim Galloway carded a 203; and Charlie Romanat also topped her 142 average with 149-169-169 games for a 487 series.

Thursday Men's Commercial

While Michaelson and Harred were posting their 700s, James Allen barely missed with a 691 to pace the scratch scoring as Dickie Harrison topped the scratch game board with 278, trailed by Shayne Wilson and Harred at 269 and 265 respectively.

Jason Parmer put a 605 series on the score sheet while Justin Haggery rolled a 237 game, James Parmer shot 603 with a 224 high, and Harrison's 278 opener triggered a 672 series; Kieth Millsap, averaging 116, fired a 158 game; Adam Thompson had a 200 game and 516 series on a 159 average; Brandon Naifeh carded a 200 game; Keith Ethridge closed with a 230 for a 656 series; Jason Keller posted a pair of 236 games and a 203 for 675; Wilson's 269 final game gave him a 651 series; James Allen's 691 included games of 257 and 245; Danny Burns shot a 225 game and 602 series; Phillip Coleman rolled a 184 game on a 149 average; Mike Love opened with a 228 and went on to shoot 634; Matt Parker hit a 648 with a 244 high; Matt Arnold posted a 224 game; and Turk Morgan rolled a steady 214-202-222 set for 638.

Also, Matt Lambert shot a 209 game; Jeff Wright carded a 609 with a 212 high; Randy Youngs posted games of 212-212-243 for 667; Bobby Brown rolled a 226 game; Koy Cline closed with a 225 for a 611 series; Greg Pullen rolled a 215 game; Darreyl Dixon shot a 257 on the way to a 664 series; Vincent Smith fired a 244 game and 621 series; Allan Hague opened with a 235 and shot a 635 series; Buddy McClendon hit a 233 game; Chad Nuss recorded a 630 with 230-229 games included; Mike Noel, averaging 136, fired 234-151-147 games for 532; and L.T. Gaby shot 571 with a 199 high on a 165 average.

David VanSickle authored a 611 with a 224 high; Dave Gholson shot a 223 game; Jason Smith rolled a 244; Neldon Smith strung games of 223-234-219 for 676; and Mike Gilliland shot a 226 game and 626 series.

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