Wildcats 4-0, district awaits

By DON WALLACE, News-Telegram Sports Editor

Sept. 22, 2008 - I think it is time for all the Wildcat fans, supporters, players, coaches and backers to take a collective deep breath.

For not only what lies ahead, but what has already been accomplished.

I don't to sound like the popular tune of just a few years ago, "Don't worry, be happy," but it would not hurt to sit back and look at what team and the community has accomplished.

The Wildcats are undefeated with a 4-0 record. Lots of teams in the state would love to change places with the Sulphur Springs aquad.

Fans here love the Wildcats but yet when I talk with average fans on the street, they always have nervous anticipation.

They all say, "We're 4-0, but we haven't played any district games." That is true.

I say, enjoy what you have done. This town put on a great show for ESPN2 and the nation now knows what a great place Sulphur Springs is to live and play football. It all came off without a hitch - lots of people worked long, hard hours and they are to be commended.

Then the Wildcats followed an upset win over a state-ranked team with a one-sided rout of Mesquite Poteet just in time for homecoming.

If Sulphur Springs head coach Greg Owens is following a script, it is flowing fine so far.

The team is scoring 44 points a game and the defense is getting better all the time.

But this season is going to be one with some precarious twists and turns. I feel like the Wildcats area in for some high-scoring and exciting games.

So don't fret the future when you look at see that Longview and Texas High are both state powers and many other teams in District 13-4A are talented. There's room for the 'Cats in the big party. Enjoy the journey. Remember the destination is the playoffs, then anything can happen.

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