North Hopkins wins C-C event

By DON WALLACE, News- Telegram Sports Editor

Oct. 29, 2008 - The North Hopkins cross country team won four of six divisions at the recent District 21-A meet held at the school.

Coach Tim Menke said he was pleased with the performance, with several runners to compete in Region Nov. 8 in Humble.

"We had some real tough competition," Menke said. "In one division it came down to the fifth or six runner to see who won the division. Our junior high team is really coming on they did well. We had some good competition for this region (111)."

Varsity boys

In the varsity boys division team totals include- 1. North Hopkins, 22; 2. Avery, 45; 3. Martin's Mill, 81; 4. James Bowie, 98; 5. Fruitvale, 106.

Erick Perez of North Hopkins won the event with a 16:37 time nipping Douglas Autry of McLeod who had a 16:49 time. Other North Hopkins racers were: Jose Cardena, 17:08, third; Dylan Horne, 17:26, sixth; Lorenzo Rivera, 17:94, ninth; Colton Boyd, 18:11, 10th; Carlos Ruiz, 21:33, 34th.

Varsity girls

North Hopkins took first place with 51 points, winning the tiebreaker with Martin's Mill. The North Hopkins sixth place runner had 23 points and the one from Martin's Mill had 32 points. Other places were: 3. Hawkins, 52; 4. McLeod, 118; 5. James Bowie, 119; 6. Avery, 137; 7. Big Sandy, 182; 8. Fruitvale,189.

In girls'varsity action, Heather Owens of Hawkins was first with a 12:46 time.

North Hopkins runners include: Hayley Flanagan, 13:41, sixth; Laiken Gammill, 13:41, seventh; Kelley Rumsey, 14:04, ninth; Jessica Jones, 14:30, 15th; Blair Bassham, 14:31, 16th; Scarlett Lozano, 14:59, 25th.

Ronni Vargas of Yantis had a time of 14:19 for 11th place.

Junior varsity boys

Avery won first place in thecompetition with 15 points. Brock Gilley of Avery was the top runner, taking first in a time of 19:20.

Junior varsity girls

Hawkins had a score of 27 while North Hopkins came in with 28 points in the JV division. Christina Miles of McLeod first with a time of 15:41.

North Hopkins runners were: Virginia Thomas, 16:06, third; Grace Cox, 17:28, sixth; Liz Shaw, 18:25, ninth; Dani Jones, 19:43, 12th; Raven Potts, 19:54, 13th; Mandi Patton, 20:28, 16th; Courtney Loper, 21:48, 17th; Madison Martel, 22:43, 18th; Rachel Brantley, 23:38, 19th; Erica Bell had no time recorded.

Junior high boys

North Hopkins had 38 points for first place in this division. Other teams were: 2. McLeod, 53; 3. Avery, 75; 4. Hawkins, 97; 5. Detroit, 116.

Hunter Fair of Hawkins won first place in a time of 12:05.

North Hopkins times were: Ray Brown, 12:29, fourth; Cody Nix, 13:15, ninth; Julio Tapia, 13:34, 12th; Leonel Sanchez, 13:37, 12th; Jovanny Perez, 13:38, 14th; Silas Walley, 14:41, 22nd; Edward Perez, 14:53, 23rd; Jessie Williams, 17:43, 42nd.

From Yantis, Jesus Sandoval, 14:06, 17th and Mark Carrasco, 16:51, 37th.

Junior high girls

North Hopkins was first with 35 points; Avery, second ,49; Detroit, third, 96; Hawkins, fourth, 100; McLeod, fifth, 123; Fruitvale, sixth, 177 and Yantis, seventh place with 226 points.

North Hopkins racers include: Samantha Gamez, 13:40, first; Stephanie Gamez, 14:14, third; Yaquelin Cortez, 15:13, eighth; Denise Calixto, 15:25, 11th; Leydie Franco, 15:30, 12th; Brittney Flanagan, 15:33, 14th; Dalie Cortez, 15:55, 20th; Macy Griner, 16:00, 22nd.

Yantis competitors included: Kayla Davis, 17:37, 33rd; Angelica Sandoval, 18:48, 46th; Martha Fernandez, 20:23, 51st; Taylor Bowles, 20:32, 52nd; Lilly Fernandez, 20:36, 53rd and Ember Mundt, 22:58, 55th.

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