First quarter winners named in fall bowling leagues

By GENE SHELTON, Special to News-Telegram

Oct. 28, 2008 -After nine weeks of league play, winners of the first quarter titles were determined at Classic Lanes last week.

Quarterly titles are important to teams because winners of each quarter face off in rolloff action at season’s end to either determine the year’s league champion or for additional prize money, or both, depending on league rules adopted at the beginning of the season.

During the position round for the week ending Oct. 25, individual bowlers rolled a sizeable number of high scores, including a raft of 700-plus series totals and a few near-300 games. Results, by league, were:

Sunday Night Mixed

The Whistle Blowers team of Tarry Davison, Chebna McClure, Alan Roberts and Harold McClure took first-quarter honors with a 27-9 record, with Big Dogs (Ace Wiginton, Richard Allen, Angela Allen and Becky Bowden) finishing second at 25.5-10.5 after position round play Oct. 19.

The faceoff between the two teams on lanes 1-2 also yielded most of the high individual scores for the night.

Left-hander Harold McClure paced the men’s scoring with a 688 series on games 213-249-226, while teammates Tarry Davison fired a 674 in a steady 228-223-223 block and Alan Roberts added a 233 game and 609 series.

For Big Dogs, Angela Allen rolled the women’s high game, a 232, as teammate Becky Bowden added a 224 game and 641 series. Ace Wiginton rolled a 637 series that included a 234 game. Richard Allen is the fourth member of the team.

Other top scores for the night included David VanSickle’s 279 game and Kathy VanSickle’s 578 series with a 212 game; Terry Kozeluh’s 632 series with a 220 game; Joe Freeman’s 251 game and 638 series; Jason Parmer’s 622 series with a 219 high game; and David Strain’s 210 game.

In addition, Allan Hague compiled a rare triplicate – three consecutive games with the same score in a three-game series. Hague was averaging 213 entering the night’s play, but missed that standard a bit in the set. I’ll not mention his triplicate scores other than to report that his first game of the triplicate was a 161. Regardless of the score, triplicates are seldom seen in league bowling and Hague should qualify for a special award with the effort.

Other scores of note included: Michael Burnett, 235 game; Ralphie Harrod, a 502 series with 178-172 games included; Brian Stegall, 227 game; Anthony Sweat, 214 game; James Allen, 225 game; Shawna Hall, 435 series on a 138 average; Joyce Reeves, 134 game, 377 series on a 119 average; and Larry Stovall, 208 game.

Also, Sybil Galloway fired a 213 game and 530 series after entering play with a 147 average; Jim Galloway hit a 206 game; and Karla Dailey hammered out a 213 game and 528 series.

Monday Night Ladies

City National Bank won three of four points in the Oct. 20 position round to take the first quarter title by one point. The City National team, Dorothy Harrison, Eva Phillips, Tina Phillips and Betty Russell, compiled a 24.5-11.5 record during the first nine weeks. Lake Fork Mamas finished second with a 23.5-12.5 mark.

Tina Phillips paced the City National Bank team’s Monday effort with a 184 game and 500 series after opening play with a 153 average.

Cathy King rolled the league’s high scratch game and series for the night, 197 and 523, followed by Velda Dodd with a 192 game, Danilee Ogle with a 517 series, Amanda Green with a 186 game and Betty Russell with a 513 series.

In the handicap series scoring, Ogle led the way with a 664, Charlie Romanat put a 651 on the score sheet and Debra Morgan had the third-high handicap series, a 624. Dodd posted the top handicap game, a 239, with Ogle at 233 and Emma Foshee and Cathy King with 227s.

Other notable scores included Pat Michael with a 173 game and 474 series on a 138 average; Tonya Moody, 154 game on a 126 average; Penny Shelton, 182 game and 501 series off a 159 average; Melva Shugart, 163 game on a 125 average; Emma Foshee’s 450 series included an opening 182 game; and Linda Brazil, 166 game and 435 series on a 127 average.

Also, Deborah Crist, 150 game and 402 series on a 128 average; Debbie Miller, 510 series; Debra Morgan, who opened play with a 113 average and fired games of 116-151-150 for a 417 series, 78 pins over average; Jean Thompson posted a 148 game, 32 pins over average; Shandell Sixberry, averaging 78 to begin play, rolled games of 107-83-124 for 314; Charlie Romanat was over average each game with 167-154-171 for a 492 set; and Ogle’s 517 reflected scores of 179-184-154, well above her 138 average.

Tuesday Night Mixed

The Ding O’ Danged 10 Pin team of Justin Haggerty, Debra Sutterfield, Jesse Haggerty and Jason Parmer won the first quarter on Oct. 21, compiling a 26-10 record. The I Don’t NO squad finished second at 24-12.

Justin Haggerty rolled 218 and 221 games for a 623 and Jason Parmer fired a 637 block with 225 and 221 included to pace the winners, while Jesse Haggerty added a 220 game.

I Don’t NO, led by Jason Keller’s 707 series, won three of four points from Ding O’Danged 10 Pin in the position round, but it wasn’t enough to overtake the leaders. Shannon Hague added a 242 game and 566 series, Becky Bowden posted a 245 game and 634 series and Allan Hague contributed a 205 game for the second-place squad. Keller’s 707 consisted of 222-219-266 games.

For the night, David Soeder stroked the men’s high scratch game with a 287 and finished with a 722 series, opening with 225 and closing with a 210; Smitty Smith’s 724 was the high scratch series, a 245-222-257 block. Bowden’s 245-634 topped the women’s scratch game scoring, with Hague’s 242-566 accounting for second high and Donna White’s 215 game and 524 series in third place.

In the handicap bracket for women, Hague topped the list with a 270 and Charlie Romanat took top series for the night with a 674, firing 177-164-180 games on her 146 average.

Other solid individual performances included Rick Pearce’s 217 game; Dave Gholson’s 224 game; Steve Edwards’ 213-225-233 for 671; Jerry Thompson’s 201 game; Ace Wiginton’s 211 game; Barbara Siegert’s 198 game on a 164 average; Mike Gilliland’s 214 game; Donna White, averaging 172, rolled a 215 game; Melissa Shelton carded a 133 game and 374 series on a 115 average; and Darrell Green closed with a 222 game for a 621 series.

Elsewhere on the lanes, Mike Donahoo had a 203 game; Sybil Galloway a 180 game and 505 series; Jim Galloway, a 202 game; Vonda Douglas a 169 game, 38 pins over average; James Parmer closed with a 212 game; and Mark Irvin, averaging 118, fired a 150 in game two and averaged 131 for the night.

Thursday Men’s Commercial

Ken Parker Services took three points from King Pins to nab the first-quarter top spot, compiling a 3426 team handicap score in the process.

For the Ken Parker team, Cory Love – averaging 137 going in – shot games of 141-169-158 for 468; Phillip Coleman added a 540 with a 186-176-178 set on a 152 average; Mike Love opened with a 205 and closed with a 243 for 630; Matt Parker had a 224 game and 603 series; and David Holt rolled a 236-205-216 set for 657 and a team-leading 705 handicap total.

Two King Pins shooters put 700-plus series scores on the sheet, and a third narrowly missed the 700 mark. Mike Fletcher shot 727 on games of 258-246-223, Bruce Michaelson hit 707 with a 248-248-211 effort, Jason Keller had a 248 game and Shayne Wilson shot a 693 with a 259 high. The King Pins dropped to third place behind Classic Lanes as the quarter ended.

Fletcher’s 727 was the top scratch series of the night, while John Lambert fired the high game, a solid 277. Danny Burns hit 722 scratch for a league-high handicap series of 734, with Lambert posting a 290 for high handicap game and Doug Brann finishing second with a 284.

Matt Arnold fell just short of a 700, firing 235-220-244 for 699 for the Classic Lanes team. Lambert opened with the 277 and closed with 227 for his 690 series, Turk Morgan rolled a 646 with a 232 high, and Wes Campbell carded a 621 with a 229 high game.

Other scores of note included Joe Bell’s 209 game; Scott Ogles’ 223 game; Glen Taylor’s 618 with a 213 high; Allan Hague’s 222 game; David Strain’s 232 game and 637 series; Darreyl Dixon’s 231 game; Dave Gholson’s 642, including 222-221 games; Smitty Smith’s 215 game; and Mike Gilliland’s 225 game.

Also scoring well were Jason Parmer with a 680 set including 258 and 233 games; Justin Haggerty with a 225 game and 606 series; Darrell Green with a 255 game and 612 series; Steve Edwards with a 217 game and 607 series; Tarry Davison with a 690 series on games of 206-225-259; Harold McClure with a 244 game; Vincent Smith with a 620 set including a 226 game; Red Skelton with a 231 game; James Allen with 214; Burns’ 722 came on games of 224-258-240; Chad Nuss hit a 200 game; Zach Howser a 212; Russ Nuss a 217; Adam Thompson a 205; and Brandon Naifeh opened with a pair of 226 games and compiled a 626 series.

Jerry A. Thompson hit games of 227-237-182 for 646, David VanSickle put together a 200-225-201 block for 626; Ace Wiginton hit a 208 game; Rocky Propes fired a 242 game; Doug Brann hit a 259 game; L.T. Gaby closed his set with a 203 game; Mike Miller recorded a 201 game; Jeff Wright opened with a 265 and went on to shoot 629 for the night; Joe Freeman recorded a 217 game; Randy Youngs compiled a 635 series with a 226 high game; and Koy Cline had a 599 with a pair of 205 games included.

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