Shayne Wilson rolls 300 game, 780 series; Becky Bowden tops 700 mark

By GENE SHELTON, special to News-Telegram

Oct. 20, 2008 - Shayne Wilson, who rolls 300 games about as often as other bowlers leave 10-pins, added another perfect game to his resume and came within two pins of an 800 series in the process during the Thursday Men’s Commercial League at Classic Lanes on Oct. 16.

Wilson, bowling the King Pins team on lanes 3-4, opened his set with a 289; slipped to a 209 in game two, then closed with the perfect game for 798, only two pins shy of a coveted 800 series honor score. It was career perfect game number 20 for Wilson, who carried a 218 average into the night’s play. His 300 was the first of the 2008-2009 fall league season at the local bowling center; Wilson had fired a 300 game in a summer men’s league earlier in the year.

And it was only a matter of time until Becky Bowden put the first women’s 700 series of the year on the standings board at Classic Lanes.

Bowden, carrying a 219 average with the Big Dogs team on lanes 1-2, hammered out a 713 set in the Oct. 12 competition in the Sunday Night Mixed League. Bowden rolled a 267 game in the opening game, but lost the line in game two, struggling to a 179. She quickly recovered to close with another 267, nabbing the 713 the hard way. Bowden is among the high average leaders, men and women, for the season to date.

While Wilson and Bowden were carving out their big scores, a number of other shooters turned in solid performances during the week, as listed below.

By the time this reaches print, first quarter winners will have been named in the Sunday Night Mixed and Monday Night Ladies leagues, as they will have completed the ninth week of the 36-week schedule. First quarter winners in the Tuesday mixed and Thursday men’s leagues should be decided this week in position round play.

Sunday Night Mixed

Going into the final week of first quarter competition Oct. 19, the title chase remained highly competitive, with just a half-point separating the two top teams and a third squad only two points out. Big Dogs led with 24.5 points, followed by Whistle Blowers at 24 points and Frickin 10 Pin at 22.5.

For the week’s play on Oct. 12, Bowden’s 713 was the top series score, followed by Kathy VanSickle’s 607 and Angela Alllen’s 591. Bowden’s pair of 267s accounted for the top games. Angela Allen’s 235 was second high game, followed by VanSickle’s 212.

Tarry Davison led the men’s series scoring with 738, with James Allen’s 667 and Jason Parmer’s 660 rounding out the top three. Allen’s 278 was the top game as Alan Roberts posted a 258 and Jason Parmer a 257 game.

VanSickle put together games of 212-206-189 for her 607, while Davison’s 738 came on consistent scores of 247-246-245. VanSickle was averaging191 and Davison 229 going into the night’s set.

Other scores of note included:

Ace Wiginton rolled a 227 game and 643 series; Tina Crist, averaging 111, shot a 156 game; Kevin Booth had a 197 game on a 153 average; Nathan Crist hit 237 in the second game to key a 618 series; Harold McClure closed with a 244 for a 649 series; Roberts finished the night’s play with a 639; Jason Parmer’s 257 closing game boosted him to a 660 series; David Strain posted a 214 game and 618 series; and Allan Hague put a 235 game on the recap sheet.

Also, Danilee Ogle rolled a 192 game on a 146 average; Corey Ogle shot a 223 game; Larry Stovall, a 213; Becky Darden fired a 191 game on a 143 average; Joe Freeman hit a 204 game; Terry Kozeluh compiled a 213-245-194 set for a solid 662 series; David VanSickle had a 214 game; and Bandon Naifeh rolled a 221 game and 561 series on a 165 average.

Monday Night Ladies

The race for the first quarter championship also was close going into the Oct. 20 position round, with City National Band leading at a 21.5-10.5 record, Gamblers at 20-12 and Lake Fork Mamas 19.5-12.5.

During play in the eighth week of the season on Oct. 13, Pat Chaddick paced the scratch scoring with a 209 game and 584 series, followed by Amanda Green with a 191 game and 534 series. Danilee Ogle nabbed high handicap game and series with 235-653, with Patty Morgan posting a 233 handicap game. Chaddick was third in the handicap series department with a 653.

Also scoring well were Charlie Romanat, who was over average each game with a 153-143-146 for a 442 set on a 128 average; Shandell Sixberry also topped her 77 average each game with 86-87-82 games for a 255 series; and Morgan, a member of the league for many years, hit her 182 game and a 449 series on a 138 average.

Other noteworthy scores were Amber Sharp’s 44-over-average 179 game; Chaddick’s 584 set included games of 173-202-209; and Ogle was over average each game with a 183-158-156 set for 497.

Tuesday Night Mixed

The Ding O’ Danged 10 Pin team led the standings going into tonight’s position round with a 25-7 record and a four-point lead over I Don’t NO and Pin Heads at 21-11.

Pacing the women’s scratch scoring were Shannon Hague with a 228 game, Laura Ballard with 224 and Becky Bowden at 209; handicap leaders were Hague, 258 game and Ballard, 673 series. Ballard had second high handicap game with 249 and Hague was second in handicap series with 646; and Ann Wiginton was third in both handicap categories with 238-642.

Pacing the men’s scratch game scoring were Ace Wiginton, 266; Larry Siegert, 265; and Jason Parmer, 246. Scratch series leaders were Wiginton, 688; Siegert, 673; and Parmer, 653.

Trenis Turner, owner of the Avid Reader used book store and returning to the lanes after a 30-plus-year layoff, rolled his high game to date – a 184 – and a 437 series on a 117 average. His 184 game gave him a 258 handicap score, good for third place in that category. He was using a hard rubber ball from the 1960s to compile a 659 handicap series set.

Other notable scores included Smitty Smith’s 234 game and 638 series; Mike Gilliland, 237 game; Chuck Russell, 223 game, 621 series; Justin Haggerty, 224 game; Jesse Haggerty, 209 game; Donna White, 541 series; Jason Keller, 236 game; Vonda Douglas, games of 148-135-145 for 428 on a 129 average; James Parmer’s 606 included a pair of 217 games; and Ann Wiginton opened with a 183 game on a 141 average and went on to record a 447 series. She was over average each game.

Also, David Soeder posted a 227 game and 605 series; Cliff Whitney a 217 game and 605 set; Mary Crabb fired a 201 game; Don Gammill had games of 215-213 to shoot 573 on a 165 average; Jason Smith had 202-203 games; and Kay Dunahoo, averaging 123, rolled a 150 game.

Thursday Men’s Commercial

A couple of interesting matchups this week will decide the first quarter winners. King Pins and Ken Parker Services face off with 23-9 records, while A&S Entertainment and Classic Lanes will go head-to-head with 22-10 and 21-11 marks respectively. The Taking Care of Business team is three points back of the leaders at 20-12.

While Wilson was shooting his 300-798 set, Matt Parker hammered out an honor score with a 298 game, opening with 11 strikes before getting an eight-count on his final ball and finishing the night with solid 767 series. Jason Keller barely missed a perfect game with a 278, as did Darrell Dixon, also with 278. Parker’s 298, with a two-pin handicap, game him a 300 handicap game and 773 series.

Elsewhere on the lanes, Zach Howser shot a 203 game; Rodney Miller a 205; and Gary Davidson hit 709 on games of 231-222-256; Jason Parmer’s 656 came on games of 233-213-210’ Justin Haggery shot a 216, James Parmer a 214, Darrell Green a 258 game and 628 series; Lynn Mills, a 244 game; John Lambert, a pair of 237 games and 635 series; Turk Morgan, 203 game; and Wes Campbell, 227 game.

Keller’s final game 278 gave him a 662 series; Mark Smith closed with a 255 for a 617; Dewayne Roach had 226 and 225 games in a 629 set; David Strain shot 235-224-203 for 662; Charles Harred rolled a 231 game; Dixon’s 278 in the first game triggered his 706 series; Parker’s 767 came on games of 206-298-263; Dave Gholson opened with a 237 and went to to shoot 653; Bo Duncan closed with a 253 game for a 667; and Jason Smith hit 632 with a steady 215-217-200 block.

L.T. Gaby rolled a 204 game; Dwayne Allen, a 215; Mike Miller, a 223; Red Skelton compiled his first 600 of the current season with 207-204-201 for a consistent 612; Danny Burns’ closing 235 boosted him to a 643; David VanSickle shot 642 with 206-226-208; Buddy McClendon posted a 233 game; Adam Thompson hit a 200 game; Tom Swigle a 236 game; Bobby Brown a 211 game; Koy Cline, 214 game, 617 series; Jim Beard hit 668 with a 205-247-216 set; Brian Gammill had a 202 game; Scott Ogle a 206 game; Glen Taylor, 217 and 206 games; and Allan Hague’s closing 257 fueled a 658 series.

Duane Anspon fired 228-244-233 for 705; Steve Edwards opened with 225 and went on to shoot 603; Tarry Davison shot a 258 game and 677 series; and Harold McClure barely missed a 700 with a 212-238-247 for 697.

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