First-quarter league titles up for grabs at Classic Lanes

By Gene Shelton

Oct. 14, 2008 - The race for first-quarter titles was headed down to the wire in the seventh week of league bowling at Classic Lanes.

Three of the four leagues were especially close, with ties at the top of the standings and other teams a game or two out at the conclusion of play for the week ending Oct. 10.

During the week, bowlers put five 700 or better series scores on the recap sheets, along with several near-misses of perfect games.

Because of early deadlines, results from the Sunday and Monday leagues appear a week later than other league reports, and the championship races may have a different shape in next week's column. All scores and standings in this report are from week seven of the 56-week schedule. Position rounds and quarter championships are on week nine.

Highlights, by league, included:

Sunday Night Mixed

Going into play Sunday, Oct. 12, two teams - Big Dogs and Frickin 10 Pin - were tied with 20.5 -7.5 records, trailed by Whistle Blowers at 20-8 and Thompson Tornadoes another half-point back in fourth place.

On Oct. 5, two bowlers topped the 700 series mark as Richard Allen hit a 706 and Allan Hague a 701. Allen's block came on games of 235-214-257, and Hague's 701 consisted of 210-256-235 games.

Becky Bowden barely missed joining the 700 club for the week, firing games of 238-233-213 for a 684 series to pace the women. Kathy VanSickle shot a 615 series with a 234 game included, while Shannon Hague carded a 609 series.

Karla Daily compiled a steady 560 series and Angela Allen rolled a 235 game. Daily, averaging 160, turned in a 182-204-174 performance, while Hague's 609 was a 233-203-183 set.

Other scores of note included James Allen with a 230 game; Tasha Crist, 148 game on a 110 average; Kevin Booth, 196 game on a 152 average; Nathan Crist, 231 game and 621 series; Amanda Parmer, 156 game on a 114 average; Michael Burnett, 243 game, 620 series; Corey Ogle, 247 game;

David Strain, 248 game, 650 series; Alan Roberts, 276 game, 673 series; Harold McClure, 256 game; and Steve Edwards, 232 game, 653 series.

Also, Shane Quinn rolled 205 and 219 games; Laura Prewitt was well over her 118 average with 140-139-130 games for a 409 series; Anthony Sweat rolled a 267 game; Greg Pullen shot a 213 game; Mike Booth had a 217 game and 569 series on a 160 average; Joy Kozeluh rolled a 198 game; and Terry Kozeluh fired a consistent 204-206-202 for 612.

Monday Night Ladies

With eight points at stake in the first quarter going into play on Oct. 13, more than half the teams in the league had a shot at the first-round title.

Gutter Mamas held a half-point lead at the end of play Oct. 6 with a 19-9 record. City National Bank stood a half-point back, with Lake Fork Mamas and Net Data tied at 18-10 for third place.

During play on Oct. 6, two women qualified for awards from the USBC, the sport's governing body. Tina Phillips qualified for a 200 Game award with a 214 game, and Amanda Sims, averaging 85 at the time, nabbed a 300 Series award with a 311 set.

Debbie Miller posted the high scratch game with a 243, while Betty Russell recorded the high scratch series with 551 in a steady 180-198-173 set. Phillips' 214 was second high game, with Russell's 198 accounting for the third top game score. Miller had the high handicap game of 266, while Debra Sutterfield logged the high handicap series with 645.

Sims' 311 series came on games of 108-103-100, a total of 44 pins above her 89 average.

Also of note, Deonna Watkins, Sims' teammate, recorded a 198 game; Patty Morgan rolled a 163 game and 452 series on a 134 average; Kathy Kirkpatrick was 48 pins over average in her 178 game; and Melva Shugart carded a 155 game and 415 series after opening play with a 121 average.

Tuesday Night Mixed

Bowlers in the Tuesday Night Mixed faced an unusual - and challenging - lane condition on Oct. 7. The bowling center's lane dressing machine threw a hissy fit (you youngsters can ask an older person what that means) and spread oil across the boards and from the foul line through the pin deck.

The result was a surface similar to bowling on glass, certainly not the regular lane condition for the house. Bowlers struggled and obviously weren't happy, but seemed to accept the situation as an aberration and recognizing that "stuff happens". At least I personally heard no unprintable expletives as repulsive as those uttered on fifth-grade playgrounds.

Two teams did get a break of sorts, however, when the machine left a puppy puddle on the approach of lanes 1-2, forcing the squads to move to 13-14, which had not been subjected to the lane machine's snippy attitude. Consequently, the highest average scores of the evening came were rolled on 13-14. The move was not designed to give the two teams an advantage, however. Management wisely chose to move the match instead of risking injury to the bowlers.

The machine underwent surgery the next day, and now seems to be recovered.

Leading scores, all rolled on lanes 13-14, included high scratch series, Darrell Green, 205-262-225 for 682; Jason Parmer, 637 series; and Justin Haggerty, 234 game and 626 series. Among the women, Debra Sutterfield rolled the high scratch game, 199, and high series, 519.

One gunner who found an answer for the strange conditions was James Parmer, bowling on lanes 3-4. Parmer slowed his ball speed, moved to an outside line, and fired 222-225-169 for a 616 series. Another was Jason Keller, who also made the right adjustments to fire a 234 game and 619 series.

Other scores of note were Chuck Russell's 202 game; Larry Siegert's 247 game; Smitty Smith's 211 game; Don Gammill's 201; and Colby Pullen's 212 game.

Thursday Men's Commercial

Half a dozen teams will be seeking an edge going into next week's position round for the first-quarter championship of the men's league. King Pins, Classic Lanes and Ken Parker Services all boast 20-8 records, with Taking Care of Business at 19-9, A&S Entertainment at 18-10 and The Welding Store at 17-11 after the seventh week of play on Oct. 9.

Thursday bowlers accounted for three 700-plus series scores and a trio of games just short of the 300 mark.

Wes Campbell opened his set with 264, added a 213 and closed with a 289 for the top series, a 766. Tarry Davison also just missed a 300 game with a 278 in the opener, followed by 257-202 for a 737 series. Colby Pullen, in his first year of high school this season, fired his third career 700 series with games of 246-254-232 for 732.

In the search for perfect games, though, it was James Parmer who came closest, opening with 11 straight strikes before leaving three pins standing on his final shot for a 297 game. He went on to record a 685 series for the night.

Many other noteworthy scores were rolled Thursday. Among them were:

Joe Freeman, 249 game, 625 series; Randy Youngs, 214 game; Bobby Brown, 213 game; Matt Arnold, 224 game; Turk Morgan, 214 game; Darrell Green, 226 game, 605 series; Brandon Naifeh, 552 series on a 166 average; Tom Swigle, 548 on a 164 average; L.T. Gaby, with a 4-6 split conversion and a 561 series topped by a 194 game; Curtis Berrin, 201 game; and Dwayne Allen, 219 game.

Also, Jerry A. Thompson, 204 game; Russ Nuss, 253 game, 636 series; Dave Gholson, 245 game; Neldon Smith, 688 series on games of 229-223-236; Mike Fletcher, 225 game; Kieth Ethridge, 221 and 226 games in a 635 series; Bruce Michaelson, 237 game; Jason Keller, 277 game, 670 series; Shayne Wilson, 690 series including games of 237 and 238; Larry Stovall, 254 game; and Danny Burns, 223 game.

Others scoring well were Phillip Coleman, 193 game on a 149 average; Duane Anspon, 205 game; Steve Edwards, 221 game; Vincent Smith, 611 series with a pair of 215 games included; Greg Pullen, 279 game; David Strain, 215; Darreyl Dixon, a 666 series with a 244 high game; Joe Bell, 223 game; Scott Ogle, 211; Allan Hague, 221; and TJ Smith, 233 game.

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