Classic Lanes' youngest bowler, Colby Pullen, shoots 700

Larry Mason

May 13, 2008 - One of the center's senior statesmen, Wes Campbell, recorded the week's best series, a 744, and he was ahead of five other bowlers who rolled 700s, when he crossed the finish line Thursday night. And while this is quite an accomplishment for one who professes to be “in his early 60s” - only his mother knows for certain - his performance was overshadowed by the performance of the center's youngest bowler, Colby Pullen, who, at the ripe old age of 15, shot his first ever 700 series in league competition, a 719. And, as far as anyone can remember, Colby's 700 is the first rolled by a teenager in a sanctioned adult league in Classic Lanes' history.

Shayne Wilson, James Allen, Tarry Davison and Joe Kirkpatrick also contributed to our week's 700 pool, while David Gholson came within four pins of hitting 700. Wilson shot a 736, Allen 733, Davison 711 and Kirkpatrick 701. Subtract four pins from 700 and one arrives at a total of 696. That's what Gholson rolled.

Jason Keller and Vincent Smith finished in the 680s, firing 684 and 681, respectively. Classic Lanes' new owner, Allan Hague, was in the running as well, finishing Sunday's action with a 688, and Thursday's play with a 673.

On the ladies' side of the book, my friend Krazy Kathy Vansickle led the pack with a 615 series from Monday night's action. And, before we move on, I have to apologize to another of my friend's, Betty Russell, for having overlooked her 614 series shot in the Tuesday Mixed League a week ago. Sorry.

Owen “Wes” Campbell is, or is about to be, 67 years young. I'm allowed to make an issue of his age, because I am “almost” 66 years young myself. But, the thing that separates him from me is the fact he is still bowling, while I am not. If I am correct, and I seldom make mistakes (a little humor, here) Wes is the fourth oldest of our bowlers in the Thursday Men's Commercial league. He follows Nevil Solomon, Cliff Whitney and Turk Morgan on the Thursday seniors list. And, just to keep you informed, the man who sits atop our seniors list is Alton Attaway, one of our Sunday bowlers, who is 81 years young.

On Thursday night, Wes collected his sixth 700 series of the season, shooting the week's best set, a 744, made up of games of 277, 235 and 232. This week's series is not his best of the past 36 weeks, however. His best is a 767, which ranks eighth on the high series chart. Campbell's name appears fifth on the chart, but because Jason Keller has two 800s and a 796, and Tarry Davison has a 799 and a 783, they get credit for the five best series of the bowling season. Jason Parmer's 779 and Darreyl Dixon's 769 come next, followed by Campbell's 767.

On the center's high average board, Wes is in a pack of seven bowlers who hold a 209. They rank ninth. Campbell is tied with Harold McClure on the high game list at 290, one of our 18 single-game honor scores shot during the season. Wes and Harold rank seventh.

While Wes was shooting his 744, the center's youngest kegler, Colby Pullen, was shooting a 700 series of his own, tossing games of 243, 234 and 242, finishing Thursday's play with a 719 - the first 700 series in his young life. He is an eighth-grade student at SSMS. I have bowlers who have been tossing the round ball for more years than Colby is old and who have yet to throw a 700 series. I don't say this to belittle our long time bowlers, but rather, to impress upon all of you the significance of this young man's accomplishment.

Colby's series moves him up the high series chart 29 positions, from 60th to 31st. Sixty experienced bowlers having series from 718 down to an even 600, fall in line behind young Pullen. Mr. Pullen is averaging 190 on Tuesday, 184 on Sunday and 182 on Thursday. His best game is a 269, which ties him for 19th place on the high game list with the likes of Matt Parker, Duane Anspon, Shane Watson and Roy Schutz. Congratulations, Colby.

Greenville's Shayne Wilson gave us our second highest 700 of the week, bowling a 736 on Thursday by tossing games of 277, 239 and 220. Wilson continues to carry Thursday's best average, a 234, which ranks second on the center's overall high average board. Wilson now has seven 700 series, the highest of which, a 754, is the 14th best series of the season. Shayne's best game is a 299 honor score, which ranks sixth on the high game list.

James Allen recorded his fourth 700 of the season, our fourth best of the week, on Thursday, rolling a 733 with games of 266, 264 and 203. Allen's best series, a 753, ranks 15th on the high series chart, and his 203 average ties him with David Vansickle and Becky Bowden for 15th place on the high average board. His best game is a 300 honor score, which lands him in fifth place, in a four-way tie with Michael Carter, Mike Fletcher and Cliff Whitney.� � � � � �

Tarry Davison continued to add to his 700 collection this past Thursday, shooting his 26th of the season, a 711, rolling games of 266, 221 and 224. He continues to be our most prolific shooter of 700s, but finds himself in second place, maybe third, on the high series chart, depending upon how one choose to count Jason Keller's two 800s. At any rate, Tarry's best set is an almost 800, a 799. His 236 average from the Tuesday night league puts him atop the high average board, and his 227 in the Sunday mixed league was that league's best. He also gets to claim first place on the high game list, having produced two perfect games, and two 299s.

Joe Kirkpatrick gave us our final 700 of the week, a 701 he shot on Thursday night. Joe rolled games of 216, 258 and 227 to capture his second 700 of the season. Joe's best set is a 720, which ranks 30th on the high series chart. He is averaging 209, along with those five others tied with Wes Campbell, which ranks him ninth. Kirkpatrick ranks fourth on our high game list with a perfect game, and a 299 to his credit.

Kathy Vansickle gave us our highest ladies series this week, shooting a 615 on Monday, recording games of 225,168 and 222. Kathy's best series of the season, and of her young lifetime, is a whopping 682, third best on the ladies' high series chart. She averages 185 on Tuesday, 181 on Monday and 176 on Sunday. She claimed the highest ladies' average in the Tuesday Mixed league. It ranks third on the ladies' only high average board. Kathy's best game is a 247, fifth best on the ladies' high game list.

And now, we come to Betty Russell. Betty, Betty, Betty, Betty - what can I say but that I am so sorry I overlooked your 614 series from two weeks ago. Betty rolled a 246, a 166 and a 202, and I completely missed it. Betty has a high series of 626 this season, which holds sixth place on the ladies' high series chart. She is averaging 180 on Tuesday and 173 on Monday. Betty's best game of the season is a 246, fifth best on the ladies' high game list. And, I hope Betty is satisfied with my apology, and I hope she will now call off the hit squad I have been told she hired. � �

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Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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