Jason Keller honors with 800, again; three others reach 700

Larry Mason

May 6, 2008 - Bowling seems to be getting rather ho-hum for Jason Keller these days. For the second time in three months, Mr. Keller tossed yet another 800 honor series, this one an 802. Dewayne Roach didn't shoot an 800, but he did capture a 749, while David Soeder bagged a 720 and Darreyl Dixon scored a 704. Charles Harred, Tarry Davison and Bobby Brown collected 690s this week, and Alan Roberts bagged another 680. Shannon Hague led all of our ladies with a 616.

Back on Feb. 21, Jason Keller posted the season's first 800 honor series at Classic Lanes, an 813. With this week's series, Jason becomes the most prolific shooter of 800s in the history of the center, having now collected three, 813, 803 and 802. His most recent 800 came on Thursday night, during the Men's Commercial League. This time around, Mr. Keller shot games of 278, 278 and 246. Either of Games 1 and 2 could very well have been perfect scores but a single pin leave on his first ball in the 10th frame of Game 1, and an 8-count in the ninth frame of Game 2 stopped his run. Overall, Jason tossed 28 strikes and two spares.

For good measure, Jason rolled the weeks best 700 series as well, a 771. Keller rolled that series on Sunday night, when he booked games of 256, 236 and 279.

For all of his hard work, Jason saw his Thursday's average increase by a single pin to a 218. His best average is his 224 from the Sunday Mixed League, and average that ties him with Dewayne Roach for third place on the center's high average board. And to add insult to injury, Jason shoots 802, but his team only won one of the four points up for grabs Thursday night.

What Keller did accomplish was to put a lock on first place on the center's high series chart with his two 800s from this season. His closest competitor, Tarry Davison, is in second place with a 799, a series he shot on the first night of the Sunday Mixed League. Both of Keller's series have occurred on Thursday. In addition to his two 800 sets, Jason has a 796 series and nine more 700s.

Mr. K is standing in second place on the center's high game list, having posted two perfect games and one 299 honor score. He trails list leader Tarry Davison, who also has two perfect games, but has one more 299 than does Jason. But, to be totally fair, Tarry bowls in both the Sunday and Thursday leagues and has made a couple of cameo appearances on Tuesday, while Jason has done the lion's share ofhis bowling on Thursday, with just a smattering of appearances on Sunday night.

Jason started his bowling career - at Classic Lanes - some 20 years ago in a youth bowling program that included the likes of Deana Hale, Tonya and Michael Carter, and Michael Wiginton, and others I can't recall. I do know that some very good bowlers evolved from this group.

Where Dewayne Roach learned to bowl, I do not know, but I do know that he is a very good one, as evidenced by his performance on Sunday. Dewayne tossed a very impressive 749 set, consisting of games of 259, 234 and 256. As I stated earlier, Mr. Roach is tied with Jason Keller for third place on the high average board with his 224 from the Thursday Men's League. Dewayne ranks 13thon our high series chart with a 751, and has accumulated five 700 series this season. His single best game is a 268, which ties him with nine other individuals for 19th place on the high game list.

David Soeder is a former sailor. So is his wife, Donna. Their first names start with the letter “D,” but you probably figured that out already. What you may not know is that all of their children's first names also begin with the letter “D.” None of this has anything to do with bowling, I know; I just thought it was nice to know information. It probably does suggest that, in their younger years, they watched a lot of Sesame Street. You know - this show was brought to you by the letter “D” and some number.

Speaking of numbers, David works for L3, and used to be in their accounting department. But recently, he has been moved to procurement, where his bean counting skills can be put to better use. You know who procurement officers are, don't you? When you think procurement, think about $600hammers, $6000 coffee pots, $1200 toilet seats and $500 screws and bolts - then think about David. Yep, he's one of those.

Soeder inflated his Tuesday's average this week, shooting a 720 series, with games of 227, 247 and 246. David finished Tuesday's league with a 209 average, tying him with eight others for 11th place on Classic Lanes' high average board. Mr. Soeder has collected five 700s this season, and holds 26th place on the high series chart. His best single game is a279, which places him in 12th place on thehigh game list, where he joins seven other bowlers.

Darreyl Dixon does something with big trucks, I believe. That's as much as I know about his line of work, but I do know he's a pretty fair country bowler. This week, Darreyl shot his 13th 700 series of the season. He holds fourth place on the high series chart with his 769. Only Tarry Davison has shot more 700s this season. Dixon ranks fifth on the high average board, averaging 215 in both the Sunday and Thursday leagues. His best game of the season is a 289, which ranks eighth on the high game list, where he joins three others.

A trio of bowlers, Charles Harred, Tarry Davison and Bobby Brown, came close to hitting 700s this week, but each came up a few pins shy of the mark. Charles was the closest to 700, registering a 697 on Thursday, when he rolled games of 236, 248 and 213. Charles just missed booking 700 No. 4 of the season. Tarry followed Charles in pursuit of 700, booking a 696 on Thursday, rolling games of 279, 199 and 218. Had he done anything in that second game, he would have collected his 26th 700 of the season. Bobby Brown, like Charles,just missed his fourth 700 of the season, settling for a 691 set, shooting games of 175, 268 and 248. Game 1 was a killer for Bobby.

Davison maintains his hold on first place on the high average board with his 236 average from Tuesday's league. Charles and Bobby are tied with Harold McClure, Roy Schutz and Gary Davidson for ninth place on the high average board. Tarry continues to hold second place on the center's high series board with his 799, while Charles ranks 18th with his 742, and Bobby claims the 29th slot with a 718. Tarry also sits atop the center's high game list with two perfect games and two 299s. � � � �

Harred has a high game of 288, good enough to lay claim to ninth place on the list, while Bobby's best game is a 287, which places him one position below Charles, in 10th place.

Alan Roberts came within 17 pins of hitting his second 700 of the current season last Sunday, shooting games of 246, 242 and 195 to finish the night with a 683. Mr. Roberts is carrying a 209 average, which places him in 10th place on the high average board, tied with six others. Alan best set of the season is a 720, which ranks 26th on the center's high series chart, tying him with three others. His best game to date is a 277, which ties him with five other bowlers for 14th place on the high game list.

Shannon Hague, the new owner of your Classic Lanes, topped all of the ladies this week, posting a 616 series made up of games of 189, 193 and 234. For Shannon, the series is her best of the season. It ranks eighth on the ladies' high series chart. Ms. Hague's 174 Sunday average ranks seventh on the ladies' high average board. Her high game, a 258, ranks third on the ladies' high game list.

With one week left on the fall/winter bowling schedule, preparations are underway for the summer slate of leagues. Our mixed league will be on Sunday night, the men's league on Thursday, and the PBA Practice League on Tuesday. Call to reserve your spot.


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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