Wilson and Dixon capture 700s at Classic Lanes

Larry Mason

March 25, 2008 - Shayne Wilson and Darreyl Dixon collected the only 700 series posted at Classic Lanes this week, Shayne a 717, Darreyl a 710, but there were a number of near misses that could have raised the week's 700 total to as many as 12. Tarry Davison shot a 694 and a 688, James Parmer tossed a 694, Dewayne Roach rolled a 685, Charles Harred posted a 683, Michael Burnett fired a 679 and a 669, Matt Arnold fashioned a 672, and Cliff Whitney and Becky Bowden registered identical 677s. Deana Hale shot yet another 600 series this week, rolling a 612. All in all, not a bad week for bowling at the center.

Shayne Wilson is one of our several Greenville-based bowlers who make the weekly pilgrimage to Classic Lanes to bowl in our Thursday Men's Commercial League. For Mr. Wilson, it has been a productive trek. He holds the top average on Thursday, a 231, which just happens to be the center's second-highest average on our composite board. Shayne has now accumulated three 700 series, the highest of which, a 752, holds 12th place on the center's high series chart. Wilson's highest game this season is a 279, which ties him with six other bowlers for 11th place on the high game list. Shayne tossed games of 249, 214 and 254 on Thursday night, closing the evening's competition with a 717 series.� �

Darreyl Dixon tossed his 11th 700 series of the season on Sunday night, a 710, registering games of 228, 222 and 260 in the process. On Thursday, he rolled a 649. At the end of some 29 weeks of competition, Dixon finds his 215 average from our Thursday league holding sixth place on the high average board, while his best series, a 769, remains the fifth-highest tossed at the center this season. Darreyl's best game is a 289, which ties him with three others, David Vansickle, Jason Parmer and Raque Propes, for seventh place on the center's high game list.

Tarry Davison bowled three times this week, in spite of the fact that he was still recovering from, of all things, strep throat of the eye. How does one get strep throat of the eye, you ask. I don't know, folks, I just write the articles based upon what I am told. I did check with my ophthalmologist, however, and he said it could happen, but it is rare. Still, it figures that Tarry wouldn't be satisfied with just a routine eye problem. At any rate, he did bowl, and bowled well.

On Sunday, Tarry shot a 694, on Tuesday, he hit a 688 and on Thursday, he collected a 632. Sunday's games were 210, 237 and 247, Tuesday's 280, 205 and 203 and Thursday's 229, 179 and 224. For the week, bad eyes and all, Davison averaged 223.

Tarry continues to hold the center's highest average, a 236 in the Tuesday Mixed League, and is tied with Jason Keller at 226 for the Sunday Mixed league's men's high average. He holds a 221 average on Thursday. Davison has accounted for 22 of the center's 131 700 series this season, 17 percent of the total, and has tossed three honor games, a 300 and two 299s.

James Parmer has been away from our center for a couple of seasons, having just returned to the warm confines of Classic Lanes at about the mid-point of this season. Since his return, he has been bowling very well. This past week, James put together games of 257, 222 and 215 to complete play with a 694 series, his highest of the current season. The series moved James to 35th place on the high series chart and raised his Tuesday's average to a 204, good enough for a two-way tie with James Allen for 15th place on our high series board. Mr. Parmer's best game is his 257 first game from this week's series, which moved him to 24th place on the high game list, where he joins Jackie Brooks. James is the father of Jason and Justin Parmer, husband of Pam, and owns and operates Parmer Truck and Trailer - where they all work together, fixing those really BIG rigs.

Dewayne Roach completed Thursday's competition with a 685 series made up of games of 223, 216 and 246. With just a little more luck, Dewayne would have collected his fifth 700 of the season. As of now, Dewayne is averaging 229 on Thursday, third-highest on our high average board, and ranks 13th on the center's high series chart with a 751. Roach's best game, a 268, ties him with seven others for 18th place on the high game list.

Charles Harred came within 17 sticks of hitting his fourth 700 series of the season, but had to settle for a 683, made up of games of 212, 204 and 267. Charles is now averaging 209 on Thursday, moving him into a seven-way tie for 10th place on the high average board. Harred currently ranks 17th on the center's high average chart with a 742, and eighth on the high game list with a 288.

Becky Bowden led the ladies again this week, shooting a 677 series on Sunday, rolling games of 257, 235 and 185. Becky nudged her Sunday average up one pin to a 202. Becky continues to lead the ladies on the high average board, 17th best on the men and ladies' composite board. Becky's best series, a 686, holds second place on the ladies' high series chart, and her best game, a 258, ranks second on the ladies' high game list.

Deana Hale, the money lady from Alliance Bank, shot yet another 600 series this past Monday night, firing games of 233, 187 and 192, finishing the night with a 612. Deana finds herself in second place on the ladies' high average board with a 189, first place on the ladies' high series board with a whopping 723, and tied for first place on the high average list with Barbara Siegert with a 277.

Joy Hoekstra bowls on Monday night. She averages 97 pins a game. Her normal series will be around 280, for three games. This past Monday, Ms. Hoekstra rolled a 423 series, 142 pins over her series norm, shooting games of 125, 154 and 144, which gave her a single night's average of 141.

Kody Salyer is one of those “House Ball” squad members, who bowl on Thursday. Kody averages 148, and will usually shoot a 450 series. This Thursday, though, Kody tossed games of 174, 181 and 222 to garner a 577 series, 133 pins over his series average. He averaged 192 for the night. Kody, and his team, just started bowling this year.

Catalina Torres did it again. Of late, Catalina has been consistently bowling over her average, by considerable amounts. This week, Ms. Torres tossed a 466 series, 103 pins over her series norm, shooting games of 161, 153 and 152. She averaged 155, compared to her normal average of 121.

Frank Neidhart is one of the boss guys at Winzen, here in Sulphur Springs. He averages 142, in spite of the fact that he has a gimpy left leg, which just happens to be his “sliding” foot when he delivers the ball. This past Sunday, Frank rolled a 527 series, 101 pins over his average, shooting games of 189, 180 and 158, bad leg and all.

Keith Milsap started bowling on Sundays, just this season. Normally, he will shoot a series in the 340 range, with games around the 114 mark. This past Sunday, Keith rolled games of 133, 139 and 154 to end the evening with a 426 series, 84 pins over his series average. For the night, Keith averaged 142.

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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