Darreyl Dixon hits two 700s; James Allen, and Justin Parmer get one each

Larry Mason

March 18, 2008 - Darreyl Dixon tossed his ninth and 10th 700 series of the bowling season this past week at Classic Lanes, booking a 725 on Thursday, and a 716 on Sunday. James Allen captured the week's highest series, a 753 from Sunday night, while Justin Parmer fashioned a 721 series on Thursday.

Charles Harred just missed catching the golden ring for what would have been his fourth 700 of the season, having to settle instead for a 697. Mike Gilliland, Allan Hague and Michael Carter came pretty darn close to hitting 700s too, with Mike bagging a 689 on Tuesday, Allan posting a 686 on Thursday and Michael rolling a 683 on Tuesday.

On the ladies' side of the ledger, we had three 600s recorded. Becky Bowden contributed the highest, a 686, while Chebna McClure collected a 622, and Deana Hale chipped in with a 620.

Our lone youth bowler, Colby Pullen, had a solid series on Sunday, shooting a 658.

Darreyl Dixon tossed games of 256, 256 and 204 on Sunday night to finish the evening with a 716 series, his ninth 700 in 28 weeks of competition. That series alone would have made for a good week on the lanes for Darreyl, had he done nothing else. But, Dixon followed Sunday's performance with yet another 700, this one on Thursday night, rolling games of 267, 237 and 221 to garner his 10th 700 of the season, a 725. For the seven-day period, Dixon averaged 240.

Dixon is carrying a 215 average on Thursday, and has an equally impressive average of 214 on Sunday. He holds the sixth spot on the center's high average board. On our high series chart, Darreyl's name shows up in third place with a 769.

In reality, though Darreyl's name does appear third on the list, his series is only the center's fifth-best this season. This is due to the fact that Jason Keller has tossed the center's first and third-highest series, 813 and 796, while Tarry Davison has accounted for the second and fourth highest series, 799 and 783 - then comes Mr. Dixon's 769.

On our high game list, Darreyl is tied with three other bowlers for seventh place with a 289. The only scores higher are honor scores of 290 or better. Unfortunately for Darreyl and those he is tied with, there are 16 of these honor scores, and 10 of these are perfect games. Now, let's see if that bit of information doesn't light a fire under Mr. Dixon. I'm guessing it will.

James Allen actually shot the highest series recorded at the center this week, shooting a 753 on Sunday night. James rolled games of 278, 243 and 232 in collecting his third, and best, 700 of the season. The series moved James to 11th place on the high series chart, a jump of 22 places in just the last seven days. Allen raised his Sunday's average to a 202 with his 753, while his 672 series on Thursday night (229-165-278), brought his men's league average up to a 204. Thursday's average places him in the 14th position on the high average board. Allen's highest game of the season is a perfect 300, shot just three weeks ago, if memory serves. On that list, James finds himself tied with Mike Fletcher, Michael Carter and Cliff Whitney for fifth place.

Our final 700 series of the week came through the efforts of one Justin Parmer. Justin, the only slightly younger brother of Jason, by three minutes, I believe, fired his first 700 series of this season on Thursday night, rolling games of 216, 237 and 268, to finish with a not too shabby, 721. It is somewhat ironic that while Justin was practicing on Wednesday night, family night at the center, we talked about some timing issues with his ball delivery. Those pointers must have helped some, based on Justin's Thursday performance. And, no, we are not implying that our instruction was the reason for Justin's big series. The point we are attempting to make is simply this: when one is having a problem with his or her game, seeking advice from another bowler can often isolate, and ultimately solve, one's problem.

Now, back to Justin. I know this is his first 700 of the current season, that's a fact. I hesitate to say that it is his very first, however, given how long he's been bowling. His 721 moved him onto the high series chart in the No. 24 position. He raised his Thursday's average by two sticks, to a 188. Justin's best game of the season is Thursday's third game, the 268. It moved him into an eight-way tie for 18th place on the center's high game list. Justin works with his dad, mom and brothers Jason and Jesse, at Parmer Truck and Trailer, here in Sulphur Springs, where they fix those really BIG rigs.

Charles Harred, Charlie to his friends (he makes me call him Charles), is one of those bowlers who can spot a flaw, or flaws, in another bowler's game, and tell him how to remedy it, or them. Matt Arnold, for example, credits Charles with the recent upturn in his game. Thursday night, Charles very nearly gave the center its fifth 700 of the week, but had to settle for a 697, instead. Charles tossed games of 248, 225 and 224 to get his series. Harred has raised his average to a 209 on Thursday, which is good enough to move him into a five-way tie for 10th place on our high average board. Charles started pretty far back in the pack 27 weeks ago, but has raised his average by some 19 pins, now. His best series is a 742 this season, which holds 17th place on the high series chart, and his best game, a 288, ranks eighth on the center's high game list.

Becky Bowden rolled something like eight 700s last season. She has yet to book her first this season, but it isn't for want of trying. This week, on Sunday, Becky tossed her best series of the season, a 686, made up of games of 206, 257 and 223. This series is two pins higher than her previous high, a 684, and she is still languishing in second place on the ladies' high series chart, behind leader Deana Hale and her 723. However, Becky totes the ladies' best average, a 201, leading second placeholder, Deana Hale, by 12 pins. Becky's best game is a 258, a score she has reached twice this season, which holds second place on the ladies' high game list, behind leaders Barbara Siegert and Deana Hale - and their identical 277s.

Chebna McClure tell me that she doesn't like to bowl, and that's really too bad, given the fact that Chebna is a very good bowler. She is averaging 177, fifth best on the ladies' high average board, has a high series of 634, fourth best on the ladies' high series chart, and has a high game of 256, third best on the ladies' high game list. This week, Ms. McClure, who is the sister of Tarry Davison and wife to Harold, shot a 622 set, posting games of 208, 170 and 244. I do so wish that Chebna liked bowling; who knows how good she could be, if she did.

Deana Hale is our closer this week. Deana, who claims the ladies' high series, that 723, the ladies' best game, her 277, and the ladies second best average, 189, shot a 620 series this week, rolling games of 183, 233 and 204. Deana likes to bowl, I think, based on the fact she has been bowling seriously since her high school days. Deana works at Alliance Bank, and if you bank there, you've probably seen her many times. She takes good care of your money. On the other hand, you would not want to meet her husband, professionally, even once. He is a Texas State Trooper. He sorta, kinda deals in money too, like Deana, giving you pieces of paper that make you give your money to the State of Texas. He can also shoot you. Socially, however, he's a nice fella, and, together, they make for a neat family. Drive carefully, and put your money in the bank.

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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