Basic Training: Athletic trainers recognized during March

By JOSEPH ELERSON | News-Telegram Sports Writer

March 12, 2008 - When it comes to the prevention of high school athletic injuries, the student trainers at Sulphur Springs High School and all around the country play a huge role in the success of their student athletes.

March is known as National Athletic Training Month and SSHS has 10 student trainers who accomplish many different things throughout the school year.

"This month is to give recognition to the NATH month," said SSHS head athletics trainer Tammy Carrell. "It also lets people know what we do, and that we are not personal trainers but athletic trainers.

"We basically prevent, treat and rehab injuries and help the coaches with preventing injuries to the players and get them back on the field as quickly as possible."

Students trainers are seniors Jessica Savage and Shay Hutchinson, juniors Emma Lee Spivey and Tiffany Boobar, sophomores Blane Smith, Bailea Godwin, Anissa Miles and Rebecca Blakemore and freshmen Jade Petty and Erin Echols.

"It is very important to have these trainers because they have to get here an hour before and set things up and make sure everything is out there," she said. "They also clean up the weight room to help prevent staph and keep the training room clean.

"There is only one of me and around 500 athletes at the high school, not to mention the kids at the middle school, so they are another set of hands for me. They help me to be everywhere at once."

Carrell said the trainers have a class during third period that they must attend as they learn what they will be doing during the school year.

"They learn hands-on information and study medical terminology," Carrell said. "They learn how to tear tape and how to tape for injuries, basic first aid, CPR and AED techniques, and deal with all injuries and how to treat them.

"We have to teach them how to tape an ankle, wrist and other body parts. We have a classroom period where we go over bones, what to look for in injuries and concussions so that if I am not at a game they can call me and say what is going on and we can make a definite call about the athlete."

The trainers also spend their Friday nights with the football team as every trainer is required to help out the team during two-a-days, practices during the school week and also during games.

"They provide extra hands for all the preparation and places that we need to be," Carrell said. "During two-a-days, they are here an hour before the players are, setting up water and emergency equipment for every practice. They also get the players ready with stretching, taping and rehabilitation."

The students must stay after practice to collect all of the equipment and clean them out for the next day. They must also discuss any injuries that happened during the day, any incidents that happened with players or other trainers and discuss what they have learned throughout the day.

Carrell said each trainer is assigned two sports with football and then another sport of their choice. To be able to work a varsity sport, the trainers need to be reliable, pass all of their classes and learn how to tape the athletes.

"They make sure that the team has water and emergency supplies for every game and they travel to all of the away games and take care of the athletes," she said. "They also call me and let me know if anyone was injured and if we won the game."

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