Bobby Brown grabs two of nine 700s; Keller is perfect

March 11, 2008 - Classic Lanes bowlers shot nine 700s in the last seven days, bringing the seasons total to 125. Bobby Brown accounted for two, 718 and 715, while Jason Keller produced the highest, a 796, which just happened to include a perfect game. Joining Brown and Keller with 700s were Wes Campbell (767), Dewayne Roach (751), Mark Smith (744), Charles Harred (717), Allan Hague (715, and Tarry Davison (705). Darreyl Dixon came within three pins of 700, shooting a 697 on Sunday.

There were an additional 38 600 series rolled, three of those coming from the ladies. Becky Bowden posted the high for the ladies, a 650, with Rhonda Wilcox finishing second with a 614 and Maggie Sherrow registering the third-best series, a 611. Classic Lanes bowlers have now accumulated 1,101 600s series on the season.

Bobby Brown is young man who really started his bowling career in the center's high school bowling program some years ago. We found Bobby while he was open bowling on one of our Wednesday family night promotions. He appeared to have some potential, so we invited him to join the high school league, bowling for SSHS. He joined, and the rest is now history.

Bobby shot his first career 700 just a few weeks ago, a 709. On Sunday night, he recorded his second, a 715 consisting of games of 230, 237 and 248.He finished Sunday's play 106 pins over his series average, and raised his Sunday's average to a 204. Not a bad week's work.

On Wednesday, when Bobby was practicing, we were joking about the fact the Bobby was bowling well in our mixed leagues, he carries a 209 average on Tuesday, but that he was really struggling in the men's Thursday night league, where he was carrying a 195. That discussion must have irked him somewhat, because the following night, Thursday, he posted his second 700 of the week, his third of the season, a 718 with games of 225, 235 and 258. Bobby finished play 133 pins over his series average, and raised Thursday's average two pins to a 197. For the week, Bobby averaged 238.

Brown holds 10th place on the high average board with his Tuesday's 209 average, is 25th on the center's high series chart, and ranks ninth on the high game list at 287.

Two weeks ago, Jason Keller provided Classic Lanes its first 800 series since the 2005 season. The series included a 299 honor game. On Sunday night, Keller came within four pins of shooting yet another 800 honor series, but was forced to settle for a 796. It was destined to be the highest series booked this week, and consisted of games of 237, 259 and 300.

The perfect game from this week is Jason's second of the season, to go along with that earlier 299. Because of his efforts, Keller has now moved himself to the top of the high game list, nudging Michael Burnett and his two 300s (shot the same week) out of first place and into second. Keller is averaging 229 on Sunday, and 219 on Thursday. He holds third place on the high average board, and is in first place on the high series chart with his 813.

Wes Campbell is the guy who keeps our bowling equipment operating efficiently. Wes is 67 years of age, but don't let his age or that full head of gray hair fool you - this guy can still knock the pins down, and on Thursday night, he did just that. Campbell shot games of 266, 267 and 237, finishing with a 767 series, his best of the season, and moved from 18th to sixth place on the center's high series chart. Campbell has collected five 700 series this season. Wes ranks 13th place on the high average board with a 208 Tuesday average, and is sixth on the high game list with a 290 honor game.� � � � � � � � � � �

Dewayne Roach shot his fourth and highest 700 of the season on Thursday, tossing a 751 made up of games of 259, 248 and 244. This week's series was one pin higher than his previous high, 750. Dewayne moved from 13th to 12th place on the chart, and now has a 229 average on Thursday, tying him for third place on the high average board with Jason Keller. Roach's best game to date is a 268, which ties him with five others for 18th place on the high game list.

Mark Smith shot our fourth-best 700 series this week.t is his second, and highest, of the season, a 744.Mark shot games of 267, 244 and 233.The series moved him to 15th place on the high series chart. Smith is now averaging 207, which places him in a three-way tie for 12th place on the high average board, and his highest game, a 270, holds 16th place on the high game list, tying him with Thursday teammate, Keith Ethridge.

Charles Harred posted his third 700 series of the season on Thursday night, shooting games of 257, 247 and 213, to finish with a 717. Charlie's best series, a 742, still holds 16th place on the high series chart, and his 207 average holds 14th position on the high average board. Harred's best game, a 288, puts him in eighth place on the high game list. � �

Allan Hague recorded a 715 series on Thursday, rolling games of 236, 211 and 268. It is his eighth 700 of the season. His best, a 762, is the highest series from our Tuesday league. It ranks eighth on the center's composite high series chart. Allan is averaging 206 on Tuesday, and 204 in both the Thursday and Sunday leagues. He is in 13th place on the high average board, and is in a four-way tie for 12th place on the high game list with a 278.� �

The last of our week's 700s came from none other than Tarry Davison, who shot his 22nd of the season on Sunday night, firing games of 258, 225 and 222. Tarry, in addition to having collected the most 700s, has provided the center with its second (799) and fourth (783) highest series of the season. He ranks first on the high average board with a 238 on Tuesday, and is carrying a 227 on Sunday, followed by a 222 on Thursday. Davison holds third place on the center's high game list with a perfect game, as well as two 299 honor games.

Darreyl Dixon was within three pins of registering his ninth 700 of the season, but it wasn't to be, having to settle on a 697 on Sunday. Darreyl shot games of 233, 258 and 206. Dixon is averaging 214 on Thursday and 213 on Sunday. He holds sixth place on the high average board, where he is tied with Harold McClure. The best of his eight 700 series is a 769, which ranks fifth on the high series chart. Darreyl's highest game is a 289, which ties him with three others for seventh place on the high game list.

Becky Bowden, Rhonda Wilcox and Maggie Sherrow broke the 600 barrier this week. Becky tossed a 650 with games of 258, 213 and 179. Rhonda rolled games of 198, 245 and 171 to capture a 614, her highest series of the season, while Maggie Mae fired games of 166, 220 and 225 to finish with a 611, which just happens to be her highest series of the season, as well. Becky continues to hold the ladies' highest average, 200, while Maggie is 10th at 167 and Rhonda is 11th at 166. Becky is second on the ladies' high series chart with a 684, while Rhonda is sixth and Maggie is seventh. On the ladies' high game list, Becky is second, while Rhonda ranks sixth at 245, and Maggie is 11th with a 233.� �

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.


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