Deana Hale, Bruce Michaelson lead Classic bowlers

Larry Mason

March 4, 2008 - Deana Hale shot her first ever 700 series on Monday, a 723, and Bruce Michaelson duplicated that score on Thursday, allowing the duo to lead all of the center's bowlers during the last seven days. Of the six 700s tossed at Classic Lanes this go-round, Tarry Davison shot two. Davison, who was missing from the center last week, made up for that absence by shooting a 714 on Sunday, which just happened to include a 299 honor game, and a 711 on Thursday. Greg Pullen and Jason Keller shot identical 719s this week.

Vincent Smith and Mike Gilliland came very near adding two more 700s to this week's total, shooting 693 and 690, respectively. Debbie Carter posted a 613 series on Tuesday.

Deana Hale is one of those individuals who take care of your money, if you happen to bank with Alliance here in Sulphur Springs. Deana's background with numbers poured over into her bowling on Monday night, when she added 162 pins to her series average, a 561, to finish the night with a whopping 723, Ms. Hale's first 700 series, ever. It was also the first 700 tossed by a woman in any league this season.

Deana, who began bowling seriously when she took part in the center's youth league back in the 1990s, started Monday's play with a 187 average, which was the best in the league at that time. After Deana posted games of 190, 256 and 277, she raised her average by two sticks to a 189, and still leads the Monday ladies' league. Deana's third game, the 277, moved her into a tie for first place on the ladies' high game list with Barbara Siegert.The game is the 12th best on the center's combined men's and ladies' high game list. Among the ladies, Deana finds herself second on the high average board behind Becky Bowden, first on the high series chart, and first on the high game list.

Bruce Michaelson duplicated Deana's total by shooting 257, 255 and 211 on Thursday, capturing his third 700 series of the season. Michaelson's best series is a 734, which ranks 16th on the high series chart. Bruce raised his Thursday's average to a 210, which gives him claim to ninth place on the high average board, where he joins Joe Kirkpatrick. Bruce's highest game of the season is a 280, which ties him with Steve Edwards for ninth place on the high game list.

Tarry Davison was golfing in South Carolina last week, so he didn't bowl on Thursday night. To make up for his being AWOL, Davison shot two 700s this week. Tarry shot a 714 on Sunday with games of 299, 177 and 238, and followed that with a 711 series comprised of games of 226, 238 and 247, on Thursday. He now has accounted for 21 of the center's 116 700 series shot since August, or 18 percent of the total.

Until last week, Tarry held the center's first and second highest series of the season, 799 and 783, but he was bumped out of first place by Jason Keller's 813, which is the first 800 shot at Classic Lanes since 2005. Tarry now holds the second and third highest series of the season.

Tarry not only shot two 700s this week, he also rolled a 299 honor game in Sunday's effort. That game moved him into sole possession of second place on the high game list, where he has three honor games, a 300 and two 299s.

Tarry is averaging 238 on Tuesday, which is the best average in the center, plus he is averaging 227 on Sunday, and 222 on Thursday.

Greg Pullen and Jason Keller shot identical 719s this week. Jason shot games of 246, 195 and 278 to collect his 719, while Greg fired games of 236, 234 and 249 on Thursday to capture his. Jason now has seven 700 series to go along with his center-leading 813 honor series from last week. Pullen has six 700s, the best of which is a 723, where he now finds himself tied with Deana Hale for 21st place on the high series chart. Greg came very close to capturing his seventh 700 on Sunday, shooting games of 215, 246 and 227, but had to be satisfied with a 688.

Jason is averaging 227 on Sunday, which ties him with Tarry Davison for first place on Sunday's high average board, and third place on the center's comprehensive high average board. He has a 218 average on Thursday.Pullen is averaging 208 on Sunday and 205 on Thursday. He holds 12th place on the high average board, where he joins David Soeder and Darrell Green at 208. Keller is tied with Joe Kirkpatrick for third place on the high game list, where both men have shot a 300 and a 299, while Greg's best game of this season is a 269, which ties him with five others for 16th place.

Vincent Smith and Mike Gilliland gave it the old college try on Thursday, shooting 693 and 690, respectively.Smith rolled games of 212, 266 and 215, while Gilliland compiled games of 244, 247 and 199. Mike also shot very well on Tuesday night, booking games of 212, 248 and 226 to complete the night's action with a 686. Mike is now averaging 211 on Tuesday and 210 on Thursday. He ranks eighth on the high average board. Vincent is carrying a 203 on Thursday, which ranks 16th on the high average board, which ties him with four others. Gilliland has accounted for three 700s this season, with his best, a 747, holding 11th place on the high series chart.Vincent's best, a 693, places him in 34th place on the chart. On the center's high game list, Mike ranks 10th, with a score of 279, a score he has duplicated three times. Vincent's best game, a 267, ranks 18th on the high game list, tying him with three others.

Debbie Carter recorded the ladies' second-highest series of the week, rolling games of 197, 234 and 182 to finish Tuesday's play with a 613. Debbie is averaging 179 on Tuesday, where she is tied with Betty Russell for 30th place on the men's and ladies' high average board. The duo is tied for the ladies' high average lead in the Tuesday league. � � �

Joel Gregory has seen his name in print in this column a couple of times this year. This week, Mr. G. outdid himself yet again, shooting a great 519 series, 150 pins over his series norm. Joel, who started the night Thursday with a 123 average, ended the night with a 173 average, the result of games of 144, 164 and 211. Joel practices every Wednesday. It seems to be working for him.

Kory Salyer is a teammate of Joel's on Thursday. He practices on Wednesday, also. As it has for Joel, the practicing seems to be working for Kory, as well. Thursday night, Kory shot games of 174, 235 and 181 to garner a 590 series, his best of the season, and a one night average of 196. Kory finished the night 131 pins over his series average.

Kenny Turner came into Thursday night averaging 150, but when he left some three hours later, he had averaged 189, had shot a 568 series, and ended the night 118 pins over his series norm. Kenny shot games of 234, 156 and 178.

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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