Summer league standings tighten at Classic Lanes

Gene Shelton

June 17, 2008 - While the summer bowling season is only three weeks old, some close contests are taking shape in all three leagues at Classic Lanes.

As of June 14, the one-quarter mark of the schedule, the Sunday Night Mixed and the PBA Experience league standings are tight at the top, and in the Thursday Men's Trio competition four points separate the top four teams.

Impressive team and individual efforts also were posted during the week, topped by three 700-plus series totals.

Highlights of each league for the week were:

Sunday Night Mixed

Only one game separated the top three teams at the end of the first three weeks. At the end of play on June 8, Split Happens stood at 10-2, followed by Brownies and No Mercy at 9-3.

� Anthony Sweat's 214-215-239 block for a 668 scratch series paced the Split Happens squad. Other team members are Shane Quinn, Laura Prewitt� and Brian Stegall. Leading the Brownies team were Allen Hague with a 680 series and Greg Pullen with 632. Other team members are Shannon Hague and me (if the team doesn't place me on waivers). Danilee Ogle's 197 game and 517 series highlighted No Mercy's effort. Danilee's teammates are Amber Burnett, Corey Ogle and Michael Burnett.

The Git-R-Done squad of Bobby Brown, Debbie Miller, Mark Miller and James Allen rolled the high scratch team game of the night at 842, with Brown's 246 and Miller's 241 games leading the way. The quartet also recorded the high team scratch series for the block with 2,246.

Becky Bowden posted the women's high series at 601 with a 226 game, while Betty Russell rolled a consistent 200-203-190 set for 593. Nathan Crist logged a 683 on games of 246-214-223 to top the men's scoring, with Hague's 247-680 and Jason Parmer's 678 with a 246 game close behind. Other impressive performances were Mark Miller's 241 game; Colby Pullen, 235 game and 655 series; and Greg Pullen's 237 game en route to his 623 series.

Tuesday PBA Experience

This singles league, in which bowlers face the same lane conditions as the touring pros and accumulate points based on individual scores, has been the Battle of the Jasons to date.

Jason Parmer and Jason Keller are tied for the season lead with 10 1/2 points. And it's a bit of study in contrasting styles. While both men generate a lot of ball speed, Parmer is more of a down-and-in player and Keller is the power player with the wicked hook.

Greg Pullen is lurking close behind the Jasons with eight and a half points and Darrell Green is fourth with eight points. In Tuesday's action, Keller had the high game with 249. Pullen posted a 230 game and Parmer a 210. Pullen's 614 topped the series scores in the scratch league, while Keller logged a 595 and Parmer a 594. Pam Parmer, the lone woman bowler in the league, carded a 166 game and 443 series, and is either tied with or leads five male bowlers in the standings with four and a half points.

Other scores of note were Darreyl Dixon with a 223 game, Keith Etheridge with 222, Koy Cline with 211, David Strain with 208 and Green at 200 even.

Thursday Men's Trio

Jason Parmer and Jason Keller switched uniforms from opponent to teammates Thursday with the H.P.K. team, and each cracked the 700 mark for the first three games of the four-game set. The USBC, the sport's governing body, recognizes only the first three games of a four-game block for league score recognition.

Parmer authored a 751 on games of 289-224-258, then closed with a 225 for the high scratch total of 996 and a 247 average on the night. Keller wasn't far behind, hammering out 280, 219 and 245 games for a 744 and finished with a 922 four-game block. Teammate Allan Hague contributed an 861 set with a 239 game as H.P.K. thumped out the league's high scratch game and series with 768 and 2,779.

Odd Bunch - Dave Gholson, Bo Duncan and Mike Gilliland - lead the league with a 14-1 record. The King Pins trio - Dewayne Roach, Mark Smith and Shayne Wilson - hold the second spot at 11-4, with two other teams tied at 10-5.

All three members of the Odd Bunch averaged better than 200 for the night. Gholson shot an 819, Duncan an 845 with a 226 high, and Gilliland anchored with an 827 set keyed by a 234 opening game.

Leading the King Pins was Shane Wilson with a 714 for the first three games, a pair of 225s followed by a 264, then closing with a 226 for a 940 scratch total. Roach rolled a four-game block of 225-232-228-217 for a steady 902. Smith fired a 278 opening game and closed with an 875 block, giving the team a 2717 series.

Others scoring well across the league included Glenn Taylor, 265 game, 863 series; Darreyl Dixon, 258 game and 875 series; Nevil Solomon, 247 game; Greg Pullen, 246 game, 860 series; Harold McClure, 246 game; Colby Pullen, 244 game, 852 series; Clinton Cline, 242 game; Jim Beard, 236 game, 842 series; Kenny Barrett, 233 game; and Randy Youngs, 233 game and 869 series.

Personal observation on all the new technology in bowling balls: I think I have the first variable weight ball produced. It weighs 14 pounds on the scale, 44 pounds when I pick it up, 94 pounds on the arm swing and four pounds against the pins.

Gene Shelton writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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