Jason Parmer paces summer league openings

Gene Shelton

June 3, 2008 - Several bowlers opened the summer season in impressive fashion for the week ending May 31 at Classic Lanes.

Jason Parmer led the scoring for the week, setting a 226-plus average in three leagues, rolling sets of 714, 580 and 974 (the latter for a four-game block) in the Sunday Summer Mixed, the PBA Experience League and the Thursday Men's Trios, respectively.

On the women's side of the initial week's play, Becky Bowden set the pace with a 225 game and 582 series, with Charlie Romanat posting a 530 series with a 183 high, and Amber Burnett rolled a 524 with a 184 game in the Sunday Summer Mixed. Angela Allen carded a 189 game.

Parmer's 714 led the Sunday league with games of 277-211-226. His 278 on Thursday also was the high game posted for the week in all leagues.

First week's recap, by leagues (all reported scores are scratch, as bowlers were establishing a summer league average):

Sunday Summer Mixed:

The No Mercy team posted a sweep for a 4-0 record. Team members are Amber Burnett, Danilee Ogle, Corey Ogle and Michael Burnett. No Mercy rolled the high series team score with a 2,167 scratch. Three teams tied for second place in the early standings with 3-1 records - Wabam, Shady Bunch and Brownies. Wabam posted the high team game on Justin Haggerty's 224, Debra Sutterfield's 173, Parmer's 277, and a vacancy blind score of 120 for a 794.

In addition to Parmer's 714, Matt Arnold rolled a 651 series and Allan Hague a 645. Others with solid individual efforts included Anthony Sweatt, 605 series; Chad Nuss, 636 with a 258 high game; Corey Ogle, 615 with a 258 game; Michael Burnett, 623 with games of 226 and 224; Matt Arnold's 651 included a 269 game; James Allen had a 633 with a 242 high; Allen Hague's 645 set included a 243 game; and Nathan Crist rolled a 596 with a 215 high.

Amber Burnett's 524 was a steady 184-170-170, while Kaley Nuss notched a 149 game.

Tuesday PBA Experience:

This league is a new innovation at Classic Lanes, in which bowlers compete on the same lane patterns PBA professionals, men and women, face. Those conditions place a premium on accuracy, especially spare shooting, and adaptability as the lanes change. A number of bowlers probably came away from that first week's play with a heightened respect of just how good the professionals really are. The format is a scratch singles league.

Jason Keller, one of the center's consistently top-scoring shooters, logged the high series, a respectable 626 on games of 237-213-176. Keller may have had an edge in that he has competed on PBA patterns in regional pro tournaments. At any rate, a 208-and-change average on the Cheetah pattern (the first night's lane setup) is pretty darn good.

Jason Parmer's 580 came on games of 178-189-213. Pam Parmer, bowling with the men and against the challenging lane conditions, didn't post a lights-out series, but managed a respectable 408 series with a 144 high game and picked up some valuable experience along the way.

Others bowling well included Greg Pullen, 224 game; Zach Houser, 205; Darrell Green, 218; and Russ Nuss, 227. Just missing the deuce game mark were Keith Ethridge at 198 and Jim Beard at 191.

Keller leads the league standings with 3 1/2 points, followed by Greg Pullen, Darrell Green and Russ Nuss at 3-1.

Thursday Men's Trio

This league consists of three-man teams rolling four-game sets, with only the first three games counting toward series honor scores for each bowler:

In addition to Parmer's 974 block of 257-190-278-249, Allan Hague shot a 715 to open play and finished with a 199 game for a 914 total; Jason Keller rolled an 895 with a 256 high game; Dave Gholson carded an 890 with a 275 high; David Holt shot an 890 with a 232 game; Bobby Brown, 798 with a 233 high; Koy Cline, 785 with a 235 game; Greg Pullen, 878 with 233-214-232-199 block; Tarry Davidson, 856 with a 245 high; Scotty Ogle, 857 with a 251 high;  Glenn Taylor, an 851, including a pair of 232 games to open the set; Charles Harred, 878 with a 241 high; Bo Duncan, a steady 817 with a pair of 213 games; and Mike Gilliland, 835 with a 258 high.

Also of note, Dwayne Allen logged games of 212 and 203 with a new ball he'd never rolled before.

Team standing leaders are Riff Raff (Brian D. Ogle, Scotty Ogle and Glenn Taylor) at 5-0. The H.P.K. trio (Jason Parmer, Jason Keller and Allan Hague) and Odd Bunch (Dave Gholson, Bo Duncan and Mike Gilliland) are tied for second at 4-1. H.P.K. also posted the top scratch series with 2,783 and high scratch game of 747.

Note: As the season settles in and bowlers have an average of nine games or more and teams have a full complement of members, I hope to include high handicap game and series for individuals and teams each week, space permitting. In the meantime, if I've overlooked anyone's noteworthy scores, or (Rule No. 1 on the Reporter's Sin List), misspelled a name, please let me know or leave a note at the desk. The first week's results were taken from handwritten recap sheets, so some names could be in error. It's been a few years and considerable loss of hair since I last filed bowling reports, so this effort may be as rusty as my game is after a long layoff. And if I didn't make mistakes, I'd never miss a 10-pin.

Gene Shelton has taken over for Larry Mason in writing a weekly column on the leagues at Classic Lanes. His column will appear on Tuesdays.

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