Justin Haggerty fires his first sanctioned 700 series

Gene Shelton

July 22, 2008 - After a number of near-misses, Justin Haggerty rolled his first sanctioned 700 series in the Sunday Summer Mixed League at Classic Lanes on July 13.

Haggerty, bowling with the Wabam team on lanes 5-6, nearly picked up a 300 game along the way. The 184-average shooter opened with a 279, just one stubborn pin shy of a chance at a perfect game, then closed with 205 and 216 for a 700 even in the Sunday league. Haggerty had come close to the elusive first 700 on a number of occasions before his breakthrough night.

His 700 was one of five rolled during the three summer leagues for the week ending July 17.

Also on Sunday, Catalina Torres, bowling with Thompson Tornadoes on lanes 7-8, had a career outing. Torres, averaging 138 going in, closed her set with a 217 game to post a 513 scratch series - 99 pins over average.

In the process, Torres carded the women’s high handicap game for the summer season. With her handicap, she had a 272 game. Her 678 handicap series moved her into second place for the season, trailing Margaret Morgan’s 703 from an earlier set. Becky Bowden leads both scratch game and series for the year with 279 and 675, respectively.

Haggerty’s teammate, Jason Parmer, had the other 700 in the Sunday competition, a 704 on games of 210-263-231.

Three 700-plus sets came from play in the Thursday Men’s Trios league. Tarry Davison hit games of 257-268-236 for a 761 to open the four-game block. Shayne Wilson put up a lofty 772 on games of 247-258-267, and Dave Gholson rolled a 714 on games of 267-223-224. The USBC, the nation’s governing body, recognizes only the first three games of a four-game set for series awards.

Other scores of note around the three-league summer season included:

Sunday Summer Mixed

The Split Happens team of Shane Quinn, Laura Prewitt, Brian Stegall and Anthony Sweat stood at 22-10 and held a three-point lead over Shady Bunch at the end of Week 8 of the 12-week league. Shady Bunch team members are Shawna Hall, Brett Stovall, Chris White and Larry Stovall.

Several other teams remain in the league championship chase at the three-quarter mark.

The 700 series scores by Haggerty and Parmer led the Wabam team to a league-high 2,300 scratch series for the night. With Torres setting the pace and teammate Martha Thompson rolling games of 124-130-128 on a 106 average and Brandon Naifeh carding a 203 game and 530 series on a 151 average, Thompson Tornadoes led the handicap team series scoring with a 2,482.

Nathan Crist came within a strike of another 700 series, opening with a 210 and closing with 236-244 games for a 690, and his teammate, Kevin Booth, logged a 203 game and 532 series off a 157 average for the night.

Elsewhere, Laura Prewitt rolled a 403 series including 142 and 141 games; Margaret Morgan was over average each game with a 416 series; Kari Arnold recorded a 418 series with a 149 high on a 126 average; Marcella Mitchell rolled a 172 game on a 129 average; and Charlie Romanat had a steady 496 series with a 176 high game.

On the men’s side of the ledger, Jason Keller recorded a 682 series, Matt Arnold a 660, James Allen a 623, Larry Stovall a 621, Shane Quinn a 616, Bobby Brown a 606 and Anthony Sweat a 603.

In addition to Haggerty’s 279 and Jason Parmer’s 263, Stovall rolled a 249 game, Sweat a 248, Keller a 247, Quinn a 246, Crist a 236, Gene Shelton a 243, Allen a 224 and Chad Nuss a 220.

Tuesday PBA Experience League

James Allen rolled an impressive 267 game and 628 series to lead the nights’ scoring, picked up four points and moving into a tie for second place in the season standings on the challenging PBA lane conditions Tuesday night. Jason Parmer, the leading average bowler with a 187, holds the top spot with 21 1/2 points, a single point ahead of Keith Ethridge and Allen. Jason Keller is another point back in the standings.

Ethridge logged a 247 game and 532 series, while Zach Howser compiled a 531 series set and Darrell Green broke the 200 mark with a 211 in his second game. The PBA lane conditions faced each week by touring professionals places a premium on spare shooting and being able to adapt as the lanes change during the set. Points are awarded on the basis of individual game scores.

Thursday Men’s Trios

The Odd Bunch team of Dave Gholson, Bo Duncan and Mark Gilliland continue to lead the competitive Thursday men’s league with a 29-11 mark and a three-point lead over two other teams, What The and Git-Er-Done. Five other squads are within striking distance at the three-quarter mark with five points at stake per night.

Odd Bunch was paced by Gholson’s 950 for the four-game block as he closed with a 236 game after the 714 opening. Duncan added a 235 and Mike Gilliland 214 to Gholson’s 267 for a 716 first-game team total to lead the night’s play.

Ace Wigginton of the What The squad flirted with a perfect game, carding a 278 in Game 2, and finished with 837 for the set. Davison’s opening 761 and 236 closing game gave him the top scratch series score for the night, a 963.

Other leading scores were recorded by Dickie Harrison, 235 game, 833 series; Jason Keller’s near-miss of a perfect game with a 281 to key an 897 series; Greg Pullen rolled a 234 game and 844 series; Ronnie Wooten was 60 pins over average with a 218 game; Shayne Wilson had a 960 series; Darrell Dixon shot a 237 game and 844 series while teammate Phillip Coleman, a first-year league bowler, continues to improve, shooting 134-125-186-125 on a 118 average.

Also putting up big numbers were: Glenn Taylor, 232 game; Koy Cline, 255 and 230 games, 845 series; Eric Booth, 247 game 821 series; Dewayne Roach, 270 game, 875 series; Bobby Brown, 265 game; Mark Smith, 257 game, 919 series; Jim Beard, 242 game, 805 series; Dickie Harrison, 235 game, 833 series; Greg Pullen, 234 game; Doug Brann, 230 game; Jim Beard, 805 series; and David Holt, 840 series.

Gene Shelton writing a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column runs on Tuesday.

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