Solomon, Parmer pace scoring in summer league action

Gene Shelton

July 15, 2008 - Last week’s top scoring in Classic Lanes summer league action featured a display of contrasting styles by a relative youngster and a veteran - a ball speed and power player from the new generation and a smooth finesse game by a seasoned bowler.

While Jason Parmer, the younger power side of the equation, posted a pair of 700s, veteran Nevil Solomon rolled a four-game block of 935 - a 234 average - despite having to wear a knee brace on his left slide leg and a wrist brace on his right bowling arm. Both Parmer and Solomon are 200-plus average bowlers.

Parmer also added a solid 664 on a demanding PBA lane pattern to his week’s production.

On the women’s side of the scoring column, Becky Bowden, who averages more than 200 in league play, set the pace with a 620 series including a 237 game. Angela Allen wasn’t far behind Bowden in the high game category, firing a 234 en route to a 546 series, and Debbie Miller carded a 216 game and 541 series.

The race for league titles remained tight in all three summer events.

Solomon, a 205-average shooter, put together games of 235-220-212-268 for his 935 four-game block on lanes 3-4 in the Thursday Men’s Trios league. His set led the scratch standings in both high game and series for the night and paced his Lake Fork Strikers team to four wins in the five points at stake.

Parmer’s two 700-plus scores for the week ending July 11 came in the Sunday Summer Mixed, a 716 on July 6, and the Thursday men’s league, where he hit 710 for the first three games of the four-game block. Shayne Wilson thumped out the bowling center’s high 700 of the week, a 745 on games of 222-256-257 on Thursday. Only the first three games of a four-game set are recognized for series awards by the sport’s national governing body.

Parmer also added a near-300 in the first game of the Sunday league. He hammered out nine strikes to open the first game, but a 7-pin leave on the first ball in the 10th frame cost the right-hander a possible perfect game and left him with a 279 score to open the set. His performance helped his Wabam team to a four-point sweep for the night. Parmer finished with 223-214 games for the 716 series.

Justin Haggerty, Parmer’s teammate, contributed a 268 game and 665 series as Wabam had high handicap game and series for the night with 875 and 2,515.

Shayne Wilson posted the center’s third 700 series of the week, a 745 in the Thursday men’s league.

Other results of note, by leagues, included:

Sunday Summer Mixed

The race for the title remained close at the end of bowling July 6. Split Happens (Shane Quinn, Laura Prewitt, Brian Stegall and Anthony Sweat) held a two-point lead over Big Slick (Margaret Morgan, Kari Arnold, Jeff Wright and Matt Arnold).

Becky Bowden, averaging 205, struggled a bit in her first game, but got lined out to finish with 213 and 237 for her 620 for Long Horns. Teammate Angela Allen added her 234 game and 546 set, while Richard Allen chipped in a 244 and Michael Bowden, carrying a 129 average, hit 162-159-145 games for an impressive 466 series. The Long Horn squad held third place, a half-game back of Big Slick, in the season standings.

Other top scores included Jason Keller, with a 258 game and 638 series; Michael Burnett, 247 and 630; Mark Miller, a steady 204-217-201 for 622; Matt Arnold, 222 game and 601 series. Brandon Naifeh, averaging 147 going in, shot a 202 game; Kaley Nuss posted a 147 game on a 112 average; Laura Prewitt compiled games of 128-129-165 on her 116 average; and Margaret Morgan rolled a 154 game and was over her 125 average each game.

Tuesday PBA Experience

Jason Parmer found the line on Tuesday night’s PBA conditions, hitting a 664 series on games of 205-223-236, and continues to lead the league with 20 points. Jason Keller is in second place with 17 points. Three others - Keith Ethridge, James Parmer and James Allen - are tied another point back.

James Allen posted the high game, a 253, and finished with a 583 series; David Strain hit a 236 game and 577 series; Russ Nuss rolled a 225 game and James Parmer posted a 208. Under the league format, bowlers compete against lane conditions faced by touring professionals with points awarded on the basis of individual game scores, not head-to-head competition.

Thursday Men’s Trio

Odd Bunch held on to maintain a one-point lead over Git-Er-Done as the two teams went head-to-head. The Odd Bunch squad (Dave Gholson, Bo Duncan and Mike Gilliland) stands at 20-5 at the end of week seven. Git-Er-Done (Ronnie Wooten, Buddy McClendon and Doug Brann) took four of five from Odd Bunch to tighten the league standings.

While Solomon led the league in scoring at the end of play July 10, Shayne Wilson finished the night with a 914 series; Jason Parmer carded his 710 on games of 244-266-200 before struggling a bit in the final game; Ace Wigginton and Tarry Davison each hit 258 games; James Parmer had a 254;  Darreyl Dixon and Jeff Wright, 247 each; Mark Smith, 244; Buddy McClendon, 243;  Charles Harred, 242; Michael Burnett, 241; Greg Pullen and Glen Taylor, 237 each; Jason Keller, 236; and Randy Youngs, 227.

On the series side of the scoring, several other bowlers posted 800 or better in the four-game block. Dixon finished with 892, Davison 890, Wigginton 882, Greg Pullen 875, Mark Smith 862, Harred 857, Jason Parmer 839, Clinton Cline 844, James Parmer 839, Glenn Taylor 837 and Jeff Wright 800 even.

Others putting up impressive scores included Cory Love, with a 175 game on a 139 average; Dwayne Allen, 50 pins over average with a 216 game, and Adam Thompson, a 226 game on a 161 average.

The Sit Down team (Bobby Brown, Clinton Cline, Koy Cline and Jeff Wright) had the high team handicap game with a 735 and high handicap series with 2,758. The King Pins (Dewayne Roach, Mark Smith and Shayne Wilson) rolled a 703 for high scratch game as Roach hit 224, Smith rolled a 212 and Wilson anchored with his 267. The King Pins squad also posted the high scratch series, a 2,572.

Gene Shelton writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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