Tarry Davison rolls perfect game, top series in Thursday men’s league

Gene Shelton

July 1, 2008 - It was a bit more than just another night at the office at Classic Lanes on June 26for Tarry Davison as the right-hander hit a perfect 300 game and recorded a season-leading series score of 1,019 for the four-game block in the Thursday Men’s Trios league on lanes 7-8.

Davison, who has a history of high scores and perfect games at the local center, put together games of 235 and 248 before hitting the 300 in the third game for a 783 series to open the set, then closed with a 236 for the 1,019 scratch total - an average of 254-plus for the night. Davison’s series score topped Bruce Michaelson’s earlier 1,010, which also included a 300 game, and Jason Keller’s 1,008 to lead the summer league series standings for four-game sets.

In Thursday night’s play, Randy Youngs rolled his first-ever 700 series, a 743, and in the process reached a new personal best with a 289 game. Youngs, averaging 202 going into play, finished the block with a 915 scratch series.

Becky Bowden posted a lofty 675 series on June 22 to lead the women’s scoring for the week. Bowden tossed games of 232-251-192, boosting her average for the season to 207 for the Long Horns team in the Sunday Summer Mixed.

In the same league, Danilee Ogle, who recorded her first-ever sanctioned 200 game the week before, nailed a 223 in the final game for a 538 scratch series, boosted to 661 including handicap. There’s an old saying around bowling centers that the first 200 game is the hardest; it seems Ogle’s on her way to more and higher deuce games already.

Other scores of note, by league, were:


Sunday Summer Mixed

The Split Happens team - Shane Quinn, Laura Prewitt, Brian Stegall and Anthony Sweat - led the league by two and a half points with a 15-5 mark at the end of the fifth week on June 22, followed by Long Horns at 12 and a half points. Sweat’s 222 paced the team to a five-point sweep.

In addition to Bowden’s and Ogle’s efforts, sub Kathy VanSickle put together a 555 series; Kaley Nuss, carrying a 108 average, hit a 161 game and 380 scratch series, giving her a handicap score for the night of 626; Angela Allen was over average for the night with games of 168-177-184 for 529 on a 158 average; Martha Thompson had a 151 game on a 103 average; and Catalina Torres was over average each game with a 170 score highlighting a 482 series, which equated to a 653 including handicap.

Nathan Crist hammered out a 276 game and 677 to pace the men’s scoring in the Sunday league. Michael Burnett logged a 222 game in a 609 series; Jason Keller carded a 666 with a 237 high game; David VanSickle, subbing with Charlie’s Gang, posted a 245 game and 632 series; Justin Parmer rolled a 258 game and 633 series; Bobby Brown recorded a 243 game; Mark Miller put a 233 on the board; and Matt Arnold rolled a steady 214-225-212 set for 651.


Tuesday PBA Experience

Several bowlers successfully attacked the Shark PBA lane pattern on June 17. James Parmer posted the top series at 623, Jason Keller had a 595 and Jim Beard a 591; Beard led the scratch game standings with a 226, James Parmer had a 225, Darreyl Dixon a 222, James Allen a 219, Darrell Green a 213, Jim Beard a 212 and Jason Parmer a 200 even.

On June 23, however, the Chameleon pattern obviously kept changing, injuring a few bowlers’ egos. That conditions were tough is reflected in the scoring summary sheets. Greg Pullen and Zach Howser tied for high scratch game of 198. Howser was second in the high series standings with 533, with Pullen third on a 528. Jason Keller shot the high scratch series, a 543.

Pam Parmer, the only woman competing against the men and the demanding professional tour lane patterns, rolled a more-than-respectable 188 game and 470 series.

In the PBA singles format league, points are awarded based on individual game scores, not wins against opponents, so the bowlers are actually competing against the lane conditions. Jason Keller currently leads the season standings with 14 points, with Jason Parmer a half-game back and James Parmer at 12 points. Greg Pullen and Darrell Green are tied a half-point behind Parmer.


Thursday Men’s Trio

While Davison was firing his perfect game and hefty series and Youngs bagged his highest-ever game and first sanctioned 700 series, several other shooters put up admirable numbers in the June 26 set.

Bruce Michaelson, back as a sub for the What The squad, rolled another 700 for the first three games, shooting 222-268-247 for 737 before closing with a 208 for a 945 scratch series. Jason Keller hit a 988 series on games of 244-233-275 for 742 and closed with a 246, while Jason Parmer chipped in a 257 game for the H.P.K. team.

And Phillip Coleman, who I understand is a beginner in league play, entered the night with a 109 average and shot games of 148-147-129-117 for a 541 scratch. His handicap gave him an 861 score for the set, helping the B.F.F.V. squad to a four-point win night. His teammates, Charles Harred and Darreyl Dixon, added 230 and 222 games respectively for the squad.

The Odd Bunch team - Dave Gholson, Bo Duncan and Mike Gilliland - continue to lead the league with a 20-5 record, followed by King Pins - Dewayne Roach, Mark Smith and Shayne Wilson - at 18-7. Odd Bunch was paced by Bo Duncan’s 245 game and 834 scratch series. King Pins were led by Roach’s 258 game and 850 series and Smith’s steady 828 set with a 216 high.

Other scores of note in the four-game format league came from Bobby Brown with a 268 game, 865 series; Doug Brann, 277 game, 865 series; Nevil Solomon, 258 game, 867 series; and Jason Parmer, 257 game and 876 series. Others cracking the 800 mark were Bobby Brown, 835; Buddy McClendon, 807; and Jim Beard, 805.

The Lake Fork Strikers - Beard, Eric Booth and Solomon - compiled the high handicap team series for the night, a 2699. High scratch and handicap team games for the night were posted by H.P.K. In the third game of the set, Jason Parmer rolled a 257, Jason Keller a 233 and Allan Hague a 200 for a 690. The trio receives no handicap as all three carry 200-plus averages.

Gene Shelton writing a column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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