McClure, Green and Davison fire 700s

Larry Mason

Jan. 29, 2008 - They came late in the week, but they came, none-the-less. It wasn't until the Thursday Men's League got to the lanes that the center saw any 700s this week, but when the guys had finished Thursday's play, Classic Lanes had three more 700s to add to the season's total, which now stands at 89. Harold McClure led all bowlers this week with a 730 series, followed by Darrell Green's 710 and Tarry Davison's 706. Debbie Carter led the ladies with a 617 series, shot on Tuesday. For the week, center bowlers accounted for an additional 42 600 series, raising that total to 864.

Way back in the beginning of the season, now some 21 weeks past, Harold McClure kept asking us when we were going to put our new bowling pins into our pinsetters. Due in large part to Harold's protests, we expedited placing those new pins into our machines, and immediately saw a decrease in a lot of players' averages. Last evening, that same Harold McClure was heard to say that we needed to put the “old” pins back into our machines. Obviously, that can't happen, and that phrase about cake and the eating thereof immediately popped into my mind.

At any rate, when Thursday's action was over, Harold had accounted for the week's highest series by any bowler, a 730, and I suspect that he wasn't complaining too much about those new pins when he was finished bowling.Mr. M. shot games of 270, 235 and 225 in capturing his eighth 700 series of the season. The only person who has shot more 700s than Harold at this point in the year, is his brother-in-law, Tarry Davison, who has booked 14.Harold's best series, by the way, is a 764, which ties him with Darreyl Dixon for fourth place on the high series chart. On the high average board, McClure shows a 215 average on Sunday, and a 212 on Thursday. He ranks sixth on the board, tied with former high school program bowler, Bobby Brown. Harold is one of only eight individuals who have qualified for a USBC bowling award for an honor score this season, a 290 game containing 11 consecutive strikes. In actuality, Harold bowls well, no matter what weight of pin is in play - he just seems to like to complain.� � �

The week's second best series came from one Darrell Green, a young man who just returned to the lanes after a considerable time away from our sport. In spite of the fact that he hasn't been bowling anywhere, and has had absolutely no practice, he hasn't forgotten the finer points of the game. Thursday night, bowling for what I believe is only the second time this season, Darrell shot a 710 series, with games of 199, 256 and 255. It is, obviously, his best series of the season. It moved him onto our high series chart in the 24th position. Darrell's second game, the 256, is currently his best of the season. It ties him with Chebna McClure, Jim Galloway and Wesley Crist for 24th place on the center's high game list.

And, now we come to Mr. Tried and True - Tarry Davison. Thursday night, Tarry tossed his 14th 700 series of the season, this one a 706 consisting of games of 236, 256 and 214. It was the center's third best series of the week.Tarry has now accounted for 16 percent of the 89 700s rolled this season. He holds the highest, a 799, shot in Week 1 of Sunday Mixed league play, and the second-highest, a 783, shot in the men's Thursday Commercial league.

Tarry carries the center's highest average, a 231 in the Tuesday Mixed league, has the highest average on Sunday, a 226, and totes the third-best average on Thursday, a 223.And, finally, he is one of six people who have produced a perfect score this season. He shares third place with three others on our high game list, Michael Carter, Mike Fletcher and Cliff Whitney.

David Strain provided the center's fourth-highest series of the week, a 683 shot on Thursday. Mr. Strain rolled games of 259, 219 and 205. David's best series to date is a 687, which holds the 35th position on the high series chart. Strain is averaging 207 on Thursday and 206 on Sunday. He ranks 13th on the center's high average board, where he joins David Gholson and Koy Cline. His best game of the current season is a 266, which takes the No. 19 slot on the high game list, an honor he shares with Neldon Smith and Jeff Wright.

Due to the large number of 700s produced at Classic Lanes last week, eight, there just wasn't enough room to get everybody who deserved recognition into our column. For example, three ladies shot 600s last week, but I just couldn't fit them into the space allotted. Well, we're not cramped for space this week, so I'll revisit last week, and combine it with this week.

Becky Bowden was our top lady bowler one week ago, shooting a very strong 663 series, with games of 223, 225 and 215. Debbie Carter, center owner, followed Becky, posting a 608 series, consisting of games of 177, 225 and 206. Deana Hale contributed our third 600 series last week, shooting a 600, even, with games of 197, 201 and 202. This week, our top lady kegler was Debbie Carter, who tossed a 617 on Tuesday, rolling games of 206, 208 and 203.

On our ladies' only lists, average, series and game, this trio of bowlers rank as follows: Becky carries the top average of all of our ladies, with a 201.Deana, meanwhile, is second with a 186, and Debbie ranks fourth with a 178.Becky ranks first on the high series chart with a 684, Deana ranks third, with a 652, and Debbie is sixth with this week's 617. On our high game list, Becky is second with a 258, Deana is fifth with a 246, and Debbie is sixth with a 245.

To be perfectly fair, I should let you know who the other ladies are who occupy the remainder of the top 10 positions on these lists, as well. Behind Becky and Deana on the high average list, in third place, is one Kathy Vansickle at 183. Tied with Debbie for fourth place is Betty Russell, 178.Barbara Siegert ranks fifth with a176, Chebna McClure sixth with a 175, Debbie Miller seventh with a 172, Shannon Hague and Pat Chaddick eighth with identical 170s, Tina Phillips ninth at 169, and Angela Allen, 10th with a 168.

On the ladies high series list, following Becky's 684, is our Kathy Vansickle and her career high series, a 682. Third place is occupied by Deana, fourth by Chebna McClure 634, fifth by Betty Russell, 626, sixth by Carter, seventh by Shannon Hague, 608, eighth by Debbie Miller, 605, ninth by Angela Allen, 604, and 10th by Tina Phillips and Barbara Siegert, 586.

On the ladies' high game list, first place goes to Barbara Siegert, 277, second to Bowden, third to Chebna McClure, 256, fourth to Kathy Vansickle, 247, fifth to Miller and Hale, sixth to Carter and Jacque Wilson, seventh to Angela Allen, 244, eighth to Shannon Hague, 241, ninth to Russell, Phillips and Dorothy Harrison, 236, and tenth to Amber Johnson, 235.

Travis Sutton outdid himself this week, shooting a series that was 107 pins over his average. Travis, who carried a 173 average into Thursday's play, rolled a 626 series, averaging 208 for the night. Sutton rolled games of 189, 259 and 178.

Lastly, Rhonda Wilcox posted a 578 series on Sunday, 95 pins over her series average, shooting games of 203, 195 and 180.When play started, she was averaging 161.

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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