Darreyl Dixon fires two of this week's eight 700s

Larry Mason

Jan. 22, 2008 - Classic Lanes' men pounded the lanes this week, shooting eight 700 series, one 699, two 698s, one 697, one 693, two 686s, and one 682, while the ladies finished the week with three 600s. Of the week's eight 700s, Darreyl Dixon accounted for two, booking a 751 on Thursday and a 735 on Sunday. Dewayne Roach fashioned a 750 on Thursday, Mike Fletcher shot 725 on Thursday, Ace Wiginton rolled a 718 on Tuesday, Tarry Davison shot a 715 on Thursday, Bobby Brown hit a 709 on Sunday, and Jason Keller fired a 703 on Sunday to join him in the 700 club.

As for the 690s, Shayne Wilson rolled a 699 on Thursday, Jason Parmer and Roy Schutz collected 698s on Tuesday, Jason Keller registered a 697 on Thursday, and Davison tossed a 693 on Tuesday.

Of the 680s booked this week, Davison and David Soeder collected 686s, Tarry's on Sunday, David's on Tuesday, while Wes Campbell shot a 682 on Thursday.

Becky Bowden led the ladies once again, shooting a 663 on Sunday. She was followed by Debbie Carter and her 608 series from Monday and Deana Hale's 600, also from Monday's action. Add to these totals another 36 600 series, and one can see that this was one very productive week at Classic Lanes.

Darreyl Dixon is one of those bowlers who can intelligently analyze every aspect of the sport of bowling. He understands lane conditions, and how these are affected by humidity, temperature and oil viscosity. He understands how the number of bowlers on a pair of lanes will change an oil pattern. He knows bowling balls, inside and out, including how to drill them. And on occasion, he puts all of his knowledge together, and sets out to prove that he is a very good, and very competitive bowler. He did just that this week.

Mr. Dixon shot not just one, but two 700 series this week. One of these was the highest series posted for the week, a 751 consisting of games of 252, 264 and 235. It was his second 700 in the past seven days. His first came on Sunday night, when he booked a 735 set, with games of 254, 247 and 234. Dixon now has accounted for seven of the center's 77 700 series.

For the week, Darreyl averaged 247. On our high average board, Darreyl is carrying a 214 average on Thursday, which ranks him seventh, and a 211 on Sunday. Darreyl's best series to date is a 764, which holds third place on the high series chart, tying him with Harold McClure. On our center's high game list, Dixon is tied with fellow teammate, Charles Harred, for sixth place with a 288.

The week's third best effort came from Greenville bowler Dewayne Roach who tossed a 750 series on Thursday. Roach rolled games of 215, 268 and 267. He ended the evening with a 250 average, which bumped him into first place on the high average board, at least, temporarily. His series moved him onto the high series chart in the eighth position. Dewayne's best game, his 268 second game, puts him on the high game list in 16th place, where he joins three others.

Fourth place honors this week belong to another Greenville bowler, Mike Fletcher, who posted a 725 to collect his fourth 700 series of the season. Mike rolled games of 203, 244 and 278. Fletcher now ranks fifth on the high average board with a 218, is 10th on the high series chart with a 746, where he joins fellow Greenville bowler Chris Brooks, and holds third place on the high game list with a perfect 300. He is tied with three other men, Michael Carter, Tarry Davison and Cliff Whitney.

Ace Wiginton tossed our fifth 700 of the week, a 718 on Tuesday. Ace rolled games of 257, 256 and 205. Wiginton is averaging 196 on Thursday and Tuesday, and 192 on Sunday. He holds 21st place on the high average board. His best series, this week's 718, jumped him into 21st place on the high series chart. His best game, a 279, ties him with six others for ninth place on the high game list.

Tarry Davison shot our sixth 700 of the week, posting a 715 on Thursday. It was Tarry's center-leading 13th 700 of the season. Davison shot games of 267, 215 and 233. Tarry now ranks third on the high average board with a 231, is third on the high game list with a perfect game, and occupies both first and second place on the high series chart, with a 799, followed by a 783. Tarry rolled a 693 on Tuesday, with games of 216, 238 and 239. On Sunday, Mr. D. shot a 686, with games of 214, 278 and 194.� �

700 series No. 7 came from Bobby Brown, who registered a 709 on Sunday, his first 700 of the season, shooting games of 235, 287 and 187. He is averaging 214 on Tuesday, which ranks sixth on the high average board. The series moved Bobby to 24th place on the high series chart. His best game is a 287, seventh best on the high game list.

On Sunday, Jason Keller produced 700 No 8, a 703 consisting of games of 222, 276 and 205. t was Jason's fifth 700 of the season. His best, a 770 ranks third on the high series chart. He is averaging 227 on Sunday, which places him fourth on the high average board. His best game is this week's 276, which bumped him up to 12th place on the high game list. Jason shot a 697 on Thursday, firing games of 232, 218 and 247.� �

Shayne Wilson, another of our Greenville bowlers, almost hit our ninth 700 of the week, but had to settle for 699 with games of 206, 235 and 258. He dropped his average from a 240 to a 236. He fell from first place on the high average board, to second. His 721 series of three weeks ago still holds 19th place on the high series chart. His best game of his six bowled at Classic Lanes so far is a 269, which ranks 15th on the high game list. Ironically, he is tied with Shane Wilson, and Shane Watson, as well as five others.

On Tuesday, Jason Parmer and Roy Schutz shot duplicate 698s, bowling against one another, on lanes 9 and 10. Jason shot games of 254, 232 and 212, while Roy's three games were 188, 244 and 266. Parmer is averaging 208 and ranks 10th on the high average board, while Roy boasts a 205, 13th on the board. Roy holds 11th place on the high series chart with a 739, while Jason ranks 29th with this week's 698. On the high game list, Roy is one of those fellas tied for 15th place with a 269, while Jason claims fifth place with a 289. He is tied with Raque Propes and David Vansickle.

David Soeder rolled a 686 of his own on Tuesday, shooting games of 276, 201 and 209. David, an accountant with L3, is averaging 207 on Tuesdays, and ranks 11th on the high average board. He is tied with another David, David Gholson. Soeder has accounted for two of our 700s, with his highest, a 724, holding 17th place on the high series chart. David is one of those six persons who have shot 279s this season, The 279 ranks ninth on the high game list.

Wes Campbell didn't hit 700 this week, but he did shoot a 682, which isn't all that bad. Campbell registered games of 258, 236 and 188. It wasn't until Game 3, when he began to tire considerably, that he became aware of the fact that he was using a 15-pound. bowling ball, rather than the 14-pounder he had intended to use Thursday. Now, a one pound difference in weight may not sound all that significant - but it is. Trust me.

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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