Davison and Michaelson roll 700s

Larry Mason

Jan. 15, 2008 - Tarry Davison and Bruce Michaelson overcame what was apparently a very challenging lane condition this week, to account for the only 700s rolled at Classic Lanes in the last seven days. Two others, Charles Harred and Jason Parmer, came close, with Harred collecting a 683 series, while Parmer managed a 680. Davison, Michaelson and Harred rolled their sets on Thursday, while Parmer tossed his on Tuesday.

Three of our ladies garnered 600 series this go-round, with Kathy Vansickle leading the way at 605. Debbie Carter rolled a 602, while Becky Bowden accounted for the third, a 600 on the nose.

Tarry Davison continues to lead all of Classic Lanes' bowlers in the production of 700 series. Thursday night, Tarry posted a 740 series, his 12th 700 in the past 19 weeks of bowling. Davison shot games of 278, 246 and 216 to get his 12th, and in the process, raised his Thursday average to a 222, an increase of two pins. Tarry holds a 226 average on Sunday, which is tops in that league. On paper, Tarry trails Shayne Wilson for the center's top average, Wilson boasting a 240, but Mr. Wilson has only bowled three games, compared to Tarry's 57, and doesn't appear to be on the schedule to return to defend his claim to first place. In light of this fact, we moved Tarry back to first place on the high average board. Tarry also ranks first on the high series chart, having shot the highest series on Sunday, a 799. Davison also claims second place on the chart, having shot the highest series on Thursday, a 783. And, finally, Davison is one of six people who have shot perfect games this season. We have to point out that Tarry's series came on lanes 15 and 16.

The center's other 700 for the week came from yet another of our retired military folks, Bruce Michaelson. Bruce, an employee of L3, and a U.S. Air Force veteran, shot games of 248, 235 and 219 to finish Thursday's play with a 702, his second 700 of the season. His first, a 734, continues to hold 12th place on the high series chart. Bruce is now averaging 209 on Thursday, up two pins from a week ago, and has moved into eighth place on the high average board, where he joins Allan Hague and Jason Parmer. Michaelson's best game of the current season is a 280, which places him seventh on the high game list.

Charles Harred and Jason Parmer came within a mark or two of hitting what would have been Harred's second and Parmer's first 700 series of the season this week. Mr. H rolled games of 182, 277, and 224 for his set, while Jason fashioned games of 223, 220 and 237 for his. Charles is averaging 207 and ranks 10th on the high average board, where he joins Mark Smith and David Strain, while Jason is toting 209 average on Sunday, a 206 on Thursday and a 199 on Tuesday. His 209 average places him eighth on the high average board. Charlie's best set of the season is a 706, which holds the No. 22 position on the high series chart. Parmer's best effort of the season is a 695 which ranks 28th on the high series chart. On our high game list, Parmer shows a 289, and Charles a 288. Parmer ranks fifth, Harred sixth.

Krazy Kathy Vansickle led the center's ladies this week, tossing a 605 series on Monday night. Kat shot games of 202, 217 and 186. Krazy Kathy, “Kat”, works at Kiser's. Her highest series of the season is a whopping 682, also shot on a Monday. It is the Monday league's highest set of the season; it is also Kathy's highest lifetime series. It ranks second on the ladies' high series chart, and is 36th on the center's combined men and ladies' high series chart. Vansickle is averaging 183 on Monday, 172 on Sunday and 162 on Tuesday. Her best game of the season is a 247, which ranks fourth on the ladies' high game list.

Debbie Carter came in second to Vansickle this week, shooting a 602 round with games of 192, 206 and 204. Debbie's 602 set ranks ninth on the ladies' high series chart. Debbie averages 175 in both the Monday and Tuesday leagues. Ms. Carter's best game over the past 19 weeks is a 244, which occupies the seventh slot on the ladies' high game list.

Becky Bowden came in third this week, settling for an even 600 series consisting of games of 192, 206 and 204. Becky is averaging 200, which is the best for the ladies, and 15th on the combined men's and ladies' high average board. Her best series is a 684, tops on the ladies' high series chart, and 35th on the combined series chart. Becky's best game is a 258, second on the ladies' high game list, 18th on the combined.

Once in a long while, a plan comes together, as they liked to say on “The A Team.” Well, on Thursday night, an event - unplanned as it were - did come together, at the expense of “Ace's Boys.” One of the center's newer teams, first season bowlers all, hit their stride all at the same time, and the result was a sizable “whoopin” for the opposition. The “House Balls,” a team that did in fact start league play using the center's equipment, shot a team series that was 527 scratch pins over their team average. Jeffery Neighbors was 44 pins over his average, Blake Brumit 61 over his, Kody Salyer plus 101 pins, Joel Gregory plus 168 pins, and Kory Salyer was 153 pins over his series average.

These young men were averaging 126, 152, 141, 110, and 145, respectively, when play began Thursday. When play was over, Jeffery had finished with a 140 average, Blake a 172, Kody a 174, Joel a 166 and Kory a 162. To add insult to injury, Ace's Boys had to spot these guys 236 pins of handicap, every game, as well. So, while the Boys won all four points scratch, they ended up losing all four points, after the “House Ball” team's handicap was added.

And the foregoing was but a brief explanation of what we mean when we tell you that a league is a “handicap” league. David can slay Goliath, on any given day, if the winds are blowing right.

Catalina Torres bowls with the “Tinker Bells” on Monday night. She shoots an average of 116. Based on average, her normal series will be around a 348. But, last Monday, Catalina shot games of 176, 121 and 148, all three games over her single game average, finishing the evening with a 445 series, 97 pins over her series average, and a one-night average of 145.

Emma Foshee, another of our Monday bowlers, shoots around 128 every game she bowls, and usually contributes about 384 to her team's nightly total pin count. Last Monday, however, Emma shot games of 151, 147 and 173, all three games well over her one-game average, just like Catalina, and gave her team an additional 87 pins for the night, with her 471 series.

Myra Crist is a mainstay at Classic Lanes. She's been bowling with us forever, it seems, and folks tell us she's only 18 years old. I personally think she's getting younger every week. Evidence the fact that this week, Myra, who averages 133 and shoots 399 series most of the time, shot like a youngster, posting games of 170, 172 and 141, all above her one-game average, and finished play with a 483 series, a one-night average of 161, and 84 pins over her series average. She just keeps getting better and better.

Chris Moon, one of our high school bowling program graduates, shot his best series of the season Thursday, a 581. Chris shot games of 185, 212 and 184. He was 92 pins over his series average, and averaged 197 for the evening. He was averaging 163 when play began.� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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