Jason Keller takes honors with 800 series and a 299 game

Larry Mason

Feb. 26, 2008 - Jason Keller must have decided it was about time, and February was as good a time as any to do it. It happened on Thursday, Feb. 21, 2008, a date that will long be remembered by Mr. Keller. On that night, Jason shot his highest ever series, an 813 honor set, and booked his second honor game of the month, a 299, to go with his 300 game, shot just two weeks ago. Incidentally, the last time any Classic Lanes' bowler shot an 800 series was way back during the 2005 bowling season, when Wes Campbell and Mark Smith accomplished the feat, shooting 806 and 804, respectively.

Keller's outstanding performance overshadowed five not-too-bad 700s tossed during the week, one each by Darreyl Dixon, a 769 on Sunday, Dewayne Roach, a 729 on Thursday, Gary Davidson and Allan Hague, 705s on Thursday, and James Allen, a 700 on Sunday. Shayne Wilson came very close to 700, tossing a 696 on Thursday, while Roy Schutz contributed a 686 series on Tuesday. Becky Bowden didn't get to 600, but she did shoot a 599, which was tops for the ladies for the week. All in all, it was a very good seven days at the center.

Jason Keller produced the second 800 series of his bowling career this week, when he shot games of 289, 225 and 299 to finish Thursday's action with a whopping 813 series. For his efforts, Jason will receive an 800 honor score ring from the folks at the USBC, which will look good sitting next to his 300 perfect game ring. And, don't forget his 299 award ring from this week.

After Thursday night, we had to do some rearranging on those various lists we track during any bowling campaign, high average, high series and high game. The most notable of these changes occurred on the center's comprehensive high series chart. After 27 weeks of being in both first and second place, Tarry Davison dropped to second and third, because Jason Keller is now sitting atop that chart by virtue of his 813.

Keller's Thursday average increased to a 219, which is pretty good, but his best average still comes from our Sunday league, where he carries a 226. That average places him fourth on the high average board. Jason and Davison are tied for the men's high average on Sunday, but Davison holds first place on the board with a 238 average from the Tuesday night league.

Now, on our high game list, Jason and Tarry are tied with Joe Kirkpatrick for second place, because all three men have shot a perfect game, and a 299.First place still belongs to Michael Burnett and his two perfect games, which he shot in the same week, four days apart.

Now, here's a little review of 800 series posted at Classic Lanes, over time, and I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. As memory serves, three bowlers have shot two 800s, Jason Keller (813/803), Mike Fletcher (813/800), and Bobby Matthews (807/806), while six bowlers have produced one each, with Robert Cleghorn's being the highest, at 859. Darreyl Dixon is next with an 812, followed in order by Wes Campbell's 806, Mark Smith and Cliff Whitney's 804s, and Ronnie Strain's 800.

Darreyl Dixon tossed a very near 800 on Sunday night, shooting games of 245, 235 and 289 to finish the evening with a 769, which isn't too shabby, in and of itself. In fact, it's Darreyl's best series of the season. It places Darreyl in fourth place on the high series chart. Dixon is averaging 214 on Thursday and 213 on Sunday. Dixon's 214 average ranks ninth on the high average board, while his best game, a 289, holds fifth place on the high game list.Dixon is tied with Jason Parmer, Raque Propes and David Vansickle.

Dewayne Roach bowled on Thursday, and came away with a 729 series comprised of games of 227, 267 and 235. It was his third 700 of the season. His best is a 750, which ranks 10th on the high series chart. Dewayne is averaging 227, which places him in third place on the high average board.Dewayne's best game is a 268, which places him in a six-way tie for 16th place.

Tarry Davison and Allan Hague tossed identical series of 705 on Thursday.Tarry rolled games of 258, 193 and 254 to garner his center-leading 19th 700 series of the season. As stated earlier, Davison now holds second and third places on the high series chart with a 799 and a 783, has the center's top average at 238, and is tied for second place on the high game list. Allan Hague fired games of 188, 275 and 242 to get his seventh 700 series of the season. Hague holds the highest men's high series on Tuesday, a 762. It ranks sixth on the center's high series chart. Allan bowls in three leagues, Tuesday, Sunday and Thursday. He averages 207 on Tuesday, 206 on Sunday and 203 on Thursday. He ranks 14th on the high average board, where he is tied with four others.

James Allen shot his second consecutive 700 series this week, which just happens to be the second of his bowling career. This time around, James tossed games of 188, 254 and 258. Last week's 703 moved James up on the high series chart to the 30th position, where he remains today. Allen has been steadily raising his averages in both the Sunday and Thursday leagues, and currently holds a 203 on Thursday and a 201 on Sunday. He ranks18th on the high average board, where he joins Russ Nuss. Allen ranks third, where he is tied with Cliff Whitney, Michael Carter and Mike Fletcher, on the high game list, having shot his first ever 300 game just one week ago.

Shayne Wilson came about as close as one can to shooting 700 without shooting 700, tossing a 697 on Thursday, with games of 228, 236 and 233. The series helped Shayne maintain his 233 average on Thursday, best in the league, and moved him into sole possession of second place on the center's high average board.Wilson's best series to date is a 752, which places him in ninth place on the high series chart. For his best game, Shayne has a 279, ninth best of the center's high game list, tying him with six other bowlers.

Roy Schutz contributed a 686 series on Tuesday, shooting games of239, 213 and 234. Roy's best series of the season, a 739, places him in a three-way tie with David Vansickle and Steve Edwards for 14th place on the high series chart. His best game is a 269, 15th best on the high game list, where he joins five other bowlers. Schutz averages 209, 12th place on the high average board, where he is tied with five others.

Sharon Callahan shot back-to-back 200s on Sunday, the first time she's ever done so. Sharon's last game was a 123, but she still ended the night with a 523 series, 106 pins over her series average. She started the night with a 139 average, but averaged 174 for the night.

Wesley Crist was averaging 166 when Sunday's play began. Wes shot games of 168, 225 and 205, to end the night with a 598 series: a night's average of 199. Wesley was 100 pins over his series average.

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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