James Allen rolls 300; Tarry Davison shoots 299

Larry Mason

Feb. 19, 2008 - James Allen tossed his first perfect game of this season on Sunday at Classic Lanes, while Tarry Davison hit for his second honor game of the season, a 299, Tuesday. Both men shot 700 series, the first this season for Allen and the 19th for Davison. Joining Allen and Davison at 700 were Shayne Wilson, Mike Fletcher and Jason Parmer. In addition to this week's five 700s, Center bowlers tossed 46 600 series. One of those 600s belonged to Becky Bowden, who managed to bag a 611 on Sunday, to lead the ladies.

James Allen decided to put it all together this week, shooting both his first 700 series of the season, along with his first ever perfect game. Allen's 300 occurred in Game 1 of his three-game set. His second game was a 167, while his third was a 236, which gave him a 703 series for the evening. Allen's below-average second game is typical of what we routinely see from most amateur bowlers, when shooting an award score. Allen's perfect game moved him to third place on the high game list, where he is tied with four others, Michael Carter, Cliff Whitney, Jason Keller and Mike Fletcher. Allen's 703 moved him to 29th place on the center's high series list, and raised his Sunday's average to 200. James is carrying a 202 on Thursday, which allows him to claim 20th place on the high average board, where he is tied with David Vansickle.

Tarry Davison continued to string 700s, shooting his fifth in the last three weeks. But Tarry's claim to fame this week isn't his 19th 700 of the season, but is, rather, his second honor score of the season, a 299. Tarry's 299 moved him into a two-way tie with Joe Kirkpatrick for second place on the center's high game list. Both men have booked a perfect game and a 299. Tarry and Joe trail leader Michael Burnett, who has shot two perfect games. The high game list is the only sheet where the name Davison does not appear at the top of the paper. Davison's 299 came in his third game, Tuesday. His first game was a 195, followed by a 208, then the 299, giving him a 702.

Tarry carries the center's top average, a 238 on Tuesday, sports a 227 on Sunday, and has a 221 on Thursday. Tarry claims first and second place on the high series chart, having shot a 799 for first place, and a 783 for second. And, Davison has now accounted for 18 percent of the center's 103 700s this year.

Greenville's Shayne Wilson, who bowls with the King Pins, posted a 752 on Thursday night, to produce the week's highest series. Wilson shot games of 247, 226 and 279 in the process of collecting his second, and highest, 700 of the season, in only his fifth week competition at Classic Lanes. Shayne is now toting a 233 average on Thursday night, best in the men's league. It ranks second on the center's comprehensive high average board. This week's effort moved Shayne from 21st to eighth place on the high series chart, and Wilson's 279 in Game 3, his highest of the season, moved him into a seven-way tie for ninth place on the high game list, up six slots from last week's standings.

Mike Fletcher, another of our Greenville bowlers, and another member of the King Pins, contributed the week's second best series, a 743. Mike shot games of 256, 230 and 257 to capture his fifth 700 series of the season. Mike's best series is still his 746 of a few weeks ago. t continues to hold 11th place on the high series chart, where Mike joins yet another Greenville bowler, Chris Brooks. Fletcher has raised his average on Thursday to a 217, which gives him seventh place on the high average board. As we said earlier, Mike is one of those five individuals who have booked a perfect game this season.

It took Jason Parmer a while to do it, but he finally broke through the 700 barrier this week, registering a 711 on Sunday night. Jason shot games of 232, 235 and 244. The series moved Jason into 25th place on the high average chart, up seven slots from last week's rankings. Jason's Sunday average moved to a 209, which lands him in 13th place on the high average board, where he joins Mike Gilliland, Wes Campbell and Michael Carter. Parmer holds fifth place on the high game list with a 289, tying him with David Vansickle and Raque Propes. Jason set was the center's fifth 700 of the week.

Becky Bowden claimed the ladies' highest series this week, posting a 611 on Sunday. Becky rolled games of 171, 256 and 184. Her best series of the season is a 684, which ranks first on the ladies' high series chart, 38th on the center's comprehensive chart. Her 200 Sunday average is also first among the ladies, while her 258 high game is second on the ladies' high average board. Becky is still seeking her first 700 of the season, with just nine weeks remaining on the schedule, but the odds are, she'll get there, just like Jason Parmer did this week.

Brett Stovall started play on Sunday with a 165 average. His normal series hovered around 500. But this week, Brett rolled games of 268, 213 and 185, finishing the night with a 666 series, and a 222 average. Brett was 171 pins over his series average.

Joel Gregory has taken to bowling like a fish takes to water, as they say. He started play on Tuesday with a 118 average, but when the night was over, he had averaged 161, posting a 484 series, 130 pins over his series norm, shooting games of 204, 187 and 93. His 204 first game is his season's best. Joel admitted that after he opened in his first four frames of Game 3, he lost his temper, which ultimately cost him a shot at a very good series. He's learning.

Rhonda Wilcox rolled a 597 series on Sunday, her best series of the current season. Rhonda rolled games of 211, 203 and 183, ending the night with a199 average, 108 pins over her series average. She entered play on Sunday with a 163 average.

Erin Petty is a relative newcomer to bowling, at least at Classic Lanes. Monday night, Erin, who stepped onto the lanes carrying a 114 average, shot games of 154, 128 and 151, to finish the night with a 433 series, a 144 average, and 101 pins over her series average.

Joy Hoekstra bowls on Mondays. She averages 96 pins per game, which means her normal series will be around a 288, or so. This past Monday, Joy tossed three very consistent games, 125, 129 and 129 to finish the night with a 383 series, a 127 average, and 95 pins over her series average.

Catalina Torres has seen her game improve considerably in recent weeks. This week, Ms. Torres shot games of 101, 99 and 144, finishing Monday's play with a 444 series, a 148 average, and 87 pins over her series average. She started play with a 119 average.

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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