Davison shoots two more 700s; Keller bags a 300

Larry Mason

Feb. 12, 2008 - Tarry Davison shot both the highest 700 series of the week, a 752 shot on Tuesday, and the most, two, bringing his 700 total for the season to 18. Tarry's second 700 of the week came on Sunday, when he tossed a 723. Meanwhile, Jason Keller rolled his first honor score of the current season, a perfect game shot on Sunday, and collected the week's second-highest series, a 749. Fellow bowlers Roy Schutz and David Soeder grabbed 700s on Tuesday, Schutz firing a 737, with Soeder tossing a 719, while Dewayne Roach registered a 701 on Thursday. Roach's 700 is the 100th shot by Classic Lanes' league bowlers since August.

Two other of our bowlers came close to hitting 700s, Shayne Wilson and Jason Parmer, but both came up just a little shy of the mark on Thursday. Shayne registered a 693, while Jason had a 692.

Bruce Michaelson, Alan Roberts and Greg Pullen were within striking, or perhaps sparing distance, of 700 as well, with Bruce knocking down 688 pins, Alan 685, and Greg 683.

On the ladies side of the ledger, Deana Hale and Kathy Vansickle claimed the day, with Deana accounting for 623 pins on Monday, and Kathy collecting 615 on Monday.

Tarry Davison added two more 700s to his center leading list this week, shooting that 752 on Tuesday, and 723 on Sunday. The former consisted of games of 249, 235 and 268, while the latter contained games of 239, 230 and 254. And, just to let all of you know that Tarry is in fact human, he could only scrape together a 591 set on Thursday, his lowest series of the season. Until Thursday's bump, Tarry had tossed five consecutive 700s over a three-week period.

The man's credentials for this season are awfully impressive. He has produced the most 700s, 18, has both the first and second-highest 700s on our high series chart, a 799 on Sunday, and a 783 on Thursday, has one perfect game, placing him third on the high game list, holds the center's highest average, a 240 from Tuesday, and carries the highest average on Sunday as well, a 227. His Thursday's average, a 223, holds the third place slot in that league.

We knew it was just going to be a matter of time before Jason Keller's competitive nature would come to the fore, and he would decide that he wanted to move up on the high game list, which he did on Super Bowl Sunday. In his first game, Mr. Keller absolutely destroyed the pins, and bagged his first perfect game of the season. He followed Game 1 with a 215, and finished with a 234, giving him a 749 series for the day. The series nudged Jason's Sunday average to a 226, one pin behind Davison. Keller ranks fourth on the center's all-inclusive high average board, and his perfect game moved him into a five-way tie for third place on the high game list. Jason's best series of the current season is a 770, third-highest on the center's high series chart.

Roy Schutz is one of our several Greenville bowlers. Of late, Mr. S. has been shooting very well, and this week was no exception. Roy tossed his third 700 series of the season, this one a 737, consisting of games of 254, 226 and 257. Roy's best series, a 739, holds 13th place on the high series chart. Roy's best game is a 269, which ties him with seven others for 15th place on the high game list. His Tuesday's average is a 208, tying him with Jason Parmer for 11th place on the high average board.

David Soeder generated his third 700 of the season on Tuesday night, shooting games of 275, 209 and 235, completing the night's play with a 719 series, our fifth-highest series for the week. Soeder's best series over the past 23 weeks is a 724, which ranks him 18th on the high series chart. His average is a 207, 12th on the high average board. His best game to date is a 279, which ties him for ninth place on the high game list.

Dewayne Roach, another of the Greenville crew, provided the center its final 700 series of the week, a 701 on Thursday, and in doing so, brought our total to an even 100 for the season. Dewayne fired games of 257, 216 and 228 in booking his second 700 of the season. His first, a 750, ranks eighth on the high series chart. Dewayne's 227 average places him third on the high average board, and his best game, a 268, ranks 16th on the high game list, where he joins four others.

Shayne Wilson and Jason Parmer needed just one more spare, or a strike, to make it to 700. They did neither, which left them with a 693 and a 692, respectively. Wilson's series, which consisted of games of 203, 233 and 257, raised his average on Thursday to a 229, which holds second place on the high average board, while Parmer's series, comprised of games of 267, 211 and 214, held his 208 Thursday average, allowing him to retain a tie for 11th place. Shayne's best series is a 721, which ranks 20th on the high series chart, while Parmer is still waiting to bust through the 700 barrier, having a 698 for a high. On our high game list, Parmer leads Wilson, having shot a 289 game, fifth on the list, while Shayne is one of eight individuals who have tossed a 269. These guys rank 15th on the high game list.

Two of our ladies broke the 600 series barrier this week, Deana Hale and Kathy Vansickle. Deana rolled games of 191, 210 and 222 to finish Monday's play with a 623. Kathy rolled games of 217, 225 and 173 to finish Tuesday's action with a 615. Hale holds the ladies' top average in the Monday league with a 187, which ranks second on the ladies' high average board, trailing Becky Bowden's leading 200 average. Kathy is third on the ladies' board with a 182 in the Monday league. On the ladies' high series chart, Kathy's 682 series is second to Becky Bowden's 684, while Deana holds third place with a 652. On the ladies' high game list, Kathy is in fourth place with a 247, while Deana ranks fifth with a 246. Barbara Siegert ranks first on this list with a 277, while Becky Bowden is second with a 258.

Kenny Turner bowls with Big Joe Bell on Thursdays. He has taken to the lanes 13 times and produced a 146 average. Kenny shot games of 190, 210 and 223, to complete play with his best series of the season, a 623, a whopping 185 pins over his series average. His third game, the 223, is his seasons best, as well. Kenny raised his average by three sticks, to a 149.

Wesley Crist shot a 599 on Sunday, 104 pins over his average, shooting games of 183, 181 and 235. Crist's best series of the season is a 657, his best game a 256.

Brian Gammill finished Thursday's play with a 601 series, his best of the season, by shooting games of 216, 223 and 162. Brian finished the night 93 pins over his series average. His series raised his average two pins, to a 169. His best game of the season is a 246.� � � �


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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