Davison shoots two 700s at Classic Lanes

Larry Mason

Feb. 5, 2008 - Tarry Davison didn't shoot the week's highest 700 series at Classic Lanes, that honor went to Charles Harred with a 742, but Tarry did shoot the most (two), a 708 and a 705, and in the doing, raised his season's 700 total to 16. Harold McClure and Roy Schutz collected the remaining two 700s, helping bring the center's total for the season to 94.

Darreyl Dixon and Joe Kirkpatrick came very near hitting 700s, but each had to settle for 690s, Darreyl rolling a 695 and Joe a 693. The week's top lady bowler didn't get past the 600 series barrier, but it wasn't for want of trying. Betty Russell provided the ladies' highest series, a 597 from Tuesday's play. She also had the highest ladies' series on Monday, a 570.

Tarry Davison has a habit of rolling 700s. One week ago, on Thursday, he was one of three individuals who did so, shooting a 706. He followed that performance by shooting a 708 series Sunday, and came back to the center this Thursday to shoot a 705. For the week, Davison shot games of 248, 181 and 279 on Sunday, and 246, 246 and 213 on Thursday.

Tarry now has accounted for 16 of the center's 94 700 series, or roughly 17 percent of the total. He possesses the season's highest series, a 799 from Sunday's league, and the second-highest series, a 783 from our men's league.

Davison sits atop the center's high average board by virtue of a 231 from our Tuesday Mixed League. Davison also holds the men's highest average in Sunday's Mixed League, 227. In the only league where he doesn't hold first place, Tarry ranks third. In that league, the Men's Commercial on Thursday, Tarry boasts a 224 average, one pin behind second-place holder Dewayne Roach at 225, and three pins behind league leader, Shayne Wilson, at 228.

Tarry is one of only six individuals who have posted perfect games this season. He ranks third on our high game list, tied with Michael Carter, Mike Fletcher and Cliff Whitney. Not a bad resume' for an old country boy from the big city of Saltillo.

Charles Harred bagged the week's highest series, the 742 we already mentioned. Charles shot games of 278, 207 and 257 to register his second 700 of the season. It moved him to 12th place on the high series chart, up 16 places from last week's ranking. The series bumped Harred's average up one pin, to a 207, 11th-best on the high average board. He shares his 11th place honors with Neldon Smith and Roy Schutz. Charlie's highest game of the season is a 288, which ties him for sixth on the center's high game list with teammate, Darreyl Dixon.

Harold McClure rolled his ninth 700 series of the season Sunday night, a 708, shooting games of 236, 226 and 246. McClure, Davison's brother-in-law, is the center's second-most proficient bowler when it comes to scoring in the 700s. Harold's best series, a 764, places him fourth on the high series chart, where he joins Darreyl Dixon. Like his brother-in-law, Harold also shot a 700 in our men's league one week ago, and followed that with Sunday's performance. All similarity stops here, however. And, we feel certain that Mr. McClure would rather we not mention this past Thursday's series - but we're going to anyway - it was a 607.

Harold is averaging 216 on Sunday, and 211 on Thursday. Harold's Sunday average ranks sixth on the high average board. McClure's best game over the past 22 weeks is a 290 honor score, which places him fourth on the high game list, where he joins the center's equipment maintenance guru, Wes Campbell.

Roy Schutz is a self-employed entrepreneur, who hails from Greenville. He bowls with us on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This past Tuesday, Mr. Schutz collected his second 700 series of the season, shooting a 707 series consisting of games of 259, 181 and 267. Roy's best series is a 739, which holds 12th place on our high series chart. Here, he joins Steve Edwards and David Vansickle. Schutz is averaging 207 on Tuesday, which ties him with Charles Harred and Neldon Smith for 11th place on the high average board. His best game is a 269, which places him in an eight-way tie for 16th place on the high game list.

Darreyl Dixon was about as close to a 700 as one can get, drawing up just five pins short of the mark on Thursday. Had he hit 700, it would have been his eighth of the current season. As it is, it goes into the books as a nice try. Darreyl shot games of 255, 235 and 205. Dixon is averaging 214 on Thursday, tying him with Joe Kirkpatrick for seventh place on the high average board. He averages 211 on Sundays. His best game this season is the 288 that we mentioned earlier, the one that ties him with Charles Harred for sixth place on the high game list.

Joe Kirkpatrick has booked one 700 series thus far this season, a 720 that ranks 21st on the high series chart, tying him with Alan Roberts. This week, Joe missed his second 700 by a mere seven sticks, finishing Thursday's play with a 693 series, made up of games of 212, 234 and 247. Joe is averaging 214 on Tuesdays, and is tied with Darreyl Dixon on the high average board for seventh place. We've already told you this, but it bears repeating. Kirkpatrick holds second place on our high game list with both a 300 perfect game and an additional 299.

None of our ladies broke 600 this week, but Betty Russell surely tried. Ms. Russell shot a 597 on Tuesday night, rolling games of 170, 205 and 222. The night before, Betty tossed a 570 series, with games of 168, 189 and 213. Betty holds the ladies' high average on the Tuesday Mixed league with a 179, and has a 173 average in Monday's league. This week, she averaged 194. Betty also holds the ladies' high series for Tuesday, a 626, and has a high game of 236, ninth-best on the ladies' high game list.

Sharon Callahan can hurt other bowlers' feelings a great deal, on occasion, which is to say that she just bowls out of her tree, and beats up on the opposition. This past Monday was one of those occasions. Sharon, carrying a 137 average at the time, shot games of 153, 223 and 175, finishing the night with a 551 series, 140 pins over her series average of 411. Her series enabled her team to win three of the four points up for grabs when play began.

Big Joe Bell is a large human being, as the name implies. He returned to bowling this season, having sold his trucking firm for the more relaxed life of retirement. He brings his family with him when he bowls, having teams in both the Tuesday and Thursday leagues. This past Tuesday, Big Joe shot a 599 series, 134 pins above his series average. Joe, who was averaging 155 when play began, averaged 199 for the night. He was bowling against Betty Russell and her 597, which probably gave him some incentive. � � � � � � � � �

Red Skelton, like Joe, is no slouch when it comes to chunking a bowling ball. On Thursday, Red did everything he could to help his team win, shooting 100 pins over his average, booking a 652 series with games of 231, 207 and 214. His teammate, Wesley Crist, shot 109 pins over his series average, booking a 622 series with games of 213,192 and 217. Skelton's and Crist's efforts were largely offset by Kenny Barrett's super 119 pins over average series of 605, coupled with a 565 showing from Kenny's teammate, Big Joe Bell, who finished the night 70 pins over his Thursday's series average. Joe had a good week.


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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