Summer league title races near photo finish in homestretch

Gene Shelton

Aug. 12, 2008 - Team titles were up for grabs in two summer leagues at Classic Lanes after the week ending Aug. 8, and in the third league the leading team needs just one win to close out the competition with one week left in the schedule.

�In the Sunday Summer Mixed, the Big Slick team held a thin 1/2�point lead over Split Happens going into play Aug. 10 and the Tuesday PBA Experience league appeared to be neck-and-neck in unofficial point standings.

In the Thursday Men’s Trio league, Odd Bunch opened up a five-point lead over the What The team with five points at stake in this week’s final outing. One win in four games Thursday will give Odd Bunch the tiltle.

The week’s play also produced some impressive scores with one near-perfect game, a trio of 700 or better series totals and one bowler’s first-ever sanctioned 600 series.

Brandon Naifeh rolled his first sanctioned 600 series on games of 206-209-192 for a 607 in the first three games of the Thursday men’s league (only the first three scores of a four-game block are considered for series recognition by the USBC). Naifeh, averaging 159 going into the night’s action with the Thompson Tornadoes team, should receive a 600 award from the sport’s governing body. He concluded the four-game block with a 768 series, also his high for the season.

Meanwhile, Bo Duncan, a member of the Odd Bunch squad, fell just short of a 300 game. Duncan opened the third game of the set with nine consecutive strikes. His first ball in the 10th frame just missed the pocket, leaving a double-pin spare. Duncan converted the spare and struck on his fill ball for a 278 game. After struggling a bit in the first game, Duncan recovered with 227, the 278 and a closed with a 226 for an 888 series.

Duncan’s teammates, Dave Gholson and Mike Gilliland, also took a game to get lined out, but went on to win four of the five points at stake and open up the biggest lead of the season in the Thursday men’s league. Gholson contributed a 211 game, with Gilliland hitting an 872 series on games of 195-207-239-231.

Other leading scores for the week included Jason Keller’s 717 series in Sunday night play; and on Thursday, Shayne Wilson’s 732 series; Tarry Davison’s 760 series; Joey Kirkpatrick’s 270 game and Dewayne Roach’s 276 game.

Becky Bowden led the women’s scoring with a 239 game and 570 series, while Debbie Miller compiled a consistent 545 series and Angela Allen posted a 542 set with a 204 high game.

Around the leagues:

Sunday Summer Mixed

The Big Slick team of Margaret Morgan, Kari Arnold, Jeff Wright and Matt Arnold swept five points from their competition and moved to the top of the leader board with a 29-15 record on Aug. 3. The Split Happens quartet of Shane Quinn, Laura Prewitt, Brian Stegall and Anthony Sweat dropped into second place, a half-point back. Aug. 10 was to be the final night of play.

Two other teams remained in contention. No Mercy (Danilee Ogle, Corey Ogle, Colby Pullen and Jason Keller) were in third at 26-18, while Wabam (Justin Haggerty, Debra Sutterfield, Jesse Haggerty and Jason Palmer) were in fourth place, four points behind the leader.

Wright paced the Big Slick wins with 188-232-204 games for a 624 series and Matt Arnold chipped in 217 and 200 games. For Split Happens, Quinn rolled a 628 on games of 235-222-171 and Stegall added a 624 with a steady 202-208-214 set.

Keller’s 717 on games of 248-246-223 led No Mercy, and Corey Ogle added a 598 series with a 225 high game. For the Wabam squad, Justin Haggerty rolled a 221 game, Debra Sutterfield hit a 192 on a 156 average and Jason Parmer tossed a 222 game.

Other leading scores from Sunday play included Kevin Booth’s 201 on a 157 average; Michael Bowden was over average each game with 148-145-167 for 460; Angela Allen hit her 204 game and 542 series and Bowden anchored with her 570; Debbie Miller’s 545 came on games of 177-179-189 on a 168 average; Marcella Mitchell was over her 131 average each game with a consistent 150-153-148 effort; Jim Galloway posted a 603 series with a 207-194-202 block; Chris White hit a 652 series with games of 214-236-202; and Larry Stovall rolled a 205 game.

Also, Shannon Hague carded a 541 series with a 193 high; Greg Pullen closed with a 246 game for a 639 series; and Allan Hague shot a pair of 202s with a 243 in between for 647.

Tuesday PBA Experience

Official league season standings were unavailable, but informal calculations pointed to a close finish at the end of play Aug. 12. Keith Ethridge, at 30? points, holds a half-point lead over Jason Parmer, with Jason Keller in third at 28.

Ethridge rolled a 610 series with a 251 high to pace Tuesday’s scoring, while David Strain had a 210 game and 592 series and Jason Parmer shot 215-202 games. Parmer also had games of 200 and 239 in a makeup set, according to available but unofficial records.

The PBA lane pattern in use Tuesday was not reported.

Thursday Men’s Trio

While Odd Bunch was increasing its league lead, Shayne Wilson hit his 732 on games of 230-257-245 to open the set, then closed with 242 for a 974 series. Wilson’s King Pins teammates Dewayne Roach (213-276-204-192 for 884) and Mark Smith (825 with a 255 high game) helped the squad take three of five points on the night.

Other scores of note from Thursday night included Randy Youngs, 213 game; Ace Wiginton, 831 set including games of 225 and 236; Joe Bell Jr., 246 game; Mike Love, 202, 236 and 223 games; Jim Beard, 220 game; Nevil Solomon, 223 game; Darreyl Dixon, 237; Charles Harred 233; Clinton Cline, 843 on games of 237-226-205-175; Koy Cline, 863 series with 264 and 233 games; Colby Pullen, 215 game; Greg Pullen, 865 series with a 257 game high; Davison’s 760 on games of 258-259-243, with a concluding 208 for his 978 series; Jason Parmer, 832 with a 231 high; Jason Keller, a steady 233-220-243-255 for 951; Allan Hague, 243 and 241 games to pace an 872 four-game block; and Buddy McClendon, 224 game.

Reminder: Fall leagues begin the last week in August. Plans are for Sunday mixed, Monday ladies, Tuesday mixed and Thursday men’s leagues. Interested bowlers may register for team or individual roster spots at the Classic Lanes desk. The Sunday mixed league organizational meeting is set for Aug. 17. Contact the center for planned meeting and league starting times.

Gene Shelton writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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