Tarry Davison shoots 300/769; Wilson and Hague post 700s

Larry Mason

April 30, 2008 - Tarry Davison tossed his second perfect game of the bowling season on Sunday night, and collected his 25th 700 series of the season as well, while Shayne Wilson and Allan Hague joined Davison in the hunt for 700 also, booking 743 and 738, respectively. These three 700s bring the center's total to 151 for the season.

Davison's 300 runs the center's total for honor scores to 19 for the season. Of these, 11 are perfect games, two each by Davison, Jason Keller and Michael Burnett, one each by Joe Kirkpatrick, Michael Carter, Mike Fletcher, Cliff Whitney and James Allen. Five more are 299s, two by Davison, and one each from Jason Keller, Joe Kirkpatrick and Shayne Wilson. Another two are 290 tossed by Wes Campbell and Harold McClure.

The last of the center's honor scores this season is an 813 series from Jason Keller. Davison came within a single pin of making it two, shooting a 799 in week one of league competition.As for the remainder of this week's top performers, David Gholson was close, shooting a 700, but settled for a 698, while recent returnee to Classic Lanes, Anthony Sweat, contributed a 694 and Koy Cline posted a 692. Matt Parker and Joe Kirkpatrick shot a pair of 680s, with Matt tossing a 689 and Joey rolling a 686. Becky Bowden led the ladies this week, shooting a 639 on Sunday. Our SSMS student, Colby Pullen, hit for a 600 yet again, this time posting a 604 on Thursday night.

Tarry Davison just keeps on keeping on. Tarry has stepped onto the approaches at Classic lanes slightly more than 70 times this season, and has come away with a 700 series 25 of those times. To get this week's 700, Tarry shot his 300 in Game 1, tossed a215 in Game 2, and rolled a 254 in Game 3, to finish the evening with his 769.

As of this writing, Mr. Davison can boast that he carries the top average in two of the three leagues where he bowls. He holds a 236 on Tuesday and 227 on Sunday. His lowest aveage, a 220, is in the Men's Commercial League on Thursday. On the center's high average board, if one discounts Bobby Matthews' one night average of 242, Tarry holds first place with his 236, out of the Tuesday Mixed League.

With his most recent perfect game, Tarry now moves to the top of the center's high game list with two 300s and two 299s. His move bumps Jason Keller to second place on the list, with his two perfect games and a single 299. � � �

And, on Classic Lanes' high series chart, Davison resides in second place with that 799 alluded to earlier. But when it comes to quantity, Tarry leads the way with those 25 700s. His closest competitor is this category, Darreyl Dixon, has accounted for 12.

Greenville bowler Shayne Wilson has apparently found his groove here at Classic Lanes. This past week, Mr. Wilson collected his sixth 700 series of the season, and one must remember that Shayne was a late arriver in our Thursday Men's league, coming on board about mid-season. To get his sixth 700 Shayne rolled games of 238, 235 and 270, to walk away from Thursday's action with a 743.

All Shayne has been able to accomplish in his shortened season is to wrest Thursday's high average honor away from Tarry D., shoot the 13th best 700 series recorded at the center this season, a 754, and register one of those 19 honors scores mentioned earlier. Mr. Wilson's presence in Classic Lanes has added a little heat to competition fire, and that's a good thing.

Now, we come to Allen Hague, who has been associated with Classic Lanes off and on for many years. He is, by nature, a very competitive individual, who isn't into losing. He has spent large volumes of money bowling here over the years. In fact, when he reappeared in the center back in the fall, several staff members suggested that he could bowl more, and save money, if he just owned the place. So, he apparently thought that sounded like a good idea, so he and wife Shannon bought the center on the 11th of this month. And, he, and she do get to bowl for free, sorta kinda. They get to bowl for free, but they now have to pay all of those things called “bills.” But, on with our story.

Mr. Hague - I have to call him that because he IS, after all, the boss - shot his 10th 700 series of the season on Thursday night, rolling three very consistent games of 248, 243 and 247, to finish the night with a 738. Hague is currently toting a trio of 200 averages, 207 in both the Tuesday and Thursday leagues, and 202 on Sunday. The 207s hold 11th place on the center's high average board, where is in the company of Greg Pullen and Bo Duncan. His best series, a 762, is the highest series of the Tuesday Mixed League. On the center's comprehensive high series chart, it ranks ninth. Mr. Hague's best single game of the season is a 278, which ties him with four others for 13th place on the high game list.

David Gholson, Anthony Sweat and Koy Cline each recorded series in the 690s this week. David's was the highest with a 698, while Anthony, who just returned to bowling after a very long sabbatical, hit the sticks for a 694, while Koy Cline collected a 692. With the addition of two more pins, Gholson would have booked his third 700 of the season, while one more mark is all that stood between Sweat and Cline's getting their first 700 of the season. As it is, Gholson can brag about his 730, and the fact that it holds forth in 24th place on the high series chart, while Anthony andKoy can be satisfied with their moving into the 40th and 42nd spots on the chart, respectively.

Becky Bowden topped the list of lady bowlers this week, shooting a 639 set with games of 224, 221 and 194. With two weeks remaining on Sunday night's schedule, Becky holds first place on the ladies' high average board with a 204, is second on the ladies' high series chart with a 702, and is second on the ladies' high game list with a 261. Becky trails Deana Hale's 723 on the high series, and Deana's and Barbara Siegert's 277s on the high game list.

Shawna Hall would be, frankly, a bowling coach's nightmare, because, if my memory is correct, she throws a back-up ball. But, on occasion the lady does something like she did this week, and beats her series average by 164 pins. Shawna rolled games of 210, 207 and 179. In spite of her fine showing, Shawna's team lost all four competition points Sunday - but they were matched up against Tarry Davison and his 769. Nuff said.

Adam Thompson is another of those young men who came into bowling via the center's then youth/adult league, and high school bowling program. If there were a “fighting heart” award for bowling, Adam would surely be awarded it. He eats and sleeps bowling. He is steadily improving his game, and hates to lose. This week, Adam shot three very good, and very consistent games, posting a threesome of 191, 191 and 197 to finish with a 579 series, 123 pins over his series norm.

Stephen Wilcox started play on Sunday averaging 174, but when the evening was complete, he would have a 632 series, a one night's average of 210, and would be 110 pins above his series average.

Chuck Russell is another of those individuals who can hurt one's feelings when he finds his mark. Tuesday night, he did just that, leading his team to a sweep of their opposition with a series that was 109 pins over his series average, a 643, consisting of games of 236, 236 and 171. For the evening, Chuck averaged 214, compared to the 178 average he was carrying when play began.

Colby Pullen didn't bowl for a couple of weeks for some unknown reason, but when he came back, he picked up where he left off - shooting 600s. This week, our teenager shot a 604 set on Thursday, with games of 234, 191 and 179. He was averaging 182 at the time. On Tuesday night, Colby carries a 190 average. Again, Colby is one of those youngsters who began bowling through our high school program back in 2004.

Classic Lanes new owners, Allan and Shannon Hague, intend to pursue a high school bowling program this fall. Look for an announcement in early August. And, if you are a young person interested in participating, stop by the center to get your name on the list.


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column normally appears on Tuesday.

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