Howser shoots first ever 700; Bowden shoots her first 700 of the season

Larry Mason

April 29, 2008 - Zach Howser shot the first 700 of his bowling career April 17. It wasn't the highest 700 rolled during the week, that honor belonged to Tarry Davison with a 748, but it was certainly respectable at 720. Becky Bowden finally put her game together, booking her first 700 of the season, a 702 on April 20. Shayne Wilson registered a 731, while Gary Davidson and Mike Gilliland rolled identical 720s, and Greg Pullen chipped in with a 700. Greg also contributed a 686 to the center's week's total.

Mike Fletcher and Neldon Smith came close to 700, but had to settle for 698 and 692, respectively. David Vansickle was also in the hunt, firing a 689,while Jason Parmer garnered a 688, Steve Edwards fired a 686, and Allan Hague, the new owner of Classic Lanes, booked a 682.

In addition to Bowden's 702, Kathy Vansickle and Shannon Hague rolled a few 600s this week. Kathy shot two 600s, a 633 and a 600, and Shannon, the other new owner of Classic Lanes, tossed a 611.

Zach Howser really began his bowling career when he joined Classic Lanes' high school bowling program back in 2004. Zach had several mentors that season, but his primary instructor was Turk Morgan. When the season began, Turk had hair, and it wasn't all that white. Three months later, Turk was a quivering mass, with seriously thinning hair, and what little he had left was very white. On many occasions, after practice was completed, one could hear Turk muttering things like “I'm going to kill him.”

On more than one occasion, Mr. Morgan tried to give Zach to any other coach in the program, to no avail. Turk tried 15 times - and got no takers. It's probably a miracle that Zach lived long enough to pursue a bowling career.

This week, I feel certain that Turk was just as proud of Zach's performance, as Zach and his teammates were. Howser rolled games of 263, 236 and 221. At the time, he was carrying a 188 average. Zach finished the night 156 pins over his series norm. For that one night, Zach averaged a whopping 240. Congratulations, Zach.

Howser's 720 moved him up the center's high series chart into the 30th slot, where he joins Gary Davidson, Alan Roberts and Joe Kirkpatrick. Zach's average ballooned to a 205, good enough to move him into a three-way tie for 14th place on the high average board. His best game is his 263 from Thursday's action, with holds the No. 23 position on the center's high game list.

Becky Bowden sat the bar for the ladies this week, shooting her first 700 series of the season, a 702, made up of games of 228, 261 and 213. Becky's is only the second 700 series tossed by a lady at Classic Lanes this season. The other came from our Ladies' City Tournament Champion, Deana Hale. Becky is now averaging 204, which holds first place on the ladies' high average board, and her best game, a 261, places Becky in second place on the ladies high game list.

The week's highest series, a 748, came from Tarry Davison. This week's series consisted of games of 246, 226 and 276. This is Tarry's 24th 700 set of the season. By way of comparison, Tarry's closest rival in the 700 series race, Darreyl Dixon, has produced 12. Tarry is second on our high series chart, having been bested by Jason Keller and his 813 honor set. Tarry's best series is a 799. Davison is second on the center's high average board, with a 236. Bobby Matthews came to visit recently, and while he was here, he posted a one night's average of 242, which bumped Tarry down one position. Davison ranks third on the high game list, having shot one 300, and two 299s. His goal is to take over the first slot before the season comes to a close.

Shayne Wilson collected his fifth 700 series of the season this week, shooting a 731 with games of 231, 268 and 232. Wilson is averaging 232, which ranks third on the high average board. Of his five 700s, his best is a 754, which places him 13th on the high series chart. Shayne's best game is a269, good enough to tie him with five others for 18th place on the high game list.

Mike Gilliland and Gary Davidson duplicated Zach Howser's efforts, tossing 720s themselves. Gary bowled his series on the same lanes as Zach, while both men were in a head-to-head competition against one another. Gary rolled games of 247, 237 and 236 for his 720, which is his second 700 series of the season. The 720, obviously, is his best to date. He is tied with Howser in the No. 30 position. Gary is averaging 211, which ties him with four other men for ninth place on the center's high average board. Davidson's best game is a 258, which lands him in 28th place, tying him with new center owner, Shannon Hague.

Mike Gilliland's 720 consisted of games of 210, 242 and 268. It is Mike's fourth 700 series of the season. Gilliland is now averaging 210 on Thursday, which ranks ninth on the high average board, and 209 on Tuesday. Gilliland's best game is a 279, a feat he has duplicated three times since August. He holds 12th place on the high series chart, along with six others.

Greg Pullen provided the center its final 700 series for the week, rolling a 700. Greg tossed games of 236, 199 and 265 in collecting his eighth 700 set of the season. Pullen is currently averaging 207 on Sunday, 206 on Tuesday and 203 on Thursday. His Sunday's average holds 13th place on the high average board, where he joins Bo Duncan, and new center owner, Allan Hague.

Mr. P's best game of the current season is a 276, which gives him bragging rights to the 15th place on the center's high game list. Greg tossed a pretty good series on Thursday, a 686 made up of games of 237, 204 and 245. For the week he averaged 231.

Mike Fletcher came within two pins of recording what would have been his sixth 700 since the fall league began. As it was though, he had to settle for a 698 series consisting of games of 246, 194 and 258. Mr. Fletcher is now averaging 215 on Thursdays and his best series is a 746. Mike is one of eight individuals who have tossed at least one perfect game at the center this season. One needn't feel pity for Mr. Fletcher because he missed his 700 this go round, however. He is one of a handful of our bowlers who wears an 800 honor series ring.

Neldon “Smitty” Smith just missed hitting his third 700 series of the season this past Thursday, having to settle for a 692 made up of games of 247, 246 and 199. Smitty is averaging 206 on Thursday and 204 on Tuesday. his best series is a 713, and his best single game of the season is a 266, which holds 21st place on the center's high game list.

On the ladies side of the ledger, Becky's 702 led the pack. She was followed by Kathy Vansickle, who shot two 600s this week, one a 633 made up of games of 223, 204 and 206. Her second 600 of the week, a 600 even, was made up of games of 246, 205 and 149. Kathy averages 185 on Tuesday, 180 on Monday and 176 on Sunday. Her 185 ranks third on the ladies' high average board. Kathy's highest series of the season is a 682, which is also her career best, as well. It ranks third on the ladies' high series chart. Ms. Vansickle's best game of the season is a 247, which holds fifth place on the ladies' high game list.

Our last series of note for this week was tossed by our new boss type lady, Shannon Hague. Shannon tossed games of 258, 182 and 171 to finish Tuesday's play with a 611. Ms. Hague is averaging 173 on Sunday and 172 on Tuesday. Her Sunday's average ranks seventh on the ladies' high average board. Shannon's best series is a 608 and her best game is this week's first game, 258.

If you haven't visited our center lately, you're in for a surprise. Laser tag is being installed as we type this column, and more changes are on the way. You're going to like what you see. � �


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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