Deana Hale wins Ladies City Tournament

Larry Mason

April 20, 2008 - The ladies of Classic Lanes took the lanes on the April 5-6 weekend to conduct the 43rd annual Sulphur Springs Ladies' City Bowling Tournament. I guess, to be politically correct, I will have to refer to this competition as the Ladies' In-house Tournament from this day forward, but, for now, let's stay with what we know best, the Sulphur Springs' Ladies' City Bowling Tournament.

At any rate, when all of the competitions were in the book, the championship belonged to Alliance Bank's Deana Hale. But before that championship was bestowed on Deana, there was some pretty good bowling done by a lot of ladies, so, without further ado, here is a wrap-up of the tournament.

First, an explanation. This tournament was sanctioned by the USBC as a handicapped tournament. What this means is that the winner must come from the handicap division, not from the “scratch” pool of bowlers. Theoretically, done in this manner, everyone has an opportunity to win.

The tournament was divided into four segments: Singles, Doubles, Team and All Events. The results follow:

In the Handicap Singles competition, Deana Hale threw the highest scratch series of the day, a 632. When her handicap, 42 pins, was folded into the mix, she finished with a 674 handicap series, which carried her to first place in this event. The next seven places went to Robin Edwards, 664; Deborah Sutterfield, 635; Bernice Dawes, 619; Myra Crist, 614; Sharon Callahan, 613; Marcella Mitchell, 611; and Kathy Kirkpatrick, 609.

In the Scratch Singles competition, the top eight finishers were: Debbie Carter, 573; Betty Russell, 565; Erma Whitney, 537; Shannon Hague, 522; Maggie Sherrow, 513; Rhonda Wilcox, 504; Pat Chaddick, 492; and Barbara Siegert, 497.

In the Doubles Handicap competition, Deana and her partner, Erma Whitney, tossed the day’s best series, an 1,140 scratch, which grew to a1,278 when Deana and Erma's handicaps were totaled together, and added to their scratch series. Deana shot a 640 series, Erma, an even 500. Again, this total moved the duo into first place in this facet of the day’s competition. Following Deana and Erma were the doubles teams of Kathy Bell and Dorothy Harrison, 1,248, followed by the daughter and mother team of Robin Edwards and Betty Russell, 1,208, and Marcella Mitchell and Mary Crabb, 1,202.

In the Doubles Scratch event, first place honors went to the squad of Maggie Mae Sherrow and Barbara Siegert, with a 1,033 total. Following Sherrow and Siegert were Linda Brazil and Pat Chaddick, 1,009, Amber Roberson and Debbie Carter, 954, and Rhonda Wilcox and Sharon Callahan, 948.

In the team event, first place went to the Tuesday Night Gals, Shannon Hague, Maggie Sherrow, Barbara Siegert and Pat Chaddick. Second place honors went to the Lake Fork Mamas, Melva Shaugart, Emma Foshee, Vikki Moore and Pat Chaddick. (Pat entered the competition twice - it's legal). In the All Events category, where the bowler's pin-fall from Singles, Doubles and Team play are totaled together, Deana Hale finished in first place with a scratch total of 1,853, which expanded to a 1,979 when her 126 pins of handicap were added. Following Deana on this list were Robin Edwards, 1,913; Pat Chaddick, 1,897; Dorothy Harrison, 1,873; Marcella Mitchell, 1,866; Deborah Sutterfield, 1,799; Sharon Callahan, 1,789; and Emma Foshee, 1,786.

On the scratch side of the All Events competition, first place belonged to Debbie Carter, with a 1,705, while Barbara Siegert finished second at 1,658, Betty Russell third with a 1,642, Shannon Hague fourth with a1,589, Rhonda Wilcox fifth with a 1,547, Maggie Sherrow sixth with a 1,540, Erma Whitney seventh with a 1,450, and Debbie Miller eighth with a 1,375.

Looking at individual performances, Deana Hale fashioned the highest scratch series in the singles event, a 632, and the highest scratch series in the doubles event, a 640. She also posted the highest scratch game in the doubles event, a 246, and had the second highest scratch game in singles with a 224. Deana completed the tournament with a 205 average. By way of comparison, Deana's finishing average for the 2007 championship was a 182. She has been on a roll here of late, having raised her Monday Ladies' league average to a 191, second only to Becky Bowden's 202 average from Sunday's mixed league. Deana also owns bragging rights to the highest series for the ladies' this season, a whopping 723, and has the ladies' highest game, a 277. She is tied with Barbara Siegert on our high game list.

Now, the highest series of the tournament didn't belong to Deana, however. That honor belongs to that lady who is tied with Deana for high game list honors, Barbara Siegert. Barbara produced her series in the tournament's Team Event, where Barbara tossed games of 238, 220 and 213, finishing the tournament with a 671 set, her highest series of the season. Barbara's effort was a large part of the reason her squad took the tournament's team championship.

To keep from receiving a whole lot of hostile telephone calls from Barbara's teammates, let me add that all of them bowled over their averages, as well. Shannon Hague and Pat Chaddick were both 79 pins over their series averages, and Maggie Sherrow was 17 pins over hers.

But Ms. Siegert's performance was astronomical, by comparison. Barbara's average when play began on Saturday was a 173, which, when expanded to a series total, is a 519. Subtract 519 from 671, and the result is a difference of 152 pins, on the positive side of the ledger. Those kinds of numbers just crush one's opponents.

Barbara's series moved her to fourth place on the center's ladies' high series chart, and, as you already know, Barbara and Deana are tied for first place on the ladies high game list at 277 Siegert is averaging 174 in the center's Tuesday Mixed league, which places her in seventh place on the ladies' high average board.

Congratulations to Deana, and to all of the other individuals who placed in our tournament. Thanks for your participation, and we look forward to seeing you at next year's 44th competition.

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