Shayne Wilson fires 754 series, 299 game to lead Classic Lanes bowlers

Larry Mason

April 15, 2008 - Greenville bowler Shayne Wilson led all Classic Lanes bowlers this week, shooting a 754 series, which included a 299 honor game. Joining Wilson at 700 were former Classic Lanes standout, Bobby Matthews, a name synonymous with 700 and honor scores, as well as Jason Parmer, Tarry Davison and Allan Hague. Jason Keller, Roy Schutz and Darreyl Dixon were within striking distance of 700, but all three men fell just a tad bit shy of the mark.

Five of our ladies tossed 600s this week. Ladies' City Tournament champion Deana Hale led the way with a 632, followed by Becky Bowden's 630, Debbie Carter's 618, Betty Russell's 603, and Kathy Vansickle's 600.

Our SSMS bowler, Colby Pullen tossed two more 600s of his own this week, giving him seven out of his last eight attempts.

Shayne Wilson, one of our several Greenville transplants, bowled his fourth, and highest, 700 series of the season on Thursday night, a 754, that just happened to include in its total his highest game of the season as well - a near perfect 299 in Game 1. Shayne followed his honor game with a 258 in Game 2, and a 197 in Game 3.

Thursday's series nudged Shayne up the high series chart standings two positions, into the No. 13 slot, and his 299 honor game moved him into sole possession of sixth place on the center's high game list. Wilson is now averaging 231, and finds himself in third place behind second place holder Tarry Davison, who holds a 236 from the Tuesday league, and new board leader Bobby Matthews, who set a 242 average on Thursday night.

Speaking about Bobby Matthews, all he managed to accomplish in his first appearance at Classic Lanes this season was to shoot a 727 series, average 242, and shoot a high game of 268. As a result of his week's performance, he now holds first place on the high average board, ranks 18th on the high game list, and moved onto the high series chart in the 25th position. Bobby shot games of 225, 268 and 234. Matthews returns to Classic Lanes annually, usually, and when he does, he routinely walks away with all, or a large number, of the marbles. Some of you may recall that Bobby was one of the center's most prolific bowlers when he lived in our area, shooting 700s by the truckload, and averaging well into the 220s. He is one of those individuals who rolled an 800 honor series at the center. It's always nice to see Bobby and Novaline.

Jason Parmer shot his second 700 series in the past two weeks, this one coming on Tuesday night, rolling games of 222, 267 and 230. For Jason, it was his third 700 series of the season. He now finds himself holding a 211 average on Sunday, a 209 on Thursday and a 199 on Tuesday. His 211 holds the 11th position on the high average board, where he shares honors with a pair of Greenville bowlers, Bruce Michaelson and Roy Schutz. Jason's name appears in the No. 3 slot on our high series chart, trailing behind second place claimant Tarry Davison and first place holder, Jason Keller. On the Classic Lanes' high game list, Mr. Parmer finds himself in a four-way tie for eighth place, at 289. For good measure, Jason completed his week tossing a 644 series on Thursday, rolling games of 214, 203 and 227.

Tarry Davison rolled his 23rd 700 series of the season on Sunday evening with games of 258, 176 and 279, to finish the evening with a 713. One has to wonder just how good this effort might have been had Tarry done anything remotely resembling his average in Game 2. On Thursday, Tarry came through with a 632 series, which gave him a week's average of 224. Tarry's real averages are a 236 on Tuesday, a 226 on Sunday and a 220 on Thursday. Tarry was knocked out of first place on the high average board by Bobby Matthews' 242, but that average is based on a single series, so, if one computes based on quantity, Tarry carries the highest “lotsa” series average. You already know about Tarry's battle with Jason Keller for top dog on the high series chart., so, the only thing left to discuss is Tarry's position on the center's high game list, which just happens to be third, where Mr. Davison owns one perfect game, and two 299s.

Allan Hague, who, along with wife Shannon is/are the new owner(s) of Classic Lanes, provided the center with its fifth 700 series of the week, shooting a 709 on Tuesday. Mr. H. rolled games of 248, 257 and 204 to collect his ninth 700 series of the season. Allan's highest series, a 762, continues to hold first place in the Tuesday Mixed League and ninth place on the center's all-inclusive high series chart. Allen is currently averaging 207 on Tuesday, 205 on Thursday and 203 on Sunday. He is tied for 15th on the high average board. Allan's best game is still a 278, which is good enough to place him in a five-way tie for 13th place on the high game list. Allan shot a 664 on Thursday night, booking games of 235, 222 and 207. Not too bad for a mint julip sipping plantation/bowling center owner from Yantis.

Jason Keller came very close to grasping his 10th 700 series of the season Sunday, but had to settle for a 691 set, tossing games of 212, 278 and 201. Keller is averaging 223 on Sunday and 217 on Thursday, and ranks fifth on the high average board. Keller holds first place on our high series chart with an 813, and first place on our high game list with a pair of perfect games and one 299.

It must have been a bleed over from the ladies' city tournament of last weekend that prompted our women bowlers to light up the house with five 600 series this week. The ladies' tournament winner, Ms. Deana Hale, finished with the week's top series, a 632 on Monday night, shooting a 191, a 246 and a 195. Deana is now averaging 191, second best on the ladies' high average board, is first on the ladies' high series chart with a 723 from the Monday Ladies' League, and has a 277 high game, tying her with Barbara Siegert for first place on the ladies' high game list.

Following immediately behind Deana was Becky Bowden, who rolled a 630 series on Sunday, tossing games of 189, 204 and 237. Becky carries the ladies' top average, a 202, is second on the ladies' high game list with a 258, and is second on the ladies' high series chart with a 686.

Our third highest ladies' 600 series came off of the right hand of Debbie Carter on Tuesday. Ms. Debbie put together games of 202, 205 and 211 to finish with a 618. Debbie is averaging 180 on Tuesday, fourth best on the ladies' high average board, has a high game of 245, sixth best on the ladies' high game list, and finds herself in sixth place on the ladies' high series chart with this week's 618.

Betty Russell provided the center with its fourth highest ladies' 600 series with a 603 made up of games of 235, 209 and 159. Betty averages 179 on Tuesday, placing her fifth on the ladies' high average board, has a 236 high game, which holds ninth place on the ladies' high game list, and boasts a 626 series from Tuesday's league, which places her sixth on the ladies' high series chart.

Our final 600 series by a lady was produced by none other than “Krazy Kathy” Vansickle. Krazy rolled a 600, even, compiling games of 183, 213 and 204. Kathy is averaging 182 on Tuesday, which allows her to lay claim to the No. 3 slot on the ladies' high average board. Ms. Vansickle's highest series this season is a 682, which is also her highest series in her bowling career, ranks third on the ladies' high series chart. Kathy's best game this season is a 247, which holds fourth place on the ladies' high game list.

Brett Stovall bowled his best series of the season on Sunday night, putting games of 236, 256 and 190 together to bag a 682. Brett, who is averaging 176, completed the night's play 154 pins over his series average.

Myra Crist rolled her best series of the season on Monday night, posting a 522 with games of 155, 145 and 222. Myra finished play 117 pins over her series norm.

And, finally, Colby Pullen our youngest league bowler, who is a student at SSMS, registered two more 600 series this week giving him seven in his last eight attempts. This week, Colby hit the pins for a 640 and a 607.

As I indicated earlier in this week's column, Classic Lanes is now owned by Allan and Shannon Hague. The Hagues look forward to meeting both their old and new customers, and invite all of you to drop by to see the new, or revised, plans for your center.

Summer leagues will begin the last week in May.

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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