Parmer, Schutz, Dixon and Soeder post 700s at Classic Lanes

Larry Mason

April 9, 2008 - Jason Parmer came within 21 pins of shooting what would have been the center's second 800 series of the season on Sunday night, but two 10 pin leaves in his third game caused him to come up short. Jason finished the night with a 779. It was the center's highest series for the week. Three other men joined Parmer in the week's 700 race. Roy Schutz shot a 748 Tuesday, Darreyl Dixon collected a 730 on Sunday, and David Soeder booked a 704 on Tuesday.

Justin Haggerty and Bruce Michaelson shot came very near the 700 mark, both men shooting 690s, Justin a 695, Bruce a 694, while Rick Pearce and Vincent Smith contributed a pair of 683 and 681, respectively, to the week's top series totals.

On the ladies side of the ledger, Deana Hale ruled the roost once again, this time shooting a very impressive 682 set on Monday evening.

Our SSMS bowler, Colby Pullen, collected three 600 series this week, which, when added to last week's two, gives him five consecutive 600s. That's good bowling, no matter how old one is.

Jason Parmer rolled his highest series of the season, and possibly his career, on Sunday evening, tossing games of 259, 288 and 232 to finish Sunday's competition with a 779, the fifth-highest series rolled at Classic Lanes during this bowling season. It took Jason some time before he netted his first 700 of the season, a 711, just a few weeks ago.

Prior to that day, Jason had collected a number of 690 series, but had failed to grasp the gold ring. This week's series is only Jason's second 700 in the last 31 weeks. Parmer bowled two more times this week, on Tuesday and Thursday. In the former, he rolled a 606, in the latter 678. Add them all together and divided by nine, and one will see that Jason averaged 229 for the past seven days.

Parmer's Sunday performance raised his Sunday's average to a 211, which moved him into a three-way tie for 10th place on the center's high average board, where he joins Roy Schutz and Bruce Michaelson. This week's 779 series by Parmer bumped Darreyl Dixon out of third place and into fourth on the high series chart. Jason's best game of the season, a 289, ties him with three others for seventh place on the high game list.

Jason wanted to be our headliner this week, and normally a 779 would do that, but three other fellas wanted a piece of the action, Roy Schutz, Darreyl Dixon and David Soeder, so Jason had to share his toys.

Roy Schutz, one of the guys Jason is tied with on the high average board, fashioned his fourth 700 series of the season on Tuesday evening, shooting games of 246, 245 and 257, to finish with a 748, Roy's best series of the season. It moved Roy to 16th place on the high series chart, up five slots from last week's standings. Mr. S. has a high game of 269, a score that ties him with six others for 16th place on the center's high game list.

Darreyl Dixon shot his 12th 700 series of the season on Sunday, firing games of 257, 247 and 226, to finish the night with a 730. In spite of his fine showing, Darreyl finished with only the third-best series of the week, and saw his name drop one slot on the high series chart. Darreyl did manage to maintain his hold on seventh place on the high game list with his 289, although he has to share honors with David Vansickle, Jason Parmer and Raque Propes. Darreyl is averaging 215 in both the Sunday and Thursday night leagues, and ranks seventh on the center's high average board. Darreyl shot a 669 series on Thursday night, posting games of 226, 258 and 185. For the week, Darreyl averaged 233. Imagine what he would have done had he just shot his average in that third game on Thursday.

David Soeder, our L3 employee who counts beans for a living, shot his fourth 700 series of the season, a 704, in our Tuesday mixed league this week. David rolled games of 268, 225 and 211. Soeder ranks 26th on the high series chart with a 724, is in a five-way tie for 13th place on the high average board with a 208 average. David's best game of the season is a 279, which places him in a eight-way tie for 11th place on the center's high game list.

Justin Haggerty and Bruce Michaelson came within a whisker of shooting 700s themselves this week, but had to settle for a 695 and a 694, respectively. In getting his highest series of the season, Haggerty booked games of 246, 215 and 234. Michaelson, with just six more pins, would have garnered his fourth 700 of the season, but it wasn't destined to be. On the center's high series chart, Michaelson ranks 22nd, tied with Matt Parker, while Haggerty languishes in 37th place. When one looks at the center's high average board, Bruce holds 10th place with a 211, while Haggerty resides in 26th position with a 193, where he is tied with Lynn Mills and Zach Howser. Michaelson has a 280 high game for the season, while Justin boasts a 268. Michaelson ranks 10th, Haggerty 17th.

Deana Hale has produced the ladies' highest series this season, a whopping 723. She came very near posting her second 700 of the season on Monday, shooting games of 203, 231 and 244, to complete play with a 682. Deana raised her average to a 190, second-best on the ladies' high average board, while her highest game is a huge 277, which ties her with Barbara Siegert for first place on the ladies' high game list.

Our SSMS bowler, Colby Pullen, continues to impress. One week ago, he rolled two 600 series in two attempts. This week, he went three for three. That makes five consecutive 600s for Mr. Pullen. On Tuesday he rolled a 641, on Thursday a 612, and on Sunday a 603. Tuesday he rolled games of 190, 239 and 212, Thursday 198, 216 and 198, and Sunday 191, 192 and 220. Colby's best series of the season, to date, is a 658, his best game a 269, and he is averaging in the 180s in the Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday leagues.

Rick Pearce registered a 683 series Tuesday night, his highest series of the season, to finish134 pins over his series average. Rick tossed games of 203, 265 and 215, coming off of a 183 average. Rick raised his average to a 185, because of Tuesday's effort. His best game of the season is a 265.

Kenny Barrett, when he is on his mark, can hurt his opponents. He did just that on Thursday night, shooting 128 pins over his series average. Kenny registered games of 220, 220 and 180 to finish the night with a 620, his best three game set of the season. Kenny's best game is a 265, just like Mr. Pearce. Kenny is now averaging 164.� � �

Big Joe Bell seems to be finding his game. Given that Joe hadn't bowled at all in the six years preceding this season, it's somewhat understandable that his game would be a little rusty. Thursday night, Joe shot games of 198, 242 and 160 to grab a 600 series, even, and post his best series of the season in the process. Joe started the night with a 167 average, but for one night at least, he averaged 200. His best game, currently, is a 242.

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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