Steve Edwards, Matt Parker and Mark Smith toss 700s

Larry Mason

April 1, 2008 - Steve Edwards finished the week with the center's highest 700 series over the past seven days, a 757, while Classic Lanes' relative newcomer, Matt Parker, came through with a 734, and Mark Smith closed with a 705. Roy Schutz came with five pins of giving the center its fourth 700 of the week, settling for a 695. Debbie Carter and Tina Phillips collected 600 series this week, Debbie rolling a 606 and Tina hitting for a 602. Our youngest bowling phenom, Colby Pullen, tossed two 600s this round, compiling a 613 on Tuesday and a 602 on Thursday.

Steve Edwards shot his second 700 series of the season Tuesday night, shooting games of 246, 265 and 246, to complete the evening's play with a whopping 757, and ran away with the week's best bowler honors. He finished the night 158 pins over his series average. Steve moved up on the high series chart to 10th place, jumping nine slots from one week ago. His average on Tuesday increased to a 198, an increase of two pins, and now ranks 20th on the high average chart.

Now, Steve did use a new bowling ball Tuesday night, and based on his success Tuesday, one would be inclined to believe Steve found the perfect ball for Classic Lanes' conditions, you know, oil pattern, temperature, humidity, lane pair and such. In fact, Steve bowled his set on lanes 7 and 8, two of the less forgiving of the lanes at Classic Lanes. I suspect a great many of Steve's fellow bowlers, thinking Steve had found a sure winner, immediately went home, got on line, and started looking for “the ball,” with the intent of purchasing one of their own. I just hope those orders can be canceled.

Bowling is a fickle sport, you know, you're up one night, and down the next, and Steve can certainly testify to this fact. You see, Steve also bowled on Thursday night. He bowled on lanes 11 and 12, two of our more considerate lanes, and rolled games of 194, 133 and 148, finishing with a 475 series, 122 pins below his series average. You see - up on Tuesday, down on Thursday. Now, what I don't know for certain, is whether Steve used his new ball on Thursday night, so don't cancel your new ball orders, just yet.What I do know is this, Steve probably won't see another 400 series in his lifetime. He's just too good a bowler for that. Thursday's series was just a fluke, nothing more.

Matt Parker arrived on the scene at Classic Lanes just a short time ago. He has bowled on only three occasions. In that short span of time, Parker has rolled one 700 series,this week's 734, has a high game of 269, and is averaging 219 on Thursday. He ranks 20th on the high series chart, where he is tied with Bruce Michaelson, is in a seven way tie for 16th place on the center's high game list, and holds fifth place on the high average board. His two earlier series were a 588 and a 652.We don't know where Big Joe Bell found Matt, but we're glad he did.

Mark Smith is certainly no newcomer to Classic Lanes. He's been bowling with us for as long as I can remember, and I've been associated with the center for almost 20 years now. Mark is a very good, consistent bowler. On Thursday night, Mark was very good, tossing his third 700 series of this season, a 705, rolling games of 203, 256 and 246. Mr. Smith is now averaging 208, tied for 11th place on the high average board with Darrell Green and Classic Lanes' maintenance guru, Wes Campbell, has a high series of 744, 17th best on the high series chart, and holds 15th place on the high game list with a 270, an honor he shares with teammate, Keith Ethridge.

Roy Schutz was within five pins of recording his fourth 700 series of the season last Tuesday night, but had to settle for a 695 set. Roy tossed games of 236, 247 and 212. He currently holds a 209 average, which ties him with seven others for 10th place on the center's high average board, and his best series, a 739, ties him with David Vansickle for 19th place on the high series chart. Roy's highest game is a 269, which ties him with Matt Parker and five others for 16th place on the high game list.

Debbie Carter led the ladies this week, shooting a 606 series on Tuesday. Debbie rolled games of 165, 219 and 222 and finished 66 pins over her series average. Ms. Carter averages 180 on Tuesday and 177 on Monday.She is tied with Kathy Vansickle for third place on the ladies' high average board. She ranks sixth on the ladies high series chart with a 617, and has a high game of 245, sixth on the ladies' high game list, where she joins Jacque Wilson and Rhonda Wilcox. � � � � � � � � � �

Tina Phillips bowls in the ladies' league on Monday nights. Tina normally shoots around the 500 series mark and averages 168. Monday evening, Tina averaged 200.6, shooting a 602 series with games of 187, 201 and 214.She finished the evening 98 pins over her series norm. This week's 602 is her best showing of the season., raising her average to a 169. Tina's best game is a 236.

Chuck Russell is Steve Edwards' father-in-law. They bowl together on Tuesday night. Chuck is an accountant. In reviewing Tuesday's score sheets, it strikes me that perhaps Chuck's performance may have been the motivation that pushed Steve to bowl so well. You see, Chuck averages around 175, and can be counted on to provide his team with 525 pins, his series norm.

But Tuesday night, Mr. Russell shot a 641 series, 116 pins over his average, posting games of 213, 227 and 201. This week's series is Chuck's highest of the season. It ranks 63rd on the center's high series chart. His best game is a 244, which holds 32nd place on the center's high game list.His average now sits at a 177. I don't believe he used a new bowling ball.

Last, but not least, we have to notice our youngest active league bowler, Colby Pullen. Colby is our SSMS student who has been bowling since he was in the fourth grade. That makes for about four years of experience.This week, Colby didn't shootjust one 600 series, he shot two. Tuesday night, Colby tossed games of 182, 208 and 223 to end the evening with a 613 series. He followed Tuesday's performance with a 602 effort on Thursday, shooting games of 210, 186 and 206. He averaged 202 for the week. The center's high average board shows Colby averaging 182 on Tuesday and 180 on Thursdays. His highest series is a very impressive 658, and his highest game is 269.

If you didn't notice by now, let me point out that our Sunday contingent of bowlers took the Easter evening off, so we have nothing to report as regards Sunday's league. They will return next week.

As of this week, our bowlers have accumulated 59 averages of 200 or more, from 39 different bowlers. There has been one 800 honor series, 133 700 series, 1,233 600 series, and 16 honor games - 10 perfect games, four 299s and two 290s. It's not the best season the center has ever recorded, but it's not over yet. Summer leagues are forming now, and will begin play in late May.

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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