Classic Lanes' bowlers' toss 10 700 series

Larry Mason

Oct. 2, 2007 - To say it was a great week at Classic Lanes would be a gross understatement, as they say. This was the most productive week our bowlers have produced thus far in the season. Center bowlers shot 10 700 series, and 54 600 series, raising the season totals for each category to 37 700s, and 231 600s. It appears that we're destined to have yet another record-setting year.� � �

Tarry Davison topped all of our bowlers this week firing the center's second highest series of the season, a 783 Thursday, while his brother-in-law, Harold McClure (Mr. Sergeant, sir), rolled two 700s, a 764 on Thursday and a 720 on Sunday. Not to be outdone, David Gholson shot two 700s of his own, one a 730 on Tuesday, and the other a 713 on Thursday. Jason Keller collected a 770 series on Sunday, while Mike Gilliland recorded a 747 Thursday. David Vansickle and Jesse Haggerty posted 700s on Sunday also, David shooting a 739 Sunday, Jesse Haggerty a 726. Wes Campbell rounded out the week's 700 series list with a 721 posted on Tuesday. Allan Hague came very close to getting the center's 11th 700 of the week, but fell six pins short with a 694.

Our ladies were active as well, with Debbie Miller and Kathy Vansickle registering identical 605s, followed by Becky Bowden's 600 even.

Tarry Davison shot the season's best series back in Week 1 one of Sunday's competition, tossing a 799, one pin shy of an 800 series ring. Thursday night, Tarry collected the season's second best series, a 783, missing his 800 ring by 17 pins this time, bringing his 700 series total for the season to six, the most produced by any of our bowlers. This week's series consisted of games of 258, 267 and 258. Davison shot a 651 on Sunday with games of 215, 203 and 233. Davison averaged 239 for the week. Tarry is one of three bowlers sitting atop the high game list with perfect games.

Davison now carries the second highest average on the high average board, a 244 from Sunday, after leading in average for six weeks. He was bumped out of first place by Jason Keller's 256 average, set on Sunday night. Tarry's Thursday's series, however, enabled him to take over first place in average in the Men's League, with a 227. And, we must point out that Jason has only bowled once on Sunday, meaning his is an average based on just three games bowled, while Tarry's average is based on 21 games. One might recall that Tarry and Jason fought it out for high average last season, with Tarry winning by a fraction of a point.

Speaking of Jason Keller, he shot his first 700 series of the fall on Sunday night, a 770, consisting of games of 246, 258 and 266. This series, and it's resulting 256 average, enabled Jason to wrest first place from Tarry Davison on the high average board. On the high series chart, Jason's is the second name present, but his 770 series is third overall, given that Tarry Davison has a 799 for first place and a 783 for second. Looking to the high game list, one finds Keller sitting in 11th place, tied with Neldon Smith and Nick Painter at 266.

Harold, Sir, Mr. Sergeant, (he makes us call him that) McClure tossed the week's second highest series, a 764 on Thursday, and the week's ninth highest series on Sunday, a 720. The 764 consisted of games 290, 245 and 229, the 720, 247, 226 and 247. Harold is averaging 237 on Sunday, and 220 Thursday. He ranks third on the high average board. This week's award-winning 290 game (he gets a plaque from the USBC for 11 strikes in a row) moved Harold to second place on the high game list. Harold's name appears third on the high series chart with this week's 764. McClure has hit 700 five times this season, one less than brother-in-law, Davison.� � � � � � � �

Mike Gilliland made it official this week. He is going to start bowling at the level befitting his talents. He proved that on Thursday night when he shot his first 700 series of the season, a 747, preceded by a 685 on Tuesday. In the former, Gilliland shot games of 278, 235 and 234; in the latter, Mike tossed games of 175, 231 and 279. He has moved to ninth place on the high average board with a 214, is the third name on the high series chart with his 747, and is fourth on the high game list at 279.

David Vansickle, the electric guy, came through with the week's third highest series, a 739 shot on Sunday. David tossed games of 237, 213 and 289 to collect his second 700 of the season. Vansickle accounted for his best series and highest game of the season this week, moving to seventh place on the high average chart with his 739, and to third place on the high game list with his 289. David is averaging 221 on Sunday, which places him fifth on the high average board.

David Gholson shot two 700s this week, one on Tuesday, a 730, the other a 713 shot on Thursday. They are his first and second 700s of the season. In the first, Gholson rolled games of 246, 268 and 216; in the second, games of 249, 231 and 233. David is now averaging 204 on Tuesday and 203 on Thursday. He ranks 17th on the high average board, ninth on the high series chart and ninth on the high game list.

Jesse Haggerty has been spending a great deal of time over in Louisiana, working on homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina. He installs carpet and such. He hasn't been bowling very much. He made up for lost time on Sunday, however. Jesse shot a very impressive 726 series, his first 700 of the season, with games of 212, 235 and 279. Jesse raised his average to a 199, 22nd on the high average board, while his series shoved him into 10th place on the high series chart. Haggerty's 279 in Game 3 moved him to fourth place on the high game list, where he joins Mike Gilliland, Darreyl Dixon, David Soeder, Mike Fletcher and Ace Wiginton. Jesse says he won't be going back to Louisiana. That news makes us very happy.

Wes Campbell shot his second 700 series this season, his best, a 721, on Tuesday night. Campbell shot games of 217, 267 and 237. Wes now ranks 13th on the high series chart, is tied for ninth on the high average board, and is tied for 10th on the high game list with a 267.

Allan Hague came within six pins of getting his fourth 700 series, this one on Sunday night. Allan shot 246, 225 and 223. Tuesday, Allan shot a 658, and on Thursday, a 628. Hague ranks fifth on the high average board, is fourth on the high series chart with a 762, and is tied with four others for ninth place on the high game list with a 268.� �

Three ladies shot 600s this week, Debbie Miller, Kathy Vansickle and Becky Bowden. Miller and Vansickle registered identical 605s, while Becky hit 600, even. Becky ranks first on the ladies' high average board with a 198, Kathy second with a 191 and Debbie sixth with a 179. Looking at the ladies' high series chart, Kathy is first with a 682, Becky second with a 637 and Debbie fifth with this week's 605. Scanning the ladies' high game list one finds Kathy in first with a 247, Debbie second with a 246 and Becky third with a 244.

Jim Galloway shot a 659 on Tuesday, firing games of 177, 256 and 226. He was averaging 178 at the time, but finished the night with a 219. Jim's series was 125 pins over his average. Chief Galloway is a retired Navy veteran.

We had a lot of good series this go round, 54, but we're out of space, so we won't have any “Others who bowled well this week includes” paragraph. Sorry. � � �

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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