McClure, Davison, Pullen and Soeder fire 700s

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Sept. 25, 2007 - Harold McClure, Tarry Davison, Greg Pullen and David Soeder accounted for the four 700 series shot at Classic Lanes this week, which brings the center's total to 27 for the current fall season. McClure came within a whisker of busting 700 twice this week, but ended Thursday's action with a 697. Ace Wiginton was close as well, shooting a 690 on Sunday night. Betty Russell led the ladies, shooting a 626 series on Tuesday, while Deana Hale claimed second place with a 618 series on Monday.

If one looks at the weekly statistics sheets hanging on the wall at Classic Lanes, scanning to see where Sir Mr. Sergeant (he makes us call him that) Harold McClure ranks on each, one will find that Harold ranks second on the high average board with a 236, 14 pins behind teammate and brother-in-law Tarry Davison and his 250, an average that puts Davison ahead of all of the center's bowlers.

Looking further, one will find Harold sitting in third place on the high series chart with a 757, the series Harold shot this week. It places him seven pins off the pace set by second place holder Allen Hague's 762 from Tuesday, and 14 pins behind brother-in-law Davison's league leading 799 from Sunday. Still, third place isn't all that bad here, either. In our one remaining category, that of high game, Harold ranks second with a very nice 280. But, Harold still finds himself trailing teammate and brother-in-law, Tarry, and Michaels Carter and Burnett, all of whom have rolled perfect 300 games already this season. And, once again, being second to all of those perfect games isn't all that bad.

This week's 757 consisted of games of 255, 224 and 278, while his 697 from Thursday was comprised of games of 227, 247 and 223. For the week, Harold averaged 242, best in the house. No second place finish here. Now, what's that phrase about bridegrooms and brides, and always being one and not the other, or something like that? No doubt, Harold knows the feeling, at least at this point in the bowling season. But, one area where Harold isn't second best, is in his day-to-day job as a local law enforcement officer, where he does battle with the bad guys, keeping you and yours safe from harm. Thanks, Harold.

Second place this week goes to none other than Tarry Davison, the guy related to Harold. Mr. D. registered his center-leading fifth 700 series of the young season on Sunday, shooting a 728 made up of games of 225, 225 and 278. His closest competitors in this category, Allen Hague and, yes, Harold McClure, have posted three each. A quick review of Harold's paragraph above will show that Tarry has the highest average in the center, 250, the highest series, 799, and is tied for the highest game, 300. He works in the communication field, so he says - making deals one just can't refuse. We refer to him, affectionately, as the “hit man.” And he's a very good bowler.

On Thursday, Tarry shot a 662 series, which, when combined with Sunday's effort, gave him a week's average of 231. His 662 consisted of games of 201, 258 and 203.

Greg Pullen captured his second 700 series of the season on Sunday, firing a 711 made up of games of 223, 219 and 269. A glance at our various lists shows that Greg ranks fifth on the high average board with a 221 from Sunday, is in eighth place on the high series chart with a 723, and holds seventh place on the high game list with a 269, a distinction he shares with Roy Schutz and Cliff Whitney. Greg squeaked out a 600 even on Thursday night, giving him a 218 average for the week.� �

The center's final 700 series of the week came through the efforts of one David Soeder, who fashioned a 705 on Tuesday night when he rolled games of 265, 215 and 225. On the charts, David holds ninth place on the high average board, tied with Bobby Brown and Russ Nuss with a 212, is in seventh place on the high series chart with a 724, and is third on the high game list with a 279, where he joins Darreyl Dixon, Mike Fletcher, Ace Wiginton, and Mike Gilliland. David is an accountant working for L3, and is a former member of the U.S. Navy. The latter distinction makes him a good guy.

Ace Wiginton claimed the week's fifth best series, a 690 on Sunday, by shooting games of 279, 205 and 206. A chart check shows that Ace ranks 21st on the high average chart with a 197, is 17th on the high series chart with this week's 690, and holds the No. 3 position on the high game list with a 279, where he joins four others. Ace bowled three times this week, Sunday, where he posted his 690, Tuesday, where he scratched out a 603 and Thursday, where he hit a 602. He averaged 210 for the week. Ace manages Classic Lanes, and is retired from the USMC. He served two tours in the jungles of Viet Nam where the opposition shot bullets and such, rather than bowling balls. � �

Betty Russell has been a steady performer as long as one can remember. Like Kathy Vansickle, Betty can be relied on to shoot in the 170s, and, on many occasions, will shoot lights out. Betty shot lights out on Tuesday. Ms. Russell finished the night with a 626 series, her best of the current season, shooting games of 227, 193 and 206. For the evening, Betty's series was 104 pins over her average, 522. Her performance bumped her Tuesday's average up seven pins to a 181, fourth best on the ladies' high average board. Hers is the highest average for the ladies bowling on Tuesday. Russell's 626 ranks third on the ladies' high series chart, and this week's 227 in Game 1 moved her to fourth place on the ladies' high game list. When she isn't bowling, Betty is owner and operator of Thee Beauty Shop here in Sulphur Springs.

Deana Hale wasn't far off Betty's pace when she bowled on Monday night, shooting just eight pins below Russell, booking a 618 series. Deana shot games of 196, 200 and 222. Deana started play Monday with a 180 average, but finished the evening with a new and improved average of 185. Ms. Hale ranks third on the ladies' high average board, is fourth on the ladies' high series chart and claims fifth place on the ladies' high game list with a 226. Deana is an employee of Alliance Bank here in Sulphur Springs.

Linda Brazil is another of our Monday night bowling crowd. She routinely shoots in the 140s, 142 to be exact, and can be counted on to register around a 425 series on any given night. This past Monday, however, Ms. Brazil outdid herself, posting a565, 139 pins above her series norm. Linda shot games of 214, 201 and 150, all three exceeding her single game average. Linda averaged 188 on Monday.

Dorothy Harrison began Monday's action with a 155 average, which expands to a normal series of 465. But, for those who know this lady, 465 is not where she should be, and isn't where she will finish the year. Take Monday's play for example. Dorothy shot a 167 in Game 1, a 236 in Game 2 and a 182 in Game 3 to close the evening with a 585 series, and a single night's average of 195. Dorothy finished 120 pins over her series average, which was instrumental in her team's sweeping the opposition.

Others who bowled well this week include: Mike Gilliland (685 Tuesday/646 Thursday), Russ Nuss (681), Terry Kozeluh (679), Joe Kirkpatrick (677 Thursday/609 Sunday), David Vansickle (674), Darreyl Dixon (673), Michael Carter (671), Vincent Smith (661), David Strain (659 Thursday/626 Sunday), Turk Morgan (658), Mike Fletcher (654), Michael Burnett (650), Allan Hague (647 Sunday/600 Tuesday), Neldon Smith (641 Tuesday/639 Thursday), and Larry Stovall (641). � � � � � � � � �

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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