Mike Fletcher tops Classic Lanes' bowlers with 746 series

Larry Mason

Sept. 18, 2007 - Mike Fletcher's was the highest of seven 700 series shot at Classic Lanes this week, a 746. Roy Schutz (739), Tarry Davison (735), David Vansickle (721), Darreyl Dixon (715) and Terry Kozeluh (712) joined Fletcher with 700s, while Turk Morgan came within a stick of joining the 700 club, shooting a 699. Kathy Vansickle led the ladies with a very impressive 682 series.

Mike Fletcher, one of our Greenville-based bowlers and a commercial painter by trade, shot his second 700 series of the new season on Thursday night, registering a 746 with games of 210, 279 and 257. The series is the highest rolled in the Men's Commercial league so far this fall, and is third best on the high series chart, which covers all four of the center's leagues. This week's series bumped Mike's average up to a 225, a 17-pin improvement over last week, which moved him five places to the No. 5 spot on the high average board. This week's 279 second game is his highest of the season. It moved him to third place on the high game list, where he shares honors with David Soeder and Darreyl Dixon. Fletcher, who doesn't bowl in the summer and lost a bit of his game as a result, now seems to be finding the range. Expect more from Mike as the long season progresses.

Another of our Greenville contingent, Roy Schutz, owner of Roy's Furniture Barn, tossed the week's second-highest series, a 739. Roy rolled games of 269, 247 and 225 in collecting his first 700 of the season. The series moved Roy to fifth place on the high series chart, where he joins Lowe's employee, Steve Edwards. The series allowed Roy to climb 10 positions on the high average board, into a four-way tie for eighth place. Roy's first game, the 269, is his best of the season. It moved Roy to seventh place on the high game list.

Tarry Davison fired his fourth 700 series of the season, the most produced by any bowler at Classic Lanes this season, a season only five weeks old. Tarry continues to carry the best average at the center, a 252 from our Sunday Mixed league; he still sits atop the high series chart with his 799 from Week 1 of competition, and is one of three individuals who have rolled a perfect game at this point in the season. The others are Michael Burnett and Michael Carter. Burnett owns two. On Thursday night, Tarry bagged a 656 series. � � � � � � � �

David Vansickle is a lineman for Oncore Energy. He's the guy who fights the elements to restore your electric power. On occasion, he provides electricity on the lanes, too. He did just that on Sunday. Mr. Vansickle rolled games of 224, 250 and 247 to book his first 700 series of the fall league, a 721. David moved to ninth place on the high series chart, as result of his performance. The series raised David's Sunday's average to a 212, 11th on the high average board, where he joins David Strain. His 250 second game jumped him to 18th on the high game list. One has to wonder just how good this guy would be if he took his game seriously.

The week's fifth-highest series, a 715, came from Darreyl Dixon on Sunday. Darreyl put together games of 213, 247 and 255, allowing him to capture his first 700 series of the new season. Dixon took over the 12th spot on the high series chart. He raised his average to a 227 on Sunday, and carries a 210 on Thursday. His Sunday's average holds third place on the high average board, where he is tied with Allan Hague and Alan Roberts. Darreyl is tied with David Soeder and Mike Fletcher on the high game list for third place with a 279.

Terry Kozeluh is one of those individuals who can just murder the opposition when his game is on. That was the case on Sunday night. Koz shot games of 243, 225 and 244 to finish the evening with a 712 series, his first 700 of the season, 142 pins over his series average. Terry bowls with the aforementioned David Vansickle, who was 142 pins over his series average, as well. The two were largely responsible for their team taking three of four games from their opponents. Kozeluh's highest game this season is a 247, which ranks 21st on the high game list, where he joins middle school student Colby Pullen and lady type bowler, Kathy Vansickle. Terry is now averaging 202, and holds 20th place on the high average board.

Harold (sir, mister sergeant) McClure shot his second 700 of the season on Sunday night, a 704 made up of games of 244, 214 and 246. Mr. McClure is averaging 230 on Sunday and 204 on Thursday. He ranks second on the high average board, behind teammate Tarry Davison. Harold's best series this season is a 741, which lets Harold claim fourth place on the high series chart, and his best game, a 280, ranks second on the high game list.

Turk Morgan is one of the center's senior bowlers, but one can't tell it when watching the man bowl. He is averaging 213 on Thursday, 10th best in the house, which ties him with relative youngsters, Shawn Ashby and Vincent Smith, and his best game is a 275, shot just this week. This week's series, a 699 tossed on Thursday, was made up of games of 235 and 189, in addition to his 275. It moves him to 15th place on the high game list, where he joins another youngster, Michael Carter.

A couple of weeks back, Kathy Vansickle, wife of David, shot her first 600 series in some time. She enjoyed doing it so much that she decided to do it again this week, but in a much bigger way. This time around, on Monday night, Kathy rolled a whopping 682 series, with games of 247, 245 and 190. No one knows for certain, but it is believed that this is her highest series, ever. Kathy's series was 133 pins over her series average, which had a great deal to do with her squad sweeping the opposition. Kathy is now in first place on the ladies' high series chart, first on the ladies' high game list with this week's 247, and is second on the ladies' high average chart with a 194. Not too bad for a girl - or a boy, for that matter.

Others who bowled well this week include: Jason Parmer (688 Thursday/652 Sunday), Joe Kirkpatrick (687), Jason Keller (682), Lynn Mills (678), Michael Carter (673), Allan Hague (669 Sunday/647 Tuesday/629 Thursday), Bobby Brown (665 Thursday/646 Sunday/636 Tuesday), Nick Painter (662), David Strain (659 Sunday/632 Thursday), Russ Nuss (659), David Gholson (650), Jeff Wright (643), Bruce Michaelson and Nevil Solomon (642), Neldon Smith (639), Greg Pullen (636 Thursday/633 Sunday), Wes Campbell (633 Sunday/608 Tuesday), Cody Anglin (633), Jerry A. Thompson, Mike Gilliland and Colby Pullen (631), Vincent Smith (626), Ace Wiginton (623), Craig McBrayer (621), Larry Siegert (615), Steve Edwards (611), Rodney Miller (603) and Jackie Brooks (600).

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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