Michael Burnett shoots two 300s, Carter adds another at Classic Lanes

Larry Mason

Sept. 4, 2007 - Classic Lanes bowlers produced one 700 series, and one perfect game in the first week of fall league competition. This week, five of the center's bowlers tossed six 700s. Tarry Davison, Harold McClure, Greg Pullen and Michael Burnett rolled one each, and Allan Hague rolled two. Two bowlers, Burnett and Carter, tossed three perfect games. Burnett accounted for two of the perfect games 300s, while Carter, son of center owners Debbie and Paul, shot the third. The fall/winter bowling season has started with a bang.

The highest 700 of the week came from none other than Tarry Davison, who shot a 753 on Sunday. Harold McClure was right behind Davison with a 741, shot on Sunday, while Burnett and Pullen shared honors for third place with identical 723s. Allan Hague finished the week in fourth and fifth place, posting a 715 on Sunday for fourth place and an even 700 on Thursday for fifth place.

As for the ladies, Kathy Vansickle claimed the week's best series, a 622, followed by Shannon Hague's 597, Debbie Miller's 588 and Becky Bowden's 586. � � � � �

Last week I stated that if anyone wanted to take over first place on the high average board, he or she would have to shoot at a 267 clip. I also said that if anyone wanted to climb to the top of the high game list, he or she would have to shoot a perfect score, and, even doing that, he or she would only be tied with Davison. I also stated that, to get to be first on the high series chart, one would have to roll an 800 or better.

Well, as of Thursday night, Davison is still first on the high average board with a 258, and is still first on the high series chart with his 799 from a week ago. But Tarry is no longer first on the high game list, however, having been unseated by on Michael Burnett. How'd that happen, you ask. Very easily, he just shot two perfect games this week.

Burnett's first 300 came on Sunday evening, Aug. 26. Burnett stepped onto the lanes, and promptly tossed 12 pocket-crushing strikes to collect his first perfect game in league competition. His final two games, a 168 and a 191, gave him a 659 series for the evening. His series wasn't all that great, given the 300, but one can anticipate a let-down after a great performance like his in that first game. Still, he wasn't done for the week.

On Thursday, the first night of the Men's Commercial League, Michael promptly tossed another 12 strikes, for yet another perfect score, his second in a period of four days. And, this time around, while there was that inevitable let-down that follows a great score, it wasn't as drastic as that which occurred on Sunday. This time around, Michael shot a 212 in Game 2, followed by a 211 in Game 3, giving him a 723 series for the night, and a 241 average for the evening. Michael averaged 230 for the week.

Mr. Burnett now sits in third place on the high average board with a 241, is atop the high game list by virtue of his two perfect scores, and is third on the high series chart with his 723. And, to think, he just returned to bowling last year.

When a bowler shoots a 700 series, it usually follows that he or she will see an increase in average. That isn't always the case, however. Consider this example. Tarry Davison shot a 700 series this week, a 753 comprised of games of 247, 279 and 227, and, in spite of his effort, saw his Sunday's average drop from 266 to 258 a plunge of eight pins. He is, however, still the center's top shooter with a 258 average. And he is still atop the high series chart with his 799 from last week, and is one of only two bowlers who have rolled a 700s in each of the past two weeks. In light of Burnett's shooting two 300s, Davison dropped to second place on the high game list, tying Carter with one perfect game each. Tarry could only muster a 631 series on Thursday night.

Sir Mr. Sergeant Harold McClure (he makes us call him that) took the summer off from bowling, and the rest seemed to be beneficial. On Sunday, Harold, who bowls with Davison, shot a 741 series with games of 280, 238 and 223. McClure's series landed him in second place on the high series chart. Harold is also second on the high average board with a 247 and is third on the high game list with his 280.

Speaking of Michael Carter, while he didn't shoot a 700 series when he shot his 300, he came oh so close, finishing Tuesday's competition with a 699. Michael's first game of the night was his 300, and his second a 212. But, by the time Game 3 rolled around, Carter was “fried,” and could only fashion a 187. Michael is carrying a 218 average, tying him with Jason Parmer for sixth place on the high average board, and, as stated earlier, is tied with Davison for second place on the high game list. He ranks sixth on the high series chart with this week's 699.

Greg Pullen shot a 723 on Sunday, tying him with Burnett for the third best series shot during the week. Greg fired games of 252, 233 and 238. He finds himself in seventh place on the high average board with a 216, where he is tied with Danny Burns, while this week's 723 ties him with Michael Burnett for third place on the high series chart. Greg's best game, this week's 252, places him 11th on the high game list.

Allan Hague, ever the good sport he, attempted to pay a hefty stipend if we would just ignore Michael Burnett's performance this week, thereby keeping his name out of this column. While it was a tempting offer, when one shoots not just one, but two, perfect games, as well as their first 700 of the season, one deserves some recognition. We had to refuse Allan's offer. Burnett was willing to substantially raise the stakes with a hefty counter offer, were we to ignore Hague's performance for the week. It's a good thing these two guys like one another. They've been friends for years.� � � �

At any rate, Allan did do something that no one else did this week - he shot two 700 series. Allan shot a 715 on Sunday with games of 266, 267 and 182, followed by a 700 even on Thursday, when he shot games of 236, 223 and 241. Allan's 715 series ranks fifth on the high series chart, and his best game, this week's 267, places him fifth on the high game list. Hague is averaging 233 on Thursday, 224 on Sunday and 220 on Tuesday, and ranks fourth on the high average board. Allan posted a 686 series on Tuesday night. Hague averaged 233 for the week.� �

Kathy Vansickle finally broke out of her mold of shooting 525 series, with steady games in the 170s, by shooting games of 236, 217 and 169 to finish the Monday night with a 622 series, and the week's top honors for the ladies. Kathy now holds second place on the ladies' high average board, where she joins Deana Hale at 188, is first on the ladies' high series chart with this week's 622, and is second on the ladies' high game list with this week's 236. On the ladies' nicest bowler list, Kathy ranks first. No one will ever challenge this point. Kathy is a fun person to bowl with, or against. She makes ones trip to the center a pleasurable evening.

Shannon Hague chipped in the ladies' second best series, a 597 on Sunday. She shot games of 185, 202 and 210. Shannon ranks third on the ladies' high game list with a 220, is third on the ladies' high average board with a 188, tying her with Vansickle and Hale, and is second on the high series chart with her 597.

Others who bowled well this week include: Alan Roberts (689), Lynn Mills (686), Cliff Whitney (678 Tuesday/613 Thursday), Roy Schutz (672), Darreyl Dixon (664), Jason Parmer (657), Danny Burns (649), Nathan Crist, Wes Campbell and Mark Smith (644), Nick Painter and Vincent Smith (642), Jerry C. Thompson (641), Shawn Ashby (640), Richard Allen and Jason Keller (638), Chris Brooks (634), Davis Strain (622 Sunday/619 Thursday), and Justin Parmer (620).

Larry Mason writes a column on the weekly bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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