Carter, Brooks and Gilliland capture 700s at Classic Lanes

Larry Mason

Oct. 23, 2007 - Three Classic Lanes bowlers found the 700 range this week. Michael Carter was top dog, posting a 760 series. Chris Brooks finished second with a 710, while Mike Gilliland came in third with a 707. Becky Bowden was tops for the ladies for the week, shooting a 641 on Sunday.

This was the position round for two leagues, Sunday and Tuesday Mixed. Riff Raff won Tuesday's roll-off, while the Whistle Blowers claimed Sunday's. The wins put both teams in the championship round in May.

A few weeks ago, Michael Carter shot a perfect game, a 300, but didn't break the 700 barrier, having to settle for a 699. This past Tuesday, Michael didn't roll a perfect game, but he did collect his first 700 series of the season, a 760, consisting of games of 267, 247 and 246. The series boosted Carter's average to a 216, tops for the men in the Tuesday Mixed league, and sixth on the center's high average board. Mike moved up 14 places on the high series chart, taking over the No. 5 position. Carter is one of the three men who have tossed perfect games this season. Michael Burnett has tossed two of those, while Tarry Davison has accounted for the other. Carter's 700 is one of 44 produced by Classic Lanes' bowlers to this point in the season.

Michael's series, coupled with teammate Cliff Whitney's 623, enabled their team, the Riff Raff, to win Tuesday's first quarterly roll-off by 141 pins, guaranteeing them a place in the end of season championship roll-off.� � �

Chris Brooks, that guy from Greenville, came through again, posting his third 700 series, this one a 710 consisting of games of 248, 241 and 221. Brooks is now averaging 213, which is good enough to place him in a tie with Vincent Smith for eighth place on the center's high average board. Brook's best series to date is a 746, which holds the seventh slot on the high series chart, where he joins another Greenville bowler, Mike Fletcher. Chris's best game of the season is a 278, which places him in a three-way tie for seventh place on the high game list.

On Tuesday evening, Mike Gilliland shot a 616 series, just nine pins under his Tuesday's average. That night, Mike and I had a brief discussion about the merits of the 640 new bowling pins installed at the center just a few weeks ago. The conclusion was that the new pins are less forgiving, meaning they don't give many freebies. In short, one gets what one hits.

Mike must have taken our discussion on Tuesday to heart, because, on Thursday, he shot his second 700 of the season, a 707 made up of games of 229, 257 and 225. Mike's first 700 of the season was a 747. It continues to hold sixth place on the high series chart. Gilliland is now averaging 211 on Thursday, and 208 on Tuesday. His Thursday's average places him 10th on the high average board. Gilliland's best game of the current season is a 279, a score he has shot twice already. His 279 ranks sixth on the high game list, where he joins seven other bowlers.

Becky Bowden tossed a 641 series on Sunday to claim the ladies' highest series of the week, shooting games of 258, 201 and 182. At the time, Bowden was going up against the Whistle Blowers in the league's first quarter roll-off. However, Becky's series wasn't enough to counter Tarry Davison's 660 and Alan Roberts' 651. Becky is averaging 200 on Sundays, best of the center's ladies, and 19th on the center's combined men and ladies high average board. She also leads the ladies in the high game category with a 258. Becky's best series in the current season is a 664, second on the ladies' high series chart, 18 pins behind Kathy Vansickle's chart-leading 682.

Danny Burns is a disgruntled postal worker who comes to us from Greenville. He's a guy who just likes to bowl, and doesn't get overly emotional about his game. But, that isn't to say that he isn't a good bowler, because he is. Evidence this past Thursday. Danny shot the week's fifth best series, a 680, firing games of 236, 207 and 237. He started the night averaging 193, but when the night was over, Danny was averaging 197, 22nd on the high average board, where he joins four others. This week's series is Danny's best of the season; it ranks 28th on the high series chart. On our nice guy chart, Danny is in first place, where he joins a whole lot of other folks.

Bobby Brown is a young man who came to us via our Wednesday family night, and then our high school bowling program. He, like Danny Burns, is a very good bowler. This week, Bobby rolled in two of our leagues, Sunday and Thursday. In the former, he shot a 655, in the latter, a 659. He shot games of 222, 189 and 244 on Sunday, and 257, 200 and 202 on Thursday. He averaged 219 for the week. Bobby is averaging 212 on Tuesday and 201 on Sunday. His best series is a 665, his best game a 257, a score he has shot twice this season. Look for more from Bobby as the season progresses. � �

Sharon Callahan shot her best set of the season on Sunday night, shooting a 500 even, consisting of games of 189, 159 and 152. At the time, Sharon was averaging 138, making her series norm a 414. Ms. Callahan was 86 pins over her series average for the night, and all three of her games exceeded her single game average.

Mindy Morris bowls with us on Mondays. She averages 111. However, this past Monday, Mindy registered a 415 series, giving her a 138 average for the night. She rolled games of 144, 145 and 126, all three well above her single game average. Mindy finished the evening 82 pins over her series average.

Barbara Ochoa bowls on Tuesday nights, where she carries a 103 average and normally shoots a series in the low 300s. This past Tuesday, however, she rolled games of 109, 151 and 145 to finish the evening with a 405 series, 96 pins over her series norm. All of her individual games were higher than her single game average. Her average on this past Tuesday was 135.

Others who bowled well this week include: David Strain (687), Steve Edwards (676), Charles Harred (670), Jason Keller (668), Tarry Davison (660 Sunday/639 Thursday), David Gholson (660 Tuesday/624 Thursday), Greg Pullen (658 Thursday/657 Sunday), Darreyl Dixon (655 Thursday/ 654 /Sunday), Harold McClure (655), Mike Fletcher (654), Alan Roberts (651), Cliff Whitney (649 Thursday/623 Tuesday), Lynn Mills and Vincent Smith (648), Neldon Smith (645 Thursday/629 Tuesday), Jeff Wright (640), Keith Ethridge (637), Mark Smith (635), Nevil Solomon (634), Buddy McClendon (631), Roy Schutz (625), Wes Campbell (621), Justin Parmer (618), Doug Brann (614), Jerry A. Thompson (611), Allan Hague and Colby Pullen (608), Michael Burnett (606), Bruce Michaelson (602) and Russ Nuss (601).

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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