Harold McClure and Ace Wiginton bag Classic Lanes 700s

Larry Mason

Oct. 16, 2007 -Mr. Sergeant Sir (he makes us call him that) Harold McClure and Classic Lanes' manager Ace Wiginton produced the only 700 series shot at the center this week. Both men rolled 703s. McClure shot his 703 on Sunday, Wiginton his on Tuesday.

Joe Kirkpatrick didn't shoot a 700 series, but he did collect the week's only honor score, a 299 game. Deana Hale booked the ladies' highest series on Monday night, shooting a 652.

Harold McClure registered his sixth 700 series of the season posting games of 268, 222 and 213. Harold has now tied his brother-in-law, Tarry Davison, for the most 700s shot so far this season. Harold's best effort thus far into the season is a 764, third best on the high series chart. McClure's series raised his Sunday's average to a 232, which is good enough to place him third on the high average board. On Thursdays, Harold is averaging 215. Mr. M's highest game of the season is a 290 honor game, which holds third place on the high game list.

We didn't talk very much about this game when it happened, and this is why. Back in the days of the now defunct American Bowling Congress, or ABC, bowlers were awarded wall plaques for throwing 11 strikes in a row, which is what one must do to get to a 290 game. Under the new guidelines of the USBC, successor to the ABC, we're not sure if this award is given any longer. We'll look it up in the book, and get back to you on this one. At any rate, we still count it as an honor score here at the center. Regardless what the USBC says or does, it was a great effort all the same, and deserves some kind of recognition. Nice shooting, Mr. Sir Sergeant McClure. Incidentally, Harold shot a 669 series on Thursday, posting games of 238, 227 and 204. He averaged 228 for the week.

Ace Wiginton will admit to being 66 years of age, but he's not about to admit that the aging process has had any adverse impact on his bowling abilities. He still rifles his bowling ball down the lane as fast as any of our young “whipper snappers” and he still outscores a large number of them. To make his point, Tuesday, Ace, who would have been a great role model for those “Grumpy Old Men” movies, shot games of 212, 246 and 245 to round up his first 700 series of the season.

Wiginton, who bowls in three leagues every week, averages 198 Thursday, 197 Tuesday, and 193 Sunday, ranks 21st on the high average board with his Thursday average. This week's series moved Ace to 17th place on the high series chart, while he continues to hold sixth place on the high game list, along with seven others, at 279.

As we said earlier, Joe Kirkpatrick didn't shoot a 700 series this week, but he did shoot a 670 series, which just happened to include a 299 honor game, a score that moved him to second place on the center's high game list. And, as was the case with Harold's 290 game, the USBC folks have seen fit to change the rules regarding 298 and 299 honor games. Under ABC guidelines, Joe would get a ring for his efforts. Under USBC provisions, he gets a plaque. Joe can still get a ring, but he has to pay for it.

Kirkpatrick is averaging 208 on Thursday and 205 on Sunday. He ranks 12th on the high average board, tied with David Gholson. While this week's effort wasn't Kirkpatrick's best of the season, that was a 687 shot earlier, it was still good enough to raise his average a couple of pins. Joe's 687 series ranks 21st on the high series chart.

Deana Hale started bowling in our youth bowling program a few years ago. She gave every indication that she was destined to be a very competitive bowler. She is. Deana averaged 184 coming into Monday night's competition. When the night was over, she had raised her average four pins to a 188, tying her with Kathy Vansickle for high average in the ladies' Monday night league. On the ladies' all-inclusive high average board, Deana now ranks second, tied with Vansickle, 10 pins behind board leader, Becky Bowden.

Monday night, Deana shot games of 212, 194 and 246 to finish the evening with a 652 series, her best of the season. It moved Deana to third place on the ladies' high series chart. Her third game, that 246, is her best game of the young season. It places Deana third on the ladies' high game list, one pin behind Kathy's 247, and six pins behind board leader Becky Bowden's 252. Deana is an employee of Alliance Bank in Sulphur Springs.

Becky Dardin bowls twice a week, on Sunday and Monday. She averages 132 in the former and 137 in the latter. This past Monday night, Becky tossed games of 156, 194 and 156, finishing the night with a 506 series, 95 pins over her series average. All three of her individual games exceeded her single game average, as well. Becky had the highest series of the eight bowlers competing on her pair of lanes, and was instrumental in her team winning all four competition points available. Her 506 series is her best of the season.

Colby Pullen is still our youngest league bowler. He still attends SSMS. Colby started bowling with us when we were running our high school bowling program. At the time, he was in the fourth grade, if memory serves. After four years, this young man has developed into a very good bowler, who, when he is on his game, can compete with anybody.

This week, for instance, Colby bowled twice, on Sunday and again on Tuesday. Sunday night, Pullen rolled a 635 series with games of 173, 232 and 230, and then he shot a 619 on Tuesday night, with games of 213, 212 and 194. He averaged 209 for the week. On Tuesday, his was the best series from among the eight bowlers on his pair of lanes. The team won three of four competition points. On Sunday night, he was, again, the top bowler out of the eight competing, and his team took all four competition points. That's a good weeks work, by anyone's standards.

Penny Shelton bowls Mondays. She averages in the 140s, and can be counted on to deliver a series in the 420s, or so. This past Monday, Penny outdid herself, however, shooting 89 pins over her series average by tossing games of 163, 186 and 169, garnering a 518 series for the evening. The series is Penny's highest of the current season.

When Rodney Miller isn't bowling, he's running his business, R.J. Hauling. When he is bowling, and he feels like competing, he can hurt anybody. Thursday night, Rodney went head-to-head with Sir Sergeant McClure, losing by a mere 14 pins, 669 to 655. For Rodney, it was his best outing of the season. He shot his highest series of the season, and was 101 pins over his series average. Miller tossed games of 211, 227 and 218, and was a large part of the reason his team took three points from Harold's team, Watkins. Miller averages 188, and has a high game of 234.

Others who bowled well this week included: Alan Roberts (685), Neldon Smith (683 Tuesday/636 Thursday), Cliff Whitney (681 Tuesday/650 Thursday), Tarry Davison (681 Sunday/615 Thursday), Jeff Wright (679), Jason Keller (672), Matt Arnold (668), David Gholson (664), Chris Brooks (657), Larry Siegert (646), Larry Stovall and David Strain (642), and Darreyl Dixon (640).� �

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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