Chris Brooks and Greg Pullen shoot 700s at Classic Lanes

Larry Mason

Oct. 9, 2007 - Last week, Classic Lanes' bowlers recorded 10 700 series and 54 600s. This week, the centers' bowlers booked just two 700s and 30 600s. Last week's bowling conditions and the conditions for this week were the same - with one exception - new bowling pins. The center replaced 32 sets of older pins with 32 sets of new pins. It appears that the change did make a difference.

This week's best performances came from Chris Brooks and Greg Pullen. Chris and Greg shot their series on Sunday, Chris hitting a 746 and Greg a 712. Again on Sunday, Becky Bowden shot the ladies' best series of the week, a 664. The new bowling pins were used for the first time, on Sunday. Go figure.

Chris Brooks is Classic Lanes' version of the prodigal son. He drops in for a season, goes away for a season or two, and then he returns. We are always pleased when he does come back, because he adds spice to the competition. That's what he did this week.

Chris comes to us via Greenville. As we already said, he was away for some time until his return this season. In his first few weeks of competition, he was shooting right at 200 for an average, had a high series in the upper 600s, and a high game in the 250 range. Then he made a slight move, shooting his first 700 series, a 705, raising his average to a 204, and moved his high game to the 260s. That performance was more like the performances we had come to expect from Mr. Brooks. Things were looking up.

On Sunday, Sept. 30, Chris shot a 746 series, his second 700 of the season, tossing games of 267, 278 and 201. In one evening, he shot his best series, his best game, the 278, and raised his average another four pins, to a 208. Chris moved into a three-way tie with Joe Kirkpatrick and Charles Harred for 13th place on the high average board, climbed to sixth place on the high series chart, joining fellow Greenville guy, Mike Fletcher, and jumped to sixth place on the high game list, where he is tied with Nevil Solomon and Jason Parmer.

Other than for his obvious bowling talent, we also like to see Chris return, because he invariably drags Jackie Brooks with him, and we like to see Jackie return just as much as we do Chris. And this season, Chris prettied up his team with Taylor Robertson. Having had the chance to watch this young lady bowl, we believe it's a safe bet that she will be in the thick of things by season's end. Welcome back, folks.

Sunday night, Greg Pullen collected his third 700 series in the past seven weeks, shooting a 712, made up of games of 258, 235 and 219. Mr. P. holds the No. 12 slot on the high series chart, where he is tied with Michael Burnett, ranks fifth, along with David Vansickle, on the high average board with a 219, and is in a four-way tie for ninth place on the high game list with a 269. Greg shot a 659 series on Thursday, shooting games of 235, 224 and 200.

Like Mr. Brooks, we like to see Greg grace our center with his presence, as well. First we like to see him because he's a very competitive bowler, and second, we like to see him because he just fun to be around. We also like the fact that he brings his son Colby, our youngest bowler, to bowl, and we think that's rather neat. By the way, Colby average 180 on Sunday and 178 on Thursday, has a high series of 631 and a high game of 247. Like father, like son.

Speaking of Colby, he shot a 604 series on Sunday, with games of 242, 187 and 175. He finished the night 64 pins over his series average, and a one night's average of 201. He was bowling with his dad, the guy who shot 712.

On Sunday, Becky Bowden finally shot a series more in line with what her real average should be, based on past performances, registering a 664, her best series of the season, so far. Becky rolled games of 200, 212 and 252. On the ladies' high average board, Becky ranks first, on the ladies' high game list, Becky ranks first, on the ladies' high series chart, Becky ranks second to Kathy Vansickle's 682 series.

We like to see Becky at the center first, because she is a very good competitor, but we also like the fact that she brings along her on contingent of bowlers, daughter Angela and son-in-law, Richard. Like the Pullens, hers is a family affair, as well.

Three ladies outdid themselves this week. Kathy Kirkpatrick hit for a 441 series, 99 pins over her average, Rosita Silvestri rolled a 321 series, and 90 pins over her average, and Von Gutierrez booked a 440 series, 86 pins over her average.

Ms. Kirkpatrick has been averaging 114 on Mondays this season, but last Monday, she averaged 147, shooting games of 172, 128 and 141, all three games well above average.

Rosita Silvestri bowls with husband Victor in our Sunday Mixed league. She averages 77 pins a game, normally. However, Sunday, the 30th, she averaged 107, shooting games of 113, 92 and 116, registering a 321 series. And, as was the case with Kathy, all of Rosita's games were well above her average.

Von Gutierrez has been bowling with us a couple of seasons now. Her average usually hovers around the 118 mark. However, on Sunday, Ms. Gutierriez shot a 440 series, 86 pins over her series norm, tossing games of 140, 153 and 147. Again, all three of her games were well in excess of her single game average, 118.

Others who bowled well this week included: David Strain (677), Charles Harred (673), Jeff Wright (669 Thursday/606 Sunday), Nathan Crist (666), Cliff Whitney (664 Tuesday/624 Thursday), Russ Nuss (662), David Gholson (655 Tuesday/637 Sunday/621 Thursday), Nick Painter (643), Roy Schutz (642), Tarry Davison (639 Thursday/619 Thursday), Joe Kirkpatrick (639), David Gholson (637 Sunday/621 Thursday), Larry Siegert (637), Bruce Michaelson (631), Jason Parmer (629), Mike Fletcher (628), Harold McClure (626), Keith Ethridge (623), James Allen, (619), Michael Burnett (618), David Vansickle (615), Mike Gilliland (612), Neldon Smith (609), Michael Carter and Ace Wiginton (607), Mark Smith and Rodney Miller (603), Richard Allen (601) and Mike Miller (600).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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