Dixon, Burnett and Pullen book 700 series at Classic Lanes

Larry Mason

Nov. 20, 2007 - Darreyl Dixon tossed the week's best 700 series at Classic Lanes, a 764, a series he produced on Thursday night in the Men's Commercial league. Second place honors for the week went to Michael Burnett, who registered a 755 series, also on Thursday, while Greg Pullen finished third for the week with a 706 series, shot on Sunday evening. Becky Bowden led the ladies with a 606 series from Sunday's mixed league.

Darreyl Dixon moved into a two-way tie with Harold McClure on the high series chart by virtue of this week's 764 effort. The series is Darreyl's third 700 of the season; he has had several near misses in the 690s. Darreyl's series bumped his average up two sticks to a 215, which moved him into sixth place on the high average board. Dixon's games were an almost perfect 288 in Game 1, followed by a 252 in Game 2, and a 224 in Game 3.

With a little bit of luck, and 36 more pins, Darreyl would have had the center's first 800 honor series of the season. In fact, it would have been the first 800 series shot at the center in quite some time. Classic Lanes' bowlers have recorded 13 800 series in a little over 50 years, and Dixon is one of the eight individuals who have contributed to that total.

Michael Burnett's bowling seems to run the gamut from hot one night, to cold the next. For example, on Sunday night Michael shot a 572 series, which is not all that bad, but it's a far cry from the 755 he booked on Thursday night. On Sunday, Michael's best game was a 197, two pins above his average. On Thursday, his best game was a 278. At any rate, Michael put his best slide foot forward Thursday night, and wound up producing his best series of the season, shooting scores of 244 in Game 1, and 233 in Game 2 to go along with his 278 in Game 3. Michael's 755 jumped him up to the No. six slot on the high series chart, and raised his average a full five pins to a 191. He carries a 195 on Sundays, which ranks 21st on the high average board, where he is tied with Matt Arnold, Nick Painter and Nevil Solomon.

Mr. Burnett sits alone atop the high game list, sorta kinda. It really depends upon how one wants to compute the list's standings. Mr. B., along with Tarry Davison and Michael Carter, has booked a perfect game this season. This means that our trio of bowlers is tied for first place on the list, right? Don't be too hasty to say yes, because Mr. Burnett doesn't just have one 300 game to his credit this season - he has two. So, by quantity, he's more in first place than Davison and Carter, right? You can figure it out, and give me a call.

Greg Pullen provided us with our third 700 series of the week, and ran his total to four for the season in the process. Greg shot games of 215, 257 and 234 to finish Sunday's action with a 706. Presently, Greg's highest series stands at a 723, which places him 15th on the high series chart. He averages 209 on Sundays and 205 on Thursdays. Sunday's average puts him in 10th place on the high average board, where he joins Wes Campbell, David Gholson and David Vansickle. Mr. Pullen's best game of the current season is a 269, which holds 11th place on the high game list, tying him with Roy Schutz, Duane Anspon and James Allen.

Chris Brooks came within two pins of hitting 700, which, had he done it, would have given him four for the season. Chris shot games of 214, 250 and 234 to finish Thursday's play with a 698. As it stands now, Chris is in eighth place on the high series chart, tied with another of our Greenville bowlers, Mike Fletcher, with a 746. Brooks is averaging 211 on Sundays, which allows him to lay claim to eighth place on the high average board, where he joins Michael Carter and Mike Gilliland. And, for good measure, Chris is in either seventh or eighth place on the high game list, depending upon whether Michael Burnett is in first place by himself, or is tied with Davison and Carter with those 300s. Mr. B. has a 278, which ties him with Nevil Solomon.

Becky Bowden led the ladies once again, making it something like five out of the last six week. This time around, Bowden shot games of 208, 206 and 192, finishing Sunday's competition with a 606. Becky holds first place on the ladies' high average board with her 201, is second to Kathy Vansickle's 682 on the ladies' high series chart with a 664, and is second on the ladies' high game list with a 258, 19 pins behind new list leader, Barbara Siegert and her 277.

Blake Brumit is one of our newer bowlers, having joined the Men's Commercial league about four weeks ago. When this past Thursday's play began, Blake was averaging 144, which expands to a 432 for a normal series. But, this week, Mr. Brumit finished the evening with a whopping 591 series, and a single night's average of 197. Blake was 159 pins over his series average, shooting games of 178, 212 and 201. I'm certain there are some USBC and Dallas Men's Bowling Association awards coming to Mr. Brumit in here, somewhere.

Amber Burnett is tied in with Michael Burnett in some form or fashion - like maybe being his wife. On Sunday, Amber shot a 524 series, 95 pins over her series norm. and averaged 174 for the evening. Ms. Burnett shot games of 181, 171 and 172 off of a 143 average. � � �

Taylor Robertson bowls with Chris Brooks on Sundays. In an earlier column, I mentioned that this lady might become one of our top women bowlers, based on how she was handling her game the night I saw her play. Well, this past Sunday, Taylor, who was averaging 158 when play began, shot a 556 series with games of 176, 166 and 214. She finished the night 92 pins over her series average, and averaged 185. She may just prove me right.

Colby Pullen, our SSMS league bowler, shot yet another 600 series this week, booking a 618 on Sunday. Colby, who is averaging 188, shot games of 245, 171, and 202. Colby's best series is a 635, and his best game a 247. He bowls with his dad, Greg, on Sundays.

Scott Tubb averages 182 on Thursdays. Mr. Tubb is not one of our more serious bowlers. He is a very capable bowler, but most of us at the center think Scott really wanted to be a stand-up comic in his past life. I don't know if he told any jokes this week, but he did bowl pretty well. On Thursday, Mr. Tubb shot a 686 series made up of games of 226, 236 and 224. This week's series is Scott's best of the season, and his 236 second game is his best game of the season. When he isn't telling jokes or trying to bowl, he runs Scott Tubb Construction.

Others who bowled well this week include: Allan Hague (676), David Gholson (671 Tuesday/620 Sunday), Keith Ethridge (671), Jason Parmer (668 Thursday/623 Tuesday), Soeder (667), Mike Gilliland (665 Thursday/642 Tuesday), Harold McClure (662), Tarry Davison (655 Sunday/654 Thursday), David Strain (654), James Allen (649), Scott Ogle (643), Mike Fletcher (642), David Vansickle (641), Larry Siegert and Duane Anspon (630), Joe Kirkpatrick (622), Turk Morgan (621), Jackie Brooks and Rick Pearce (615), Matt Arnold and Neldon Smith (613), Vincent Smith (610), Terry Kozeluh and Red Skelton (606), Justin Parmer (604), Ace Wiginton and Jason Keller (603), and Steve Edwards and Cliff Whitney (602). � � �

Larry Mason writes about the weekly bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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