Wes Campbell and Tarry Davison shoot 700s at Classic Lanes

Larry Mason

Nov. 13, 2007 - Two Classic Lanes bowlers managed to hit 700s this week, Wes Campbell and Tarry Davison. Campbell posted the week's highest series, a 735, while Tarry Davison shot his center-leading seventh 700, this one a 731. Bruce Michaelson came as close as one can to 700, but ended the week with a 699. Becky Bowden recorded the ladies' highest series, a 607.

Over the course of the week, Classic Lanes' bowlers registered 30 600 series, to go along with our two 700s. Twenty of those 600s occurred on Thursday.

Wes Campbell is one of our senior bowlers, but he doesn't let his age keep him from bowling. In fact, he bowls in three of our four leagues, and would probably bowl in our fourth, the ladies Monday night league, but the ladies won't let him. In the three leagues in which he does get to bowl, he averages 200 or better. In the Sunday mixed league, Wes carries a 209, in the Tuesday mixed league, a 208 and in the Thursday men's league, a 204. His 209 holds ninth place on the high average board, where he is tied with David Vansickle, Vincent Smith and Chris Brooks.

This week's 735, shot on Tuesday, is Wes' third, and best, 700 series. He claims the same position on the high series chart as he does on the high average board, ninth. His games this week were a 217 in Game 1, a 228 in Game 2, followed by his first honor score of the season, a 290, in Game 3. That last game, the 290, moved him into a tie with Harold McClure for third place on the high game list. Wes finished Tuesday's action 123 pins over his series average.

Tarry Davison started the season with a bang, shooting 700s almost at will. Then, after the center replaced its aging set of ABC/WIBC approved bowling pins with new USBC sanctioned pins, Tarry went into a slump. The 700s were harder to come by, and his averages on Thursday and Sunday fell off a tad. But, one can't keep Mr. D. down for very long, and on Sunday, Nov. 4, he found yet another 700 series, a 731, posting games of 237, 226 and 268, bringing his season's total to seven, one better than brother-in-law Harold McClure. Tarry raised his Sunday's average to a 231, leaving him one pin behind Jason Keller's center-leading average of 232 on Sunday. Tarry is tied with Greenville's Mike Fletcher for high average on Thursday, where both men are averaging 217. Tarry is one of those three men who have carded perfect games this season. The other two are Michael Burnett (with two) and Michael Carter.

Bruce Michaelson has yet to shoot a 700 this season, but it isn't because he isn't trying. Thursday night this retired Air Force veteran from Greenville, shot games of 256, 232 and 211, to complete the night's competition with a 699 series. Thursday's series raised his average to a 205, which bumped him to 13th place on the high average board, where he joins Keith Ethridge and David Soeder. This week's series, Bruce's best this fall, ties him with Turk Morgan and Joe Kirkpatrick for 21st on the high series chart. Michaelson's highest game is a 256, 18th best on the high game list, where he is in a four-way tie.

Becky Bowden led our lady bowlers this week, for the fourth time in five weeks, by shooting a 607 series comprised of games of 186, 215 and 206. For Becky, this wasn't an earth shaking experience, but it was the best series fashioned by a lady. Becky leads the ladies in average with a 201, in high game with a 258, and is second on the ladies' high series chart with a 664, 18 pins behind chart leader Kathy Vansickle and her career-high series, 682. Becky's closest competition on the ladies' high average board is Kathy Vansickle with a 185, and her closest rival on the high game list is Chebna McClure with her 256.

Travis Sutton has been bowling with us for several years now. Travis, who is right-handed, first came to our attention because he had a terrible tendency to “loft” the ball, and throw off of his right foot, rather than his left. One night, Travis and I worked a deal. If he would change his approach so that he would finish on his left foot, and stop lofting the ball, I would give him one of my “real” bowling balls. In one practice session, he learned to throw off of his left foot, and reduced his lofting of the ball. He improved his game, and I was out one bowling ball. It was worth it.

On Thursday night, Travis shot his best series of the season, a 649. Sutton shot games of 179, 235 and 235 in the process. He finished the night 151 pins over his series average, and he was largely responsible for his team's winning four points from their opposition. Sutton's best game to date is a 252, and he is averaging 166.A little practice goes a long way.

Amber Burnett bowls with us on Sundays. She is by far the better half of the Burnett duo, Michael being the other half. Anyway, on Sunday, Ms. Burnett tossed games of 162, 152 and 213 to finish the evening with a 527 series, and a one night's average of 175. All three games exceeded her single game average of 140. Her series norm, at that time, was a 420. Her 527 series was 107 pins over her series average.

Little Joe Bell started Tuesday's mixed league play carrying a 147 average, and a series norm of 441. When the dust settled on Tuesday, Joe had shot a 535 series, 94 pins over his series average, and had averaged 178 for the evening. Joe shot games of 162, 200 and 173, all three above his single game average. His performance played a large part in the “Bells” taking three points from their opponents.

At this point in the season, 31 people have produced 51 averages of 200 or better at Classic Lanes. An additional 18 individuals are averaging in the 190s. Our bowlers have booked 470 600 series, 49 700s and seven honor scores, including four perfect games - and there are still 27 weeks to go before the season is complete.

Others who bowled well this week include: Darreyl Dixon (689), Jason Keller (685 Sunday/665 Thursday), Bobby Brown (684 Sunday/614 Thursday), Turk Morgan and Mike Fletcher (675), Jason Parmer (672 Sunday/621 Thursday), James Allen (666 Thursday/628 Sunday), David Gholson (658), David Strain (657 Thursday/629 Sunday), Ace Wiginton (657), Cliff Whitney (640), Nathan Crist and Craig McBrayer (633), Neldon Smith (621 Tuesday/616 Thursday), Steve Edwards (618 Thursday/605 Tuesday), David Vansickle (620), Victor Silvestri and Buddy McClendon (609), Joe Kirkpatrick (606) and Lynn Mills (605).

Now, in closing, let's change our sports discussion, and talk a little football. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this year's talented squad of Wildcats work their way through a tough slate of pre-season and district games. I have spent several Saturdays nursing a raspy and hoarse voice as the result of Friday's game. I, like the rest of you, was very pleased with the result of the Texas High game. That was some contest. I was particularly pleased with the support given the Cats by the local population at that game. Finally, I want to thank the young men and their coaches for giving this old man something to brag about when confronted by other old men from the surrounding area - especially those from the cities vanquished by the Cats. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Good luck in your post-season play.� � � � � �

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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