Fall/winter season ends at Classic Lanes

Larry Mason

May 29, 2007 - After 36 weeks of bowling, the long fall/winter season of keggling has ended. It was an interesting 36 weeks. Four leagues crowned their champions, Sunday Mixed, Monday Ladies, Tuesday Mixed and Thursday Men's Commercial. Sunday crowned its champions twice, technically, on consecutive Sundays following a protest of a rule interpretation in the first Sunday's match. To the best of my knowledge, this was the first time this rule was implemented. I call it the “mulligan” rule for bowling.

When the dust settled for the Sunday Mixed league on May 20, the “mulligan” match, the same team that had won the championship the week before, on the 13th, had won again - the Lucky 4 - Carla and Darreyl Dixon, David Strain and Joe Kirkpatrick.

The Monday Ladies League championship went to the team representing Alliance Bank, Deana Hale, Erma Whitney, Julita Richardson and Debbie Carter.

Tuesday's mixed league championship went to the team of Ray Howser, Donna and David Soeder and Wes Campbell - Lightning Strikes. � � � � � � �

The Thursday Men's Commercial league championship became the property of the King Pins, Mike Fletcher, David Strain, Keith Ethridge, Mark Smith and Jason Keller following their win in the league's four team roll-off.

As for individual performances throughout the 36 weeks of league play, we begin with our high average bowler's board. Sitting atop the board is Tarry Davison, who carried the high average in both the Sunday and Thursday leagues. Davison finished Sunday's league toting a 224.17 average and finished Thursday's with a 223.65.

Rounding out the top ten were: Jason Keller, 222; Darreyl Dixon and Tyren Williams 220; Bruce Michaelson 219; Becky Bowden 217; D.J. Kast 216; David Gholson and Michael Carter 209; Harold McClure and Ray Howser 208; Mike Gilliland, Neldon Smith, Allan Hague and Mike Fletcher 207; and Wes Campbell and David Strain 206. Another 15 individuals finished with averages at or above 200.

For the ladies, Becky Bowden held the top averages in three leagues, Tuesday, Monday and Sunday, with a 217, 209 and 207, respectively. Her closest competitor was Barbara Siegert at 191, followed by Kathy Vansickle, Debbie Carter and Deana Hale at 180. Amy Sharp finished fourth with a 178, Amanda Green fifth with a 176, Julita Richardson sixth at 175, Debbie Miller seventh at 171, Dorothy Harrison, Shannon Hague and Betty Russell eighth with 167, Maggie Sherrow, Ralphie Harrod and Pat Chaddick ninth with 164s and Brigette Painter, Angela Allen and Tina Phillips 10th at 162. � � � �

On the high series chart, Darreyl Dixon took the season's honors for shooting the highest series, a very impressive 793, 36 weeks ago. Darreyl finished the year with 12 700 series and three more series in 690s. Jason Keller finished second to Dixon, rolling a 791 series, to go along with another six 700s, and two 690s. Third place belonged to Mike Fletcher, who shot a 790, to go along with 700, even.

Tarry Davison, whose high series was a 783, claimed fourth place on the high series chart. Tarry's 783 was followed by another 23 700s and five 690s. Tarry was our most prolific producer of 700s, accounting for 15 percent of the 700s shot at Classic Lanes this season.

Rounding out the top 10 on the high series chart were Greg Pullen 781, fifth; Harold McClure 774, sixth; Darrell Green 772, seventh; David Gholson 771, eighth; Becky Bowden 762, ninth; and Wes Campbell, 760, 10th.

Following Davison and Dixon in most 700s shot this season we find Harold McClure, who shot 11 700s, to go along with two 690s, followed by David Gholson's 10 700s and one 690, Jason Keller and Becky Bowden's seven 700s and two 690s; Greg Pullen's seven 700s and one 690; and Bruce Michaelson's seven 700s.� �

For the ladies, the highest series rolled was a 762, tossed by Becky Bowden. Finishing second to Becky on the ladies' high series chart was Brigette Painter, who posted a 679. The remainder of the ladies top 10 high series producers were Debbie Carter 671; Angela Allen 668; Amanda Green 667; Amy Sharp 665; Debbie Miller 649; Joy Kozeluh 628; Julita Richardson 624; and Betty Russell 621.

On the high game list, six people shot perfect 300 honor scores this season, Tarry Davison, Jason Keller, Charles Harred, Becky Bowden, Darrell Green and Joe Kirkpatrick. Davison actually shot two 300s to lead the list, while Jason Keller shot a 300 and a 299. Charles Harred shot his first 300 ever this season, to go along with a 290 honor game shot earlier in the season.

In second place on the high game list were D.J. Kast and Larry Siegert with 299 honor games, while our third-place holders, Darreyl Dixon and Ken Sharp, registered 298 honor games.

Fourth place on our high game list went to Mike Fletcher who booked a 296 honor game, while Nathan Crist rounded out our honor score list with a 290.

Four people, who shot 289s, were within a single pin of winning an honor game award, Greg Pullen, David Gholson, Jason Parmer and Wes Campbell. Pullen shot 289 a remarkable three times.

Ten bowlers needed one more mark, either a spare or strike, to reach the honor game award level, Harold McClure, Ace Wiginton, Cliff Whitney, Bo Duncan, Vincent Smith, Michael Burnett, Neldon Smith, Mark Smith, David Vansickle and David Strain. McClure shot 279 twice.

Ten additional bowlers rolled games between 278 and 275. Craig McBrayer, Roy Schutz, Mike Kopecky and Turk Morgan each shot 278s. McBrayer did it twice. Mike Gilliland, Alan Roberts Wayne Womack and Larry Stovall each shot 277s. Mike Gilliland did it twice. Joe Callahan and Dewayne Roach each shot 276, while Bruce Michaelson fired a 275.

For the ladies, Becky Bowden sits atop the high game list with a perfect 300, her first at Classic Lanes. Debbie Carter claimed second place with a 269, followed by Angela Allen, Becky's daughter, at 267, third; Amy Sharp at 265, fourth; Kathy Vansickle, Barbara Siegert and Ralphie Harrod at 256, fifth; Debbie Miller at 252, sixth; Amanda Green at 249, sevebtg; Shannon Hague at 248, eighth; Julita Richardson at 244, ninth; and Joy Kozeluh at 237, 10th.

It proved to be an interesting year, with a significant number of personal achievements.

In closing, the management and staff of Classic Lanes would like to mark the passing of Jim Mason, who bowled at the center for decades, rolling in the Men's Commercial League every Thursday, before the drive from Dallas to Sulphur Springs became too long, and too hard. Jim was one of our elder statesmen, bowling well into his 80s before he had to limit his bowling activities to centers closer to home, in the Dallas area. Those of us left behind will sorely miss Mr. Mason, but Jim is probably enjoying some of the greatest bowling he's ever done - on his newest team. We wish him fair winds, and following seas.� � � �

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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