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Pony League

Cornhuskers 7, Sox 6

May 26, 2007 - The Cornhuskers' Chris Sorley scored the game-winning run on a wild pitch in the bottom half of the fifth inning.

Teammate Colt Midgley led the team at the plate with two hits, while Kyle Mathes, Tanner Stonaker, Jarod Morgan and Jackson Massey reached safely.

For the Sox, Joey Hegseth had a home run, while Jared Riley and Justin Johnson recorded two hits. Jose Martinez, Tanner Gomez and Dakota Maynard each had a hit.

Outstanding defensive plays went to Sorley in deep right field while teammate Midgley picked off a Sox baserunner. For the Sox, Martinez had a jumping catch at short, while Joey Hegseth caught a deep fly ball.

Nationals 6, Cats 3

Both team recorded two hits as the starting pitchers combined for 22 strikeouts in the game.

Canyon Cockrum had a triple and Paco Castro recorded the other hit for the Nationals.

The Cats had hits from Dylan Owsley and Tyler Halermural. Owsley pitched a complete game two-hitter, striking out 11 and walking four batters.

Nationals 5, Canes 4

The Nationals scored all five of their runs in the bottom of the fourth inning as Jeff Hendricks scored the game-winning run on an error by the shortstop.

Hendricks recorded two hits for the Nationals while Paco Castro had two singles.

For the Canes, Seth Roberts had a triple, Justin Sewell had a double and Zack Carpenter had a single.

Laine Anderson threw out Zack Carpenter and was credited with an outstanding defensive play for the Nationals. For the Canes, Seth Roberts threw out Paco Castro at the plate.

Cats 14, Sox 10

The Cats picked up their first win of the season as Chad Evans had a grand slam and two double with six RBI in the game. Teammates Dylan Owsley and Tyler Halmural had back-to-back home runs. Dillon Mitchell, Owsley and Shawn Willingham reached safely.

For the Sox, Jared Riley and Dakota Maynard had the only hits in the game.

Outstanding defensive plays went to Cats' Lynx Hawthorne, Evans and Brennen St. Clair. For the Sox, Tanner Gomez threw out Kolton Phillips trying to steal second.

Cornhuskers 12, Cats 11

Jackson Massey scored the game-winning run for the Cornhuskers as he stole home in the bottom of the fourth inning.

For the Cornhuskers, Joe Scott had a home run and a triple, Jarod Morgan had a double and a single, and Kyle Mathes, Tanner Stonaker and Jackson Massey hit safely.

For the Cats, Chad Evans had a double, Brennan St. Clair, Tyler Halermural, Traylon Clayton, Shawn Willingham and Kolton Phillips reached safely.

Outstanding defensive plays went to Cornhuskers' Joe Scott and Jarod Morgan. Chad Evans had an outstanding defensive play for the Cats.

Sox 4, Canes 2

The Sox won in come-from-behind fashion in the bottom of the fifth inning as Tanner Gilbreath hit an RBI single scoring Dakota Maynard.

Maynard had a double in the game for the Sox, while Gilbreath, Jared Riley and Colby Carter each had a single.

For the Canes, Seth Roberts had two hits, while Dallin Sant and Zack Carpenter had base hits.

The Sox' Jose Martinez came on in relief of starter Jared Riley and struck out 13 batters with no walks. He allowed only three hits in five innings.

For the Canes, Sean Hoffman picked off Justin Johnson trying to steal second. Tanner Gomez also caught a deep fly ball in centerfield.

Canes 8, Cats 5

The Canes scored eight runs on only two hits with five Cats miscues.

Dallin Sant had a double while Sean Hoffman had a single for the Canes.

Tyler Halermural had a home run for the Cats, while Dillon Mitchell and Brennen St. Claire had a single.

Sean Hoffman and Seth Roberts each had an outstanding defensive play for the Canes. For the Cats, Chad Evans was credited with solid defensive play.

Nationals 12, Cornhuskers 7

Two Nationals had three hits each in the game. Paco Castro had a triple, double and single while Canyon Cockrum had two doubles and a single.

Laine Anderson and Jeff Hendricks had two hits each, while Luke Smith, Blake Chester and Lucas Sapaugh had one hit.

For the Cornhuskers, Luke Penny had a triple, while Colt Midgley, Joe Scott and Kyle Mathes reached safely.

Outstanding defensive plays went to Laine Anderson for the Nationals, while Jarod Morgan and Colt Midgley had outstanding plays for the Cornhuskers.

Below are the regular season standings through May 21:

Nationals 5-1

Sox 3-2

Hurricanes 2-2

Cornhuskers 2-3

Cats 1-5


Express 17, Durham Bulls 2

Damon West hit three doubles, Conner Walls hit two singles and Xavier Cork had a single to lead the Express.

For the Durham Bulls, Grant Griffin, Aaron Lucas and John Hammons reached safely.

Muckdogs 12, Wildcats 11

The Muckdogs were paced by Austin Dodd and Kamren Harrison with two hits each and Bracken Sant with a double.

Kevin Whillock and Payton Hammons had two hits, while Aaron Spatero had a hit to pace the Wildcats.

Yankees 8, Detroit Tigers 7

The Yankees were led by Dawson Draper with a fly ball catch and a triple, Wyatt Reneau and Michael Goldsmith with two hits.

For the Tigers, Caemon Wilburn, Kole Johnson and Jace Dunlap each doubled.

Mudcats 15, Rockhounds 5

Conner Burgin led the Mudcats with a single, double and a home run, while teammates Jermond Amos and Mason Burgin had three hits.

For the Rockhounds, Will Sims had two hits, while Tucker Moman and Shad Dixon each singled.

Dodgers 21, Hurricanes 6

Dalton Darrow hit three singles and Bryer Parnell and Bradley Otwell had two singles to pace the Dodgers.

The Hurricanes were led by Dylan Wiggins with two hits, while Blake Talmage and Bryce Perez reached safely.

Pirates 9, Cowboys 1

Ryan Hammons and Bryce McQueen led the Pirates with two hits each and Jalik Cleveland had a double.

The Cowboys were led by Chase Berry, Colby Cameron and Carter Lewis with one hit each.

Mudcats 15, Hurricanes 3

Branson Thomas turned a triple play and had a three-hit night for the Mudcats. Colton Armstrong also had three hits, while Riley Hill had a single.

For the Hurricanes, Kaden Pace had a double and a home run, Hunter Goodson had a double and Chase Haney had a single.

Mudcats 9, Rangers 4

Jastin Johns had a double and a single, Bryson Vickery and Jonah Kirkpatrick each singled to pace the Mudcats.

The Rangers were led by Ethan Rogers with two singles, while Carson Bridges and Rhett Reid had a triple each.

Longhorns 15, Durham Bulls 4

Blaine Mitchell, Taylor Johnson and Ryan Folmar each had a pair of hits, including an extra-base hit, to lead the Longhorns.

The Durham Bulls were paced by Brendon Bush with two hits, while Tyrel Newman and Colton Price hit safely.

Muckdogs 16, Tigers 14

Cason Churchman had three hits, including an extra-base hit, Dillon Churchman had two singles and Jacob Pierce had a double to lead the Muckdogs.

The Tigers were paced by Ty Giles with two singles and a home run, Dawson Sears caught a fly ball and had a single, and Ty Connally had a single.

Express 21, Rockhounds 1

Jamal Cox caught two fly balls and pounded out two singles and a double, Brycen Gillespie had two doubles and a single, and Trevon Washington had a single for the Express.

For the Rockhounds, Phillip Rater had a triple and a single, and Ethan Ardut and Cameron Caufert each singled.

Dodgers 8, Detroit Tigers 5

Carter Monk had two triples and caught a fly ball, while Jace Thompson and Kaleb Mills had two singles to pace the Dodgers.

For the Detroit Tigers, Keaston Willis caught a fly ball and had two doubles, while Alex Medina had a single.

Mudcats 16, Cowboys 7

Bryson Vickery had two hits and Travis Pundt and Logan Schumacher each singled for the Mudcats.

The Cowboys were led by Weston Vasquez and Luke Nogrete with two hits and Nathan Keller with a single.

Durham Bulls 12, Hurricanes 11

John Hammons had three singles, Hunter Sonntag and Khaven Wilkins had two singles to lead the Durham Bulls.

For the Hurricanes, Hootie Magnuson had a double and a triple, while Mattison Drum and Nicholas Trammell each singled.

Tigers 14, Rangers 6

Mason Boyd, Trent Connally and Jadon Miles had two hits each as Boyd had a home run in the game for the Tigers.

Cameron Foster had two singles while Jody Taylor and Tucker Ewalt each singled for the Rangers.

Express 14, Yankees 7

Andy Eddins had four hits for the Express with two triples, a double and a single. Teammates Harrison Fite and Jaxon Chaney had two singles.

For the Yankees, Ethan Klein had two singles, and Michah Timmons and Coeby Purser each had a hit.

Rockhounds 19, Longhorns 18

Trayton Powell and Grayson McClure led the Rockhounds with three hits each, and William Krinning had two singles.

For the Longhorns, Zachery Burgin and David Helfferich had three hits. Helfferich had a double, triple and a home run.

Detroit Tigers 15, Wildcats 5

Damiyon Dugan had three hits for the Detroit Tigers with a single, double and a home run, Gabriel Flanders had two singles, and D'Corian Young caught a fly ball and had a single.

For the Wildcats, Xavier Hill and Jace Link had two hits, while Cooper Adams had a single.

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