McClure, Strain and Harred shoot last 700s of the season

Larry Mason

May 22, 2007 - In the last week of sanctioned league bowling for the 2006-07 season, three men came through with 700s. Harold (Mr. Sergeant) McClure led the pack with a 728, followed by David Strain's 726 and Charles Harred's 717. Harred not only shot 700, but also rolled his first ever perfect game, a 300. All three of this week's 700s occurred during the Thursday Men's Commercial League championship roll-off. Tarry Davison didn't shoot a 700 this go around, but he did fashion a 691 on Sunday, which was more than enough to maintain his hold on the men's high average for Sunday night at 224.

Harold McClure shot his 11th 700 series of the season Sunday night, shooting games of 236, 236 and 256. Mr. McClure, just recently purchased a new bowling ball and it took him a while to get used to it, but once he adjusted his game to his new ball, he went on a tear, shooting at least four 700s over the last three weeks. And, when one considers that Harold throws the ball with the wrong hand, his left, his performance is even more impressive. Just kidding, Harold.

McClure has been a very consistent bowler throughout the season, carrying a 208 average on Thursdays and a 207 on Sundays. His Thursday average ties him with Ray Howser for eighth place on the high average board. Harold's best series of this season is a 774, which gives Harold bragging rights to sixth place on the high series chart. Harold's best game of the season is a 279, a score he shot twice this season. The 279 ties him with nine other individuals for seventh place on the high game list.� � � � �

Like Harold, David Strain has been reviving his game lately. On Thursday, he continued reviving it, shooting a 726 series made up of games of 248, 276 and 202. For Strain, it was his fourth, and his best, 700 series of the season. The series moved him up to 22nd place on the high series chart, a move of nine positions from the preceding week's standings. Strain completed the Tuesday Mixed League with a 206 average, good enough to claim the No. 10 slot on the high average board, where he is tied with Wes Campbell. David carried a 198 average on Sunday, and a 195 on Thursday. His best game of the season is a 279. He's one of those 10 men tied for seventh place on the high game list.

Our final 700 series of the week belonged to Charles Harred, a 717. It was Harred's second 700 series of the season. His best, a 748, ranks 13th on the high series chart. But this week's 700 was really BIG, because in the process of shooting it, Charlie did something he has never done in his bowling career - shoot a perfect game. Charlie's Thursday games, in order, were a 233 in Game 1, the 300 in Game 2, and a 184 in Game 3. It was quite a shock to learn that Sir Charles had never rolled a 300 prior to Thursday's, simply because Charles has been a bowling force at Classic Lanes for a very long time. But, his time has finally arrived, and now he can take a deep breath, and wait the arrival of his 300 honor-game ring from the USBC folks.

Charles, in addition to shooting his 300, shot a 290 honor-game earlier in the season. To hit 290, one has to toss 11 consecutive strikes, for which one receives a plaque from the USBC. Charles moves into a six-way tie for first place on the high game list, joining Tarry Davison, Jason Keller, Becky Bowden, Darrell Green and Joe Kirkpatrick. Actually, Charles is one of three men who shot multiple honor scores this season, the others being Davison, who shot two perfect games, and Jason Keller, who shot a 300 and a 299.

Tarry Davison missed his 25th 700 series of the season by a mere nine pins, having to settle for his fifth series in the 690s, instead, this one a 691. Tarry rolled games of 255, 213 and 223 in the process. Tarry has ended the season with two league high averages - 224 on Sunday and 223 on Thursday - with his 224 being the best in the house for the season. He ranks first on the high game list with two perfect games, is fourth on the high series chart with a 783, and has the most 700s bowled by any bowler this season, 24. � � �

Carla Dixon didn't shoot the ladies' highest series this week, but she picked a darn good time to shoot her best series of the season, a 572, which was 128 pins over her series norm, and was very instrumental in her team's winning the Sunday night league championship roll-off - or at least it seemed so. Carla's team held the championship for about 24 hours.

Now, for those of you who think “mulligans” only occur in golf - you are wrong. Due to an obscure rule in the dark corners of the USBC rulebook, and a misinterpretation of said rule last Sunday, all of last Sunday's championship roll-off results went into limbo, and everything has to be done again.

What happened was as follows: the two teams who held first and second place going into the last night of Sunday's league action bowled each other. One team had to win four points, three games and total pins, to have any chance to qualify for the championship, while the other, Carla's, only had to tie one of the three games, or total pins. They didn't.

So, the two teams ended the quarter with identical won/loss records. Now, in previous years, the tiebreaker has always been that the win goes to the team with the most pin-fall. Not so fast, my bowling friend; enter the obscure rule which states that total pin-fall cannot be used as a tiebreaker when two teams are vying for a championship slot. The rule states that the teams must roll-off, shooting either one complete game, or one complete series. The choice is up to the teams. Our two teams have opted for the complete series format. They will bowl again this Sunday.

If Carla's team wins again, everything pertaining to the championship roll-off from last Sunday stays the same. If they lose, however, the three teams that bowled in last week's roll-off, and weren't a part of the rule issue, will have to bowl again, as well. And you thought football had a lot of rules. By the time you read this, it will all be over, but it was fun to write about, anyway.

Others who bowled well this week include: Turk Morgan (682), Joe Kirkpatrick (667 Sunday Roll-off/660 Sunday/606 Thursday), Vincent Smith (673), Keith Ethridge (672), Allan Hague (661), Nathan Crist (660), Darreyl Dixon (647 Sunday Roll-off/619 Sunday/609 Thursday), Jason Keller (645), D.J. Kast (640 Thursday/636 Sunday), Larry Stovall (639), David Vansickle (624), and Mike Fletcher (618). � �

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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