Tarry Davison shoots two of this week's six 700 series

Larry Mason

May 15, 2007 - Tarry Davison shot the most 700 series this week, two, and the highest, a 768, to lead all Classic Lanes' bowlers in the race to 700. His teammate, Mr. Sergeant Harold McClure, rolled the week's second highest 700, a 736, while Dewayne Roach, 729, David Strain, 709, and Allan Hague, 707, completed this week's list of 700 producers. Debbie Carter returned to form on Monday, shooting the ladies' highest series for the week, a 643, while Julita Richardson contributed a 600 of her own, a 600 even.

Davidson has been the most prolific producer of prestigious 700 series all season long. It was only fitting that he should complete the last week of formal league play by shooting his 23rd and 24th 700 series of the season, with his final one being the highest 700 series of the week.

On Sunday, in a league in which he carries the center's highest average at 224, Tarry tossed his 23rd 700 series, a 717 comprised of games of 206, 255 and 256. On Thursday, in a league in which he carries the center's second highest average at 223, Tarry rolled his 24th 700 series, the week's best, a 768 consisting of games of 210, 279, and 279. One more mark in Game 2 or 3. or both, and Tarry would have registered at least one more, possibly two more, honor games to his 2006/07 season's list, where he already has two perfect games.

So, as the season comes to a close, Davison can lay claim to the best averages in the house in the two leagues where he competes, 224 and 223, has the most 700 series thrown by any bowler, 24, and has the most perfect games, two. Tarry ranks fourth on the high series chart with a 783 to his credit. This young man is a bowler, by anyone's definition, and he's a darn good one, too.

I have picked on Harold McClure a great deal in this column this season, mainly because he deserves it. But, all kidding aside, even though he does bowl left-handed, he is another of our truly good bowlers. First, he is a very consistent bowler, carrying a 208 average on Thursday, and a 207 on Sunday. He bowls with brother-in-law Tarry Davison in both, so it's very likely they “draft” off of one another's performances. This week, Harold registered our second-highest 700 series, a 736 comprised of games of 248, 246 and 242. How's that for consistency? By the way, you might recall that Harold shot two 700s the week before last.

Mr. McClure ranks eighth on the high average board, where he is tied with Ray Howser with that 208. Harold ranks sixth on the high series chart with a 774, and he ranks seventh on the high game list with a 279, a score he shot twice during the season. He is tied with nine other bowlers, here. McClure has shot 10 700s this season, and has two 693s on the books.

Dewayne Roach came through with the week's third-highest series, a 729 from Thursday night. Dewayne shot games of 254, 255 and 220 in producing his sixth 700 series of the season. It was his second-highest series of the year. His best is a 731, which ranks 18th on the high series chart. Roach is averaging 204 on Thursday and 200 on Tuesday. His Thursday's average places him 12th on the high average board, where he joins Greg Pullen. Mr. R's best game of the season is a 276, which holds the 10th position on the high game list, and ties him with Joe Callahan.

David Strain completed this week's competition with a 709 series, his best series of the season. He shot it on Sunday night. Strain rolled games of 215, 256 and 238. The series moves him to 30th place on the high series chart, where he joins Michael Carter and Roy Schutz. David is averaging 206 on Tuesday, 198 on Sunday and 195 on Thursday. He ranks 10th on the high average board, where he joins Wes Campbell. Strain's best game is a 279, which ties him with those previously mention nine people, for 10th place on the high game list.

Allan, or Allen, Hague shot his third 700 of the season on Sunday evening, finishing the night with a 707 series made up of games of 195, 266 and 246. Hague's best series of the season, a season that didn't begin for him until the mid-point, around December, is a 719, which ranks 25th on the high series chart. Hague is averaging 207 on Thursday and 197 on Sunday. He is tied with Mike Gilliland, Neldon Smith and Mike Fletcher for the No. 9 spot on the high average board. Hague's best game of his season is a 267, which he has shot twice, ranks 14th on the high game list, where he is tied with Angela Allen and Tommy Fletcher.

For the ladies this week, the hot hand belonged to Debbie Carter. Debbie, who was on a roll in April, ran into a couple of bumps this month, but returned to form Monday night, shooting a 643 series with games of 196, 178 and 269. The 269 third game is Debbie's highest of the season. It moves her to 12th place on the high game list, where she joins John Lambert. Debbie's best series is a 671, which holds 46th place on the high series chart. Debbie is averaging 180.99 on Monday and 172 on Tuesday.

Julita Richardson has been steadily improving of late. She has raised her Tuesday average to a 175 and her Monday average to a 170. Her best series is a 624, a series she posted just one week ago. It still ranks 76th on the high series chart. Julita's highest game is a 244, which holds 34th place on the high game list and ties her with Brad Stone, Michael Conley and Don Kast.

Wes Campbell, Charles Harred and John Lambert came very near shooting what would have been our seventh, eighth and ninth 700s of the week, but each fell just a wee bit short of catching the golden ring. Wes had to settle for a 688 on Sunday, while Charles and John had to settle for 680 and 676, respectively, on Thursday.

Wes is carrying a 206 average in both the Sunday and Tuesday leagues, and ranks 10th on the high average board, while John has raised his average to a respectable 197 on Thursday, which holds 19th place on the high average board. Charles is averaging 191, which holds 24th place. Wes boasts a 760 high series for the season, placing him 10th on the high series chart, while Charles holds 13th place on the high series chart with a 748, and John claims 16th position with a 735. On the high game list, Charles holds fifth place with a 290 honor game, while Wes finds himself one pin shy of an honor score with a 289. By the way, Pullen has shot 289 three times this season. John's high game is 269. � � � � � � � �

Others who bowled well this week include: Darreyl Dixon (669), David Vansickle (661), Mike Gilliland (680), Jason Keller (658), Jeff Wright (652), Alan Roberts and Larry Stovall (642), Ace Wiginton (640 Sunday/616 Thursday), Duane Anspon (638), Mark Smith (635), Mikes Fetcher and Kopecky (626), Roy Schutz (624), Jason Parmer (623), Keith Ethridge (621), and Ray Howser (620).

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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