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Minor League

Athletics 12, Diamondbacks 1

May 12, 2007 - Three Athletics batters recorded hits as Ryder Caddell smacked a homerun and Tyler Armstrong and Jonathan Lopez recorded hits.

For the Diamondbacks, Jason Alexander and D'Idrec Dugan had a triple

Scrappers 7, Rangers 2

Bryan Van Reenen had a two-run homerun, while Ty Hale had a solo homerun and Cameron Jones had a triple for the Scrappers.

The Rangers were led by Stone Richardson and Jade McCoy.

Reds, Rangers

Four Rangers batters recorded hits as Tyler Follis, Kidmon Norfleet, Chasen Williams and Alex Motes led the way in their win over the Reds.

For the Reds, Garrett Green had a hit.

Mets 12, Diamondbacks 2

Brennan Seymore and Jace Kirkpatrick combined for six hits and six RBI to led the way for the Mets in their win.

For the Diamondbacks, Jacob Alexander had a homerun while Dante' Hall had a double.

Astros 11, Reds 9

Gideon Gregory recorded three hits, while Matthew Reynolds and Branson Ledbetter also had hits for the Astros.

For the Reds, Ruston Bult and Garrett Green had hits.

SS Wildcats 8, Rangers 4

Zane Haywood had an RBI double while Tristan McCormick recorded an RBI-triple for the Wildcats.

Colten Clark and Tristan Sickles paced the Rangers attack with hits.

Scrappers 8, Reds 1

Cameron Jones and Michael Arnold led the way for the Scrappers.

Grant Baker was the leading hitter for the Reds in the loss.

Red Sox 10, White Sox 7

Jaylon Hawkins paced the Red Sox attack with a three-run homerun, while Jackson Kinsey had a triple and Zander Brown recorded a hit.

For the White Sox, Hunter Stonaker recorded a hit.

Rangers 5, White Sox 4

Peyton Vickery had three hits for the Rangers, while Tyler Follis had an RBI triple.

For the White Sox, Zach Gore had three hits.

Rangers outfielder Tommy Helfferich had an outstanding defensive play in the game.

Mets 4, Reds 2

Brennan Seymore had two triples and Ryan Humphries had a homerun to lead the Mets in the win.

For the Reds, DeAnthony Moore and Taylor Arrington recorded hits.

Wildcats 8, Diamondbacks 2

Shaden Burton paced the Wildcats attack with a two-run double, while Trayvont Dial had an RBI double and Jabe Humphries and Max Humphries recorded hits.

Casyn Garcia had a double and a single for the Diamondbacks, while Juvarius Hamilton and Spencer Brewer recorded hits.

Scrappers, Diamondbacks

Michael Arnold had a two-run homerun, while Bryson Van Reenen had a homerun and Ty Hale had two hits for the Scrappers.

The Diamondbacks were led by Dante' Hall with an RBI-triple and Casyn Garcia with two hits.

Reds 7, White Sox 6

Two Reds each had three hits to pace the team. Garrett Green and Logan Sevier had the hits, while Ruston Bult had an RBI double.

For the White Sox, Wacey Warren had a two-run double, while Zach Goree had a RBI-triple and Michael Condo had two doubles.

Warren was credited with an outstanding defensive play.

Reds 6, Red Sox 3

Joshua Thompson had a two-run triple while teammate Easton Silman had an RBI double for the Reds.

The Red Sox were led by Mason Buck and Jake Farmer.

Rangers 6, Astros 5

Tyler Follis and Dusty Merrell each recorded a hit for the Rangers in the win.

Elmer Rodriguez had a two-run single and Cole Reneau had a hit for the Astros.

Wildcats 8, Athletics 0

Richard Green had two hits to pace the team. Green had a homerun and a double, while Tanner Nalls, Matt Pegues and Shaden Burton recorded hits.

For the Athletics, Heston Wilburn had a hit.

Rangers 5, Reds 0

Stone Richardson had a two-run triple for the Rangers, while teammate Tristan Sickles had a triple in the win.

For the Reds, Taylor Arrington had a hit.

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