Harold McClure accounts for two of this week's six 700s

Larry Mason

May 8, 2007 - Harold McClure put together two 700 series this week to lead all of Classic Lane's bowlers in the run to 700. Harold posted one on Sunday, a 727, and one on Thursday, a 728. McClure didn't record the highest 700 of the week, however; that honor went to Alan Roberts, who shot a 741 on Sunday. And, Harold didn't get to claim second place series honors, either; Darreyl Dixon took second place with a 735 series from Sunday. Dixon came close to getting two 700 series of his own this week, but fell two pins short on Thursday, having to settle for a 698.

Wes Campbell and Rick Pearce completed this week's list of 700 series producers, both coming on Tuesday. Campbell registered his series, a 710, during the Tuesday Mixed League championship roll-off, which is a very good time to shoot 700 if one is going to shoot a big series. It was instrumental in Wes' team winning the championship. Rick posted his 700 series Tuesday night as well, just prior to the championship round of competition. We believe this series is the very first 700 of Rick's bowling career.

Jason Parmer came very near posting his fourth 700 series of the season, but missed the mark by a mere seven sticks, having to settle for a 693 on Thursday.

Mike Gilliland rounded out the week's top performances, shooting a 691 Tuesday. Mike shot his series against Wes on Tuesday night during the championship roll-off, but it wasn't enough to overcome Wes' performance. Still, it was a game effort on Mike's part.

As for the ladies, Julita Richardson took the week's top honors, shooting a 624 on Monday, while Kathy Vansickle finished second with a 608 on Sunday. Joy Kozeluh registered the ladies' third highest series, a 605, also from Sunday.

Harold McClure - you may remember him by his other name, Mr. Sergeant - shot two very consistent 700 series this week, a 727 on Sunday when he shot games of 246, 216 and 265, and a 728 on Thursday when he fired games of 213, 279 and 236. The two 700s from this week raised Mr. McClure's 700 total to nine for the season. He also has two 693 series. Harold ranks sixth on the high series chart with a season high series of 774. He is averaging 207 in both the Sunday and Thursday leagues and ranks 12th on the high average board, where he is tied with four other bowlers. Harold's best game of the season is a 279, a score he has shot twice. Both games were one ball away from being honor scores. He ranks seventh on the high game list, where he is tied with 10 other bowlers.

Alan Roberts bowls with Harold on Sundays. This past Sunday, while Harold was busy shooting his 727, Alan was in the process of posting his third, and best, 700 series of the season, a 741, made up of games of 237, 257 and 247. Alan's series moved him to 14th place on the high series chart. Alan's best game of the season is a 277, which holds ninth place on the high game list, where he joins Mike Gilliland and Wayne Womack. Roberts is averaging 203 on Sunday, which ranks 16th on the high average board, and ties him with Dewayne Roach and Joe Kirkpatrick.

Darreyl Dixon came through with yet another of his patented 700s this week, this one on Sunday, booking a 735 made up of games of 268, 246 and 221. Darreyl came very near collecting a second on Thursday, but had to settle for a 698. Dixon tossed games of 245, 197 and 256. Had he done anything in Game 2, he would have recorded his 13th 700 of the season. As it is, he has 12 to go along with three series in the 690s. He does get bragging rights to having the season's highest series, a 793. Darreyl averaged 220 in the now completed Tuesday mixed league, and is carrying a 213 on Thursday, and a 212 on Sunday. His 220 from Tuesday places him fourth on the high average board. Darreyl ranks third on the high game list with a 298 honor game, an honor he shares with Ken Sharp.

Wes Campbell came though in the clutch Tuesday night shooting a 710 series, his third 700 of the season, that helped propel his team, Lightning Strikes, to the Tuesday mixed league championship. Campbell tossed games of 258, 246 and 206 in the process. Wes shot a 656 series on the last official night of the Tuesday league, just prior to his championship performance. His best series this season is a 760, which holds 10th place on the high series chart. He is averaging 206, which ranks 13th on the high average board, and has a high game of 279, seventh on the high game list.

Rick Pearce's is not a new name to this column, but we know this is his first time to appear because he shot a 700 series. Mr. P. shot games of 202, 248 and 254 on Tuesday night, to collect a 704 series, which everyone at the center believes is the first 700 of his bowling career. We know it is his first at Classic Lanes, at any rate. The series moved Rick from 57th place on the high series chart to the 34th position. Rick's best game of the season is a 264, which gives him claim to 17th place on the high game list. Rick was averaging 182 when play began on Tuesday night. His series boosted his average to a 184. For the evening, Pearce was 156 pins over his series average. � � � � � � � �

Recently, Jason Parmer must have found that “something” that was missing from his game for most of this season, and, speaking for the folks here at Classic Lanes, we are certainly glad to see his game coming back into shape. This week, Jason bowled three times, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. On Thursday, he shot a 693 series with games of 235, 246 and 212, just missing his what would have been his fourth 700 of the season by a mere seven pins. Jason shot a 644 on Tuesday and a 632 on Sunday. Jason has a tenuous hold on first place on the high average board, toting a 227 on Sunday, having displaced season long leader, Tarry Davison, at least temporarily. Jason's best game of the current season is a 289, which ranks sixth on the high game list, where he finds himself tied with Greg Pullen and David Gholson. Parmer's best series is a 730, which places him 19th on the high series chart.� � � � � � � �

Julita Richardson finally broke the 600 series barrier this week, shooting a 624 on Monday, with games of 203, 253 and 168. Julita was followed by Kathy Vansickle's 608 series made up of games of 214, 192 and 202, while Joy Kozeluh finished third on the ladies' high series list this week with a 605. Joy tossed game of 198, 194 and 213.

Others who bowled well this week include: Duane Anspon (672), Nathan Crist (666), D.J. Kast (658), Mike Kopecky (653), Jerry A. Thompson (650), David Gholson (648), David Strain (646 Tuesday/628 Thursday), Tarry Davison (643), Ray Howser and Mark Smith (639), Allan Hague (635), Billy Pickett (634), Jeff Wright (631), Michael Carter (630), David Soeder (628), John Lambert (625), Russ Nuss and Keith Ethridge (624), Cliff Whitney and Justin Haggerty (623), and Lynn Mills (620).

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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