Darreyl Dixon, and Allan Hague shoot 700s at Classic Lanes

Larry Mason

Mar. 27, 2007 - Darreyl Dixon took top bowler honors at Classic Lanes for the second consecutive week, shooting a 725 series on Thursday, while Allan Hague produced the center's second 700, a 719 on Sunday. Third-place honors went to Mike Gilliland and his 682. For the ladies, Deana Hale was the center's best shooter, registering a 554. There were 22 series falling between 600 and 681. This week's statistics are very similar to those of last week, which means, we had a rather ho-hum week on the lanes.

A few stories back, I mentioned that Darreyl Dixon is one of those individuals who are capable of shooting an honor score, or a 700 series, at will. Well, here we are 29 or so weeks into the season, and Darreyl has just now registered his seventh 700 series; but it was his second in as many weeks. Dixon shot games of 246, 253 and 226 to claim No. 7. Dixon still holds the highest series of the season, a 793, and is one of only six individuals who have produced seven 700s to date.� � � � �

Darreyl carries a 212 average on Thursday, a 209 on Sunday, and a 201 on Tuesday. He ranks sixth on our high average board.

Dixon is one of 11 individuals who has shot an honor game this season. His is a 298, which ranks third on the high game list. Darreyl shot a 617 series on Sunday.

Allan Hague only returned to bowling late into this season after a lengthy sabbatical. He is a “gentleman farmer” who has been spending his time doing “lazy gentlemanly” chores at the farm. He sits in his rocker on the front porch, sipping mint juleps all day long, and pets the dog. And you all know that's not true.

Actually, he's a Yantis dairyman, who spends his day working his tail off. Allan has worked so hard keeping his herd clean, that his cows are red and white, rather than black and white. Well, actually he doesn't work that hard or he wouldn't have found the time to bowl.

This week, Allan booked his first 700 series of the season, a 719, from Sunday night. Allan rolled games of 267, 248 and 204. The series moved him to 22nd place on the high series chart, and his 267 game moved him to 14th place on the high game list, up 12 places from one week ago. Mr. Hague is averaging 194 in both the Sunday and Thursday leagues, ranking 20th on the high average board. On Thursday, Allan shot games of 248, 198 and 214 finishing the night with a 660, the week's fourth-highest series. Second and fourth place - not a bad week's work, Allan.

Mike Gilliland shot the third-highest series for the second consecutive week, this one a 682. Mike shot three very consistent games of 223, 227 and 232. Gilliland is averaging 206 on Tuesday and 202 on Thursdays. He is tied for ninth place on the high average board. Gilliland ranks ninth on the high game list with a 277, a score he has shot twice this season.

Deana Hale, an employee of Alliance Bank, and Maggie Sherrow, owner of “Gifts for Pets and People” here in Sulphur Springs, tied for the ladies best series this week, shooting identical 554s. Deana shot games of 157, 231 and 166 to claim her series on Monday night, while Maggie shot games of 192, 153 and 209 on Tuesday to claim hers. Deana currently ranks second on the ladies' high average board with a 179, while Maggie ranks ninth with a 165. Hale's highest series this season is a 599, while Sherrow's is a 586. Having had the opportunity to watch both ladies bowl, Deana for several years now, Maggie only recently, we think it's safe to say that both are capable of shooting much higher - and will before the season ends.

Joyia Maddox bowls in our Monday Ladies' League. She normally shoots around 136, and can be counted on to hit her series average, 408. This past Monday, Ms. Maddox shot a 527 series, 119 pins over her series norm. Joyia shot games of 205, 168 and 154, all well above her average.

Erma Whitney averages 161 in the Tuesday Mixed League. Erma is the better half of the Erma and Cliff Whitney marriage team. Erma is an employee of Beall's here in Sulphur Springs; Cliff retired from the USAF. For the most part, he does nothing - unless golfing counts as doing something, that is.

Now, to my point. Through an oversight on my part, I overlooked a couple of series the little lady bowled this season. She shot a 568 on a Tuesday, 85 pins over her series average, and 574 on a Monday, 90 pins over her series norm.

Erma said that I needn't tell you about these two series, because they are ancient history by now. Then, we agreed to mention them if she did something wonderful in the Ladies' City Tournament, and I could tie the two subjects together. Well, she did do something wonderful, so I've tied the two subjects together. Erma and her partner, Deana Hale, took fourth place in the Handicapped Doubles event this past Saturday.

Scott Tubb owns and operates Tubb Construction. When he isn't bowling, he builds stuff like houses and hotels. This Thursday, Mr. Tubb decided to bowl. He shot a 664 series, comprised of games of 193, 215 and 256. He finished the night 127 pins over his series average, 537, and his single game average for the night was a 221.

Sharon Callahan is one of our lady bowlers in the Sunday Night League. Sharon averages 140, which means she will normally roll a 420 series. Sunday night, Sharon shot a 519 series, 99 pins over her series norm. Sharon tossed games of 169, 156 and 194. Normally, when one team member bowls games well over average, the team wins several games; however, if a member of the opposition bowls over average, too, nothing much changes. That's what happened to Sharon's team Sunday night, thanks to Mr. Juan Ayala.

Juan is a first-year league bowler, who is currently averaging 128, but Sunday night, he averaged 159, and was 97 pins over his series average, finishing the evening's competition with a 478 series, effectively canceling out Sharon efforts. Oh, well. � � �

Others who bowled well this week include: David Strain (636), D.J. Kast (635), Turk Morgan and David Soeder (634), Tarry Davison (633), Charles Harred (626), Jeff Wright (619), David Gholson (618 Tuesday/602 Thursday), Bruce Michaelson (610), Dewayne Roach (609), Mike Kopecky, Duane Anspon and Cliff Whitney (608), Jason Keller (607), Ace Wiginton (605) and Nevil Solomon (602).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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