Darreyl Dixon, and Jason Keller score 700s at Classic Lanes

Larry Mason

Mar. 20, 2007 - In a week's time, 226 bowlers take to the lanes at Classic Lanes. That means they have 226 chances to roll a 700 series, or 226 chances to roll an 800 or 900 honor series. Or the 226 bowlers have 678 chances to roll an honor game. This week, two of our 226 people managed to shoot a 700 series, Darreyl Dixon and Jason Keller. No one shot an honor series or game.

Darreyl Dixon shot the week's top series, a 720, while Jason Keller rolled the week's second highest, a 702. Mike Gilliland and Bruce Michaelson shared third place honors, shooting identical 675s. On the ladies' side of the ledger, Becky Bowden collected the highest series, a 645. Fourteen other bowlers shot series between 600 and 674. All in all, it was only a so-so week at the center, due in large part to a challenging lane condition.

Darreyl Dixon is one of those individuals, who, when he steps on the lanes, is very capable of producing an honor score before the night is over. Darreyl has a double armful or honor awards including, rings, plaques and patches. He has more honor rings than he has fingers, and he has collected all of the rings one can, 800, 300, 299 and 298. There is a ring for a 900 series, but only 12 have been awarded in the history of bowling. At the very least, Darreyl has one more mountain left to climb. � � � �

Dixon shot the center's highest series of the fall/winter league, a 793, way back in Week 1 of competition. Over the intervening 27 weeks, Dixon has collected five more 700s and two series in the 690s. This week, Darreyl grabbed the week's highest series, 720, and his sixth 700 series in 28 weeks, shooting games of 212, 254 and 254. Twelve individuals have shot honor scores this season - Dixon is one of those. Darreyl shot a 298 honor game earlier in the season. His 298 ranks third on the high game list, where he finds himself tied with Ken Sharp. Darreyl bowls in three of our four weekly leagues, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. The ladies won't let him bowl on Mondays. Darreyl averages 209 on Sunday, 201 on Tuesday and 211 on Thursdays. His Thursday average holds sixth place on the high average chart, where he finds himself tied with David Gholson. When he is really into his game, Darreyl Dixon is very difficult to beat - he's a very good bowler.

Jason Keller was the main theme in last week's column, by virtue of his having bowled a perfect game during the week. You already know that he, like Dixon, has won every award one can receive in the sport of bowling, with the exception of that seldom-seen 900 series. So, all that we can say about Jason this week is that he rolled a 702 series on Thursday, rolling what, for him, was a mediocre Game 1, a 193, then recovered his “A” game form, shooting a 247 in Game 2, and 262 in Game 3. The series is Jason's fifth 700 of the current season, to go along with two series in the 690s. His best of the season is a 791, which is the second best series shot in Classic Lanes this go-round, just two pins behind Dixon's 793. Mr. Keller owns two of the season's 14 honor games, one a perfect game, 300, the other a 299. He's sorta kinda in second place on the high game list, depending on how one chooses to factor in Tarry Davison's TWO perfect games.

Jason ranks second on the high average board, one pin behind - yet again - Tarry Davison. Jason is carrying a 223 on Thursday, where he has a single pin lead in average over Davison. However, Davison is carrying a 224 average on Sundays, the highest average posted by any bowler, in any league to date. And we still have eight weeks left in the season.

Wal-Mart associate Mike Gilliland and retired Air Force veteran Bruce Michaelson, now an L3 employee, tied for third place in the high series race this week, both men shooting 675s. Michaelson shot games of 201, 226 and 248 for his 675, while Gilliland registered games of 211, 185 and 279 for his. Bruce is averaging 221 on Thursdays, which puts him in third place on the high average board, two pins behind Jason Keller. Mike holds a 205 on Tuesdays, and 202 on Thursdays. He ranks 10th on the high average board. Michaelson has amassed seven 700 series to date, the highest being a 737, which places him 12th on the high series chart. Mike has shot three 700 series and one 699. His best is a 722, which ranks 21st on the high series chart. On the high game list, Gilliland has a high game of 277, Michaelson, 275. They rank ninth and 11th, respectively.

Becky Bowden topped all of our lady bowlers this week, shooting a 645 series made up of games of 237, 172 and 236. Had she done anything in that second game, she would have booked her eighth 700 series of the season. As it is now, she has seven 700s and two series in the 690s. Her best series is a 762, which ranks eighth on the high series chart. Becky is one of those five individuals who has shot a perfect game this season. Her averages for her three leagues are a league leading 217 on Tuesday, a league leading 214 on Monday and a 211 on Sunday. She ranks fifth on the men's and ladies' combined high average board. When compared to just the ladies, Becky is tops in average, game and series.

J.W. Skaggs is employed by L3 and is one of our retired U.S. Army veterans. He bowls on Tuesdays and carries a 168 average. He will normally shoot a series around 500. This past Tuesday, however, J.W. shot games of 190, 181 and 257 to finish the evening with a 628 series, 124 pins over his series average, and a single night's average of 209. � � � � � � � �

Debbie Miller bowls anytime she gets the opportunity. She has become a very competitive bowler. This past Monday, Debbie rolled a 581 series, 95 pins over her series norm. Debbie rolled games of 182, 216 and 156, giving her a one-night average of 194. When the night began, Debbie was averaging 162.

Curt Miller bowls on Sunday. He bowls with Debbie and her husband Mark. Not too long ago, we tried to explain how Curt fits into the Miller's genealogy, but only managed to mess up the whole thing, culminating in his being his own grandpa, or something similar. What we do know is that Curt works in our local AutoZone, and he knows a whole lot about cars and car parts. Sunday night, Curt showed that he knew more about bowling than he has been letting on. He shot a 554 series, 77 pins over his series average, with games of 182, 216 and 156. He started the night averaging 159, but finished the night with a single night's average of 184.

Others who bowled well this week include: Ray Howser and Wes Campbell (659), Tarry Davison (658), Ken Sharp (651), Michael Carter (641), David Soeder (637), Keith Ethridge (628), Charles Harred (627), and D.J. Kast and Mike Kopecky (620)..

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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