Keller hits 300; joins Gilliland and Davison at 700

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Mar. 13, 2007 - Jason Keller shot his second honor score of the season Thursday night, a perfect game this go-round, and compiled a 789 series, to claim this week's best bowler bragging rights. Mike Gilliland and Tarry Davison joined Keller with 700s of their own, a 722 for Mike and a 718 for Tarry.

It proved to be a tough week for most of our bowlers as evidenced by the fact that there were only 16 600 series produced in the seven-day period, to go along with our three 700s, spread over four leagues. The highest series by a lady was a 595 by Becky Bowden on Sunday. In light of these facts, it appears that Mr. Keller certainly earned the 300 honor-game ring he will be getting from the USBC folks, because he had to fight a challenging lane condition to do it.

The highest of our 700s was shot on lanes 1 and 2 Thursday, the second highest on lanes 5 and 6 Tuesday, and the third on lanes 13 and 14 on Sunday. Becky shot her series on lanes 9 and 10, again, on Sunday.

Classic Lanes has a lot of very good bowlers. There are men and ladies bowling at Classic Lanes who are capable of shooting honor scores every time they step onto the lanes to compete. Jason Keller is most definitely one of those individuals. Jason is bowling at Classic Lanes on only one night a week this season, Thursday. But, as limited as his play here has been, he has managed to shoot two honor games, a 300 and a 299, has produced the second- and third-highest series shot in the last 27 weeks of play, a 791 and this week's 789, and holds the second-highest average on the high average board, a 223. He has now accumulated four 700 series, as well as two series in the 690s. His games on Thursday were a 210 in Game 1, a 279 in Game 2 and the 300 in Game 3. Keller tossed 29 strikes, two spares and had two open frames for the night.

Keller's is a pretty impressive resume. Over time, if memory serves, Jason has shot honor scores that have earned him an 800 honor-series ring, a 300 honor-game ring, a 299 honor-game ring, and a 298 honor-game ring. And some of these he has done more than once. It all adds up to this: Jason has earned just about every bowling award one can receive as an amateur member of the United States Bowling Congress. This young man is a very good bowler.

Mike Gilliland shot a very consistent series on Thursday night to finish the night with a 722 series, second only to Keller's 789. Mike rolled games of 254, 235 and 233 to capture his third, and highest, 700 series of the season. He has also registered a 699. Even though Mike's 722 is the 21st best series of the season, he stayed in 21st place on the high series chart, because his previous high, a 718, was 21st when he shot it. Gilliland is averaging 205 on Tuesdays and 201 on Thursdays. He is in a four-way tie for 12th place on the high average board. Gilliland's best game of the season is a 277, a score he has recorded twice, which ranks ninth on the high series chart. Mike is another of those good bowlers capable of shooting honor score after honor score.

Tarry Davison collected the week's third-highest series, a 718, rolled on Sunday night. Tarry shot games of 258, 215 and 245 to garner his center-leading 17th 700 series of the season, to go along with his four series in the 690s. Mr. Davison is not only the center's most prolific producer of 700s, but also holds third place on the high series chart at 783, ranks first in average on the high average board with a 225 from Sunday's mixed league, is tied with Jason Keller for high average on Thursdays with a 223. Tarry is one of five individuals who have posted perfect 300 games this season. In fact, he has shot two 300s this season. His closest competition in the high game category is Jason Keller with his 300 and 299 games; Becky Bowden, Darrell Green and Joe Kirkpatrick rolled the remaining 300s. I probably don't need to say that Tarry is one of those very good bowlers who grace the center with their presence, but I will anyway - Tarry is a very good bowler.

Speaking of Becky Bowden, she would probably prefer that we not talk about her bowling this week, because, by her standards, she would say she didn't bowl all that well. Still, Becky was the center's top lady bowler for the last seven days, and she deserves some recognition. Bowden averages 211 on Sunday night, which means she has to shoot a 633 just to maintain her average. Well, she didn't hit 633, but she did register a 595 series with games of 185, 200 and 210, which kept her average in tact, keeping her in fifth place on the combined high average board. In the three leagues where Becky bowls, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, hers is the highest average in each - 217 on Tuesday, 214 on Monday and 209 on Sunday. Becky has shot a 300 honor game, ranks eighth on the high series chart with a 762, and has booked seven 700s and two 690s. Becky is a very good bowler, also.

Kathy Kirkpatrick has been averaging 127 on Monday nights, but this past Monday, she didn't average 127. She averaged 150, and each of her three games exceeded 127. Kathy shot games of 157, 149 and 146, to finish Monday's competition with a 452 series, 71 pins over her series norm, and a single night average of 150.

Melva Shugart bowls on Mondays, also. She normally shoots around the 120 mark, which expands to a three-game series average of 360. This past Monday, Melva rolled games of 105, 150 and 168, to book a 423 series, 63 pins over her series norm, giving her a single night's average of 141.

Patty Morgan is the wife of Turk Morgan. She has been bowling for a number of years. In fact, she received special recognition from the ladies' portion of the USBC for having participated in 30 consecutive Ladies' National Championships, a competition held at a different site, each year across the United States. This is especially significant when one realizes that Patty had to throw a ball in at least one frame of each competition to be considered an entrant, thereby maintaining her string. Now, that might not seem too difficult for anyone to do, but one must bear in mind that Patty broke her hip somewhere around her 25th season, but still managed to throw that one ball in spite of her hip, to keep her record in tact. Congratulation on your award, Patty.

By the way, Ms. Morgan averages 140 on Mondays, meaning she will routinely shoot a 420 series most of the time. However, last Monday, Patty shot games of 150, 165 and 157 to complete play with a 472 series, 52 pins over her series norm, and a one-night average of 157. And her hip still gives her fits.

Others who bowled well this week include: Ray Howser (674), Wes Campbell (671), John Lambert (658), David Strain (649 Tuesday/625 Sunday/605 Thursday), David Soeder (640), Ace Wiginton (636), Mike Kopecky (623), D.J. Kast (621), Darreyl Dixon (617 Sunday/602 Thursday), and Mark Smith (610).

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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